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– I’m Andru Edwards andyou’re watching Gear Live.

(funky hip-hop music) This is the time of yearwhere package delivery is on overdrive as millionsof people place orders to take advantage ofgreat deals for themselves and to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Shopping online is convenient but there are still someannoyances with the process.

Sometimes your packagesget left out in the rain or you have to ask aneighbor to grab it for you and the biggest one of all, when a package goes missing.

Amazon is addressingthese concerns and more with a service called Key by Amazon and I’ve been testing outhaving my packages delivered directly into my garage.

Here’s how it works.

What is going on TechSquad, Andru Edwards here, Editor in Chief of gearlive.

com and as I mentioned today, we are talking about Key by Amazon.

This is a new deliveryoption that Amazon offers to give you the choice ofmore secure package delivery.

Now like I said I’ve beenhaving my packages delivered directly inside of my garage.

And I have quickly becomea huge fan of this service so I’m gonna tell you aboutwhat you need to set it up and how it works.

Before it gets started, big shout out to Amazon for sending over everythingI needed to get set up and for sponsoring this video.

Now as the vast majority ofyou know who’ve watched me for any length of time, I work here from home out of my home office and home studio.

So when I’m here in the houseand a package gets delivered, I generally can get it right away.

I don’t have to wait untilcome home from an office when my packages get left outside.

However, a lot of you alsoknow that I travel quite a bit.

And when I’m traveling, ifa package doesn’t require a signature, it’ll typicallyjust get left at the front door while I’m out of town.

And in fact just a few days ago I had to ask my neighbor next door if they could come over to my house and grab the three packagesthat were just sitting at my front door, one ofwhich was a huge expensive Yamaha sound bar, videocoming on that in the future.

If you wanna see it, hit thesubscribe button down below.

Now there are also instanceswhere maybe I’m not traveling but I know I have an importantpackage coming that day and since I don’t knowwhen the delivery people are going to show up, I pretty much becomea prisoner in my home.

I can’t go anywhere untilthe package shows up because again, I don’t wantit just sitting outside especially living here in the Seattle area packages get rained on whenthey’re sitting outside and I’ve even had a packageor two go missing in the past.

And, hey, if you can feel my pain, drop a comment down below.

Let me know your biggestpackage delivery woes that you’ve experienced.

But on to the subject of this video.

I now have a betterway, a more secure way, and a way that gives meway more peace of mind when it comes to package deliveries, thanks to Key by Amazon.

And in fact this is sogood that I wish it worked for any delivery thatwas coming to my house, not just Amazon packages.

Key by Amazon is definitely a game-changer because now Amazon deliversmy packages directly into my garage, where they stay absolutely safe and secure until I grab them.

So here’s what you need toget this set up in your home First you’re gonna needa myQ Smart Garage Hub, the Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition, and an Amazon Prime account.

The Cloud Cam is used tocapture video of what it sees and in this instance youset it up in your garage, facing the garage doorand the delivery area.

The myQ Smart Garage Hub works with Chamberlain garage door openers, allowing you to control them remotely.

And if you already have aChamberlain myQ Smart Garage that you control remotelyalready, like I did, then you don’t need to buythe myQ Smart Garage Hub.

Once you have the hardwareset up you go into the myQ app and link it to your Key by Amazon app, allowing the two to talk to each other.

This process just takes a minute or two and you’re all set.

Now once this was all set up I immediately was able to log into Amazon and I bought somethingfor free next-day delivery and during the check out process you’ll see that you’reoffered the opportunity to have it delivereddirectly into your garage.

You don’t have to do that, it just becomes an additional option.

Now in some cases I didsee that taking advantage of in-garage delivery with Key by Amazon would take an extra day ortwo for the delivery to arrive but in most cases itwas just as fast to use the Key by Amazon service.

And of course if youselect in-garage delivery then you have that extra peace of mind, knowing your packageswill be waiting for you inside of your garage andnot left out in the elements.

When the driver’s closeyou’ll get a notification that they’ll be there soonand then when they arrive, you get another notification.

You can go into the Key by Amazon app to see and hear the delivery video.

In each case, the deliveryperson puts the packages in the garage, takes aphoto, and closes the garage.

The delivery people don’twalk away from your garage until it is closed fully.

Even as the garage doorcloses, if you watch the video, their feet stay in the sameplace until the garage is shut.

In the Key by Amazon app, you can rate the delivery and contact customer service if there’s an issue with your order, any you can even download and share the video recordings themselves.

The Key by Amazon app willalso show you a running list of the times that your garagedoor was open and closed, even if it’s not relatedto a delivery at all.

Just some nice extra information to have for keeping an eye on your smart home.

Now the best part about this for me as I said earlier, is that Ino longer have to worry about what might happen to expensive deliveries.

And if I’m home, great, thepackage will still get delivered into the garage whichmeans less doorbell ringing and door knocking whenI’m shooting videos.

Check, check.

(doorbell rings) (dogs barking) And of course even better if I’m away, I can see the deliverytake place on my phone and I know my package isdefinitely waiting for me safe and sound when I get back.

Key by Amazon is the bestway to get peace of mind if you’re an Amazon shopper, especially during the holidays when frequency of orderstends to increase.

There you have it, guys.

That was your look at Key byAmazon in-garage delivery.

I am personally super happy with it.

Any questions you haveabout the service, please do drop them down in the comments below and I will meet you therefor further discussion.

We’ll also be talkingabout this a little more on the Geared Up podcast.

That’s a podcast that me andJon Rettinger do every week, talking about the latest intech, gadgets, and gaming.

Check out the podcast.

If you love tech videos, just another way to get that gadget fix.

Thanks again for watching us always, guys.

I appreciate your support.

I’m Andru Edwards and I willcatch you in the next video.

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