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– You will never believethe message I got today.

(beep) – I’ve got to sit down becauseyou did a very good job.

(laughter)(beep) You have to say the word breast? I hate that word.

♪ Da-da-da-da-da-Da.

♪ Welcome back, friends, to CLEVER STUFF! – Drew and I are heretoday for yet another, fashion investigation video! – We’re gonna be using Amazon’s personal shopping service.

– Yes.

– So like, I think it’s like a little animatronic person wholives in the internet who like runs around Amazon.

– It is a real person which we do actually have experience with, we’ve just never gonethrough Amazon to do this.

So in order to embark on this personal styling venture via Amazon, we have to take a quiz and then based on our, response to this quiz they say a real stylist will then review said responses and then pickout some clothes for us.

– Okay, so in a couple of days when all of our stuff gets in that our personal shopperhas picked out for us, we’re then going to go through each item and rate how our personalshopper did using emojis ’cause you know, that’s what we do here.

– Yeah.

Wow, this person doesn’t evenknow that they’re gonna be, judge very soon.

– I don’t see it as aperson, I’m telling you, it’s like a little hamster guy (beep) – Should we pick emoji’s, ’cause you know that is our rating system after all.

– Oh jeez, what am I gonna pick? Hold on.

– I’m gonna do, the alarm clock.

Just ’cause I feel likethere’s some tension, and some dissipation attached to the alarm Clock.

– I like it, I like it.

– I’m glad that makes— maybe put time to it though.

(laughs) But I like it, shows that you are driven.

I think I’m gonna pick the penguin because I picture a small miniature animal going through Amazon to find the clothes and I’m gonna go at the penguin.

Even though penguinskinda like go kinda slow.

– Wiggling, quack quack quack quack.

– Got to go to the webpages though.

– Why think what thecool thing about Amazon is hopefully that itisn’t something robotic even though your miniatureanimal does sound cute.

But I really do hope that itisn’t just like an algorithm and then when they say, a real person is picking this out for you, this person, there job is to be a stylist.

– And they are in a tuxedo.

– What (laughs)?- Penguins– – I got it, penguins, you meant penguins.

(beep) – Okay, now that we bothhave our Amazon apps open we have clicked on the trypersonal shopper, banner.

– To get started create your style profile customize your up coming styling and sign up for your membership.

Speaking of membership, I feel it is a great timeto tell you guys all of it.

If you click that join buttonright next to subscribe, you can join our clever style family.

– Well, that was impressive.

(beep) – How often do you like towear the following styles? Oh, so they like, they label it in different categories.

So they have casual, on edging, classic– – Oh, this is a good idea.

‘Cause at least they knowwhat they can like mixed up.

All right, so, I feel like for casual areprobably pretty similar, right? – I say sometimes– – Yeah, edgy willdefinitely be on the often and then, classic?- Classic what is classic? – Does that mean it’s probablyrare for like classic? (beep) Oh-wow which of the followingbrands are in your closet? – I feel like I am not a brand girl, so I feel like I’m notgonna have a lot of these.

– Especially like nicelike really nice brands I don’t actually own a lotof like super nice clothing.

So for sure I definitely havea lot of Adidas as do you.

– I don’t have any Adidas.

– You don’t have anyAdidas in your closet? – Damn, I would havedefinitely guest that you have.

– I’m telling you, I have really don’t have designers stuff.

Oh, Steve Madden, Steve Madden I have– – I have a champion.

What else do I have? I have a French Connection, Candle.

– Doesn’t count.

– Damn.

– Your personal shopperking get you a candle.

(beep) – I just selected Steve ManasterWiseman of Vince Camuto.

– Lucky, Levi, Champion, Calvin Klein, Adidas.

– I have a couple pairs ofUggs but I don’t want them to select Uggs for me.

– Yeah, me too.

I was like I’m pretendlike I don’t have these.

– Are there any colors orpatterns that you dislike? – I always like leantowards certain colors.

– This isn’t that I avoid them.

– But I don’t, yeah, aslong as it’s done well.

Avoid these patterns.

Okay, so I do feel kindastrongly about certain patterns.

– Oh, I like a lot of thosepatterns that they are showing.

– I know.

– I think the pictures, they show a little picture icon next to, whatever the pattern it is, and I just think I just don’tlike the pictures they show because I like floral prints but I don’t like that floral print.

– All right, I will say no to tie-dye.

I’m gonna say no to floral.

– I’m keeping floral.

I just gonna say no totie-dye and geometric.

– Yeah.

– Now we have a little survey.

– Okay.

– Rated from rarely, sometimes to often.

It says, to help us to getthrough sell right each month tell us how often you wear these items.

First is dresses.

– You wear dresses all the time.

– Often wear them often– – I gonna put sometimes ’cause like, I don’t choose to wear dresses a lot but have to for work obviously so it will be good to havesome options of dresses.

– You don’t have to wear dresses here.

– I Mean every once in a while.

Like every once in a whileis a lot easier to dress nice in a dress and go throughthe trouble (mumbles)– – But you can wear a pant suit.

– I need some help with pant suits to.

I should tell them that, skirts.

– I’m gonna say rarely to be honest.

– I think I wear skirtsmore than I wear dressses.

– I rarely wear skirts.

I have them but they alwayslike fall all weird on me.

– Okay, I put sometimeswith that one as well.

For jeans that’s obviously often.

– Often.

– Button down shirts? – That’s a rarely for me.

– I like do I own a button down shirt? I have a couple that I wearto like interviews (laughs) and it’s the same like twobutton down, so I’m not kidding.

– I don’t think I have abutton down shirt at all.

How do you feel about thesepopular styles entrance? Animal and reptile print? I’m gonna say maybe.

– I’ll say maybe as well.

Midi-lenghts— Eeuw, No – I hate midi-lengths.

I hate midi-lengths justlike I hate kitten heels.

– I hate kitten heels! – It’s like commit flator heel, long or short.

– Like you’ve gone thismuch like make a choice.

– I don’t like it.

– What do you want it to be? Midi-lengths also make me look like somebody who wentlike this is my body.

– [Drew] Little penguin.

(beep) – Okay, which of thesemost likely describes your body shape? Well, this is a lot ofquestions, you guys.

All right, so we have curfewwith the narrow waist.

Larger up-top narrow waist in hips.

Straight-throughshoulders, waist and hips.

Narrow up-top, wider in thehips wider at the waistline.

– I wanted to be curvywith the narrow waist but– – Yeah, as to everybody els in the world.

I guess like if I’m thinkingof, if clothes fit me, it probably just be like, straight-throughshoulders, waist and hips.

Which is like really.



I kinda just wanna walkaway right now (laughs).

– Mine’s probably largerup-top, narrow waist and hips ’cause I don’t have any hips.

– Yes, you do.

– Thank you.

– Especially since you have bigger, your bigger breast, like that something thatyou would actually want– – You have to say the word breast? I hate that word (laughs).

– which size you normally wear? Regular, plus size, petite, tall or maternity? I’m gonna say regular.

– I mean I technically goodbe petite ’cause of my hight, but— I think you’re petite.

– I never wear petite ’causeI like my clothes to fit, kind of like sporty, you know? – So maybe regular?- Yeah.

– And then they say any otherfit or size consideration you like to share with your stylist.

– Oh, this is good ’cause itsays you like for an example I usually do a longer inseam for my jeans, wide shoes only.

– My head is to big for hats (laughs).

– And then it says leavea note for your stylist, looking for something specific this month having any big events coming up? Let us know we’re ready tohelp, up to 500 characters.

– I just gonna say, I want to take my normal, casual, sporty wardrobe up a notch.

– I’m gonna say— I wanna elevate it.

That’s just all so that she understands she needs to be sporty and casual still.

What if I was like don’tmess this up, lady (laughs)? – No, I thing I’m gonna say, I wanna, like I can get pregnant butnot I wanna get pregnant.

(laughter) Make me look fertile.

– Make me a star.

This is a lot you guys.

If you are gonna do thiscurve out, I don’t know, like a day ’cause if you don’twanna feel rushed honestly you wanna going through your wardrobe and look at all your sizes.

It can get, it can get long.

– Longer than she needs mono log (laughs).

Oh man, we gonna go away for a little bit then we are gonna come back with what our littlepenguins found for us.

– Yeah, I’m exited.

(dramatic orchestral music) – All right, we’re back.

We just received our Amazon stylist pics.

We have not looked at them, we don’t know if they selected for us, but they’re here inside of our phones.

(mumbles)(drum roll) Do you wanna go first?- I go first.

– Should we take a look at what, they picked out for you.

– Yes.

– Are you nervous? Do you have confidence in this? – I have confidence butall so funny that’s all on your phone.

– I know.

– It’s like there’s not a physical person it’s just like a littlepenguin, now it’s in an email.

– That’s right.

– Note from your stylist.

What the penguin saying, “Happy first styling.

“I had so much fun creating your first, “first your very first collection for you.

“I kept doing clam and edgy styles “in mind while pickingthe perfect pieces.

” Did I say that edgy and clam? – I don’t know, weren’t youlike beanie don’t fit my head.

– Yeah, I said beanies don’t fit my head and then make me looklike I can get pregnant but I won’t get pregnant.

– That’s right, shelooks at your Instagram– – Not ey— She cheated for sure.

– I thing she cheated butI didn’t give Instagram.

– She can look up your name— Did I put my name in? – I don’t think we did actually.

– That’s weird.

– That is weird.

– Wait, wait, wait.

Those boots.

– Those boots are cute.

– Those boots are reallycute and those jeans are cute – They look like SteveMaddens, don’t they? – Yeah, wait and this dress? It’s like a turtleneckblack long sleeve situation.

– What kind of brands did you get? – The shoes are Aldo, the jeans are Levi.

– Oh great, that’s like nice legit brands.

– The dress is normal Call Ali.

I don’t know who that is but great name.

– You sounded like you did.

(laughter)(beep) – Okay, so one, two, three, four do I have to select these.

Four items is $326?- What? – They should mention that $326.

– That’s kinda wild.

How much are the shoes? – 90, 99.

– Okay 90 for like an Aldo’s pretty normal.

– Yeah well you know whatit is the dress is $110.

Why is that a $110?- Why.

Normal Call Ali? – It must be like reallywell made or something, like the material.

– Yeah, maybe it comes with $75.

– Yeah (laughs) I thinkLindsey did a pretty good job.

– Yeah, okay.

– Okay.

You’re ready?- Yeah.

– “Happy first styling.

“Since you want to elevateyour edgy, sporty look.

” Oh my god, they actually read it.

– No, wow! – That means that Lindseywas like this girls said, (laughs) she wants tolook like she can pregnant but doesn’t actually want to.

I told you she went home, she told her boyfriend like, you will never believethe message I got today.

(beep) So, the camo sweater is fine, is nothing like spectacular.

– Yeah.

– The skirt is a no.

I like the stripe but I do not like thedesign on the bottom.

– Yeah, I don’t like the distress part.

– This Adidas is obviouslyis like really cute.

– That’s kinda cool.

What do you think about those? The Calvin Klein one? – That one kind of is okay, I just don’t really love patches.

But like I don’t know.

– They kinda cool though.

– Right.

– This Puma just is cute.

– O that’s cute – Yeah, that’s super cute.

The jacket’s cute.

I like the Jacket.

– yeah, I like the Jacket.

– No, no.

– Yeah ah-ah– – No.

– Doctors soles? Great for that arch (laughs).

(beep) – I have so five itemsyou have four items.

– Cool.

– I am not a 100% on all of these but I think there a couple that I mightdefinitely want to try them on.

– Yes, same I feel the same.

– Wait what was your total?- $360.


– For four items?- Yeah.

– Mine’s only $269 for five items.

– Damn.

– I notice a huge differencein the price overall ’cause I had, well what, I got Doctor Soles which– – For that arch.

– Yeah, but then I also gott-shirts in the cheaper, cheaper t-shirt I’ve gotin there was only $12.

Which is nice because I wouldwant to have a good balance.

So if I feel likesplurging, I’m gonna splurge but if I’m like I cannot afford this.

– Right, it’s nice thatthey have a variety of inexpensive things that’s for sure.

– Yeah, okay.

– Okay guys, well, we see you when we try onour cloths fashion show day.

(dramatic orchestral music) – What’s up you guys, you know the drill.

We’re at home filming because we’re practicingour social distancing and my service came in.

For the looks of it Ihaven’t put it on yet but I’m really happy.

– I feel like my personalAmazon stylist like nailed it.

I think she did a really good job like I’m already seeingthings that look familiar and comfortable and I like and I dig and then it also kind of you know reflects like some of the colors thatI like to wear but don’t.

– You know us, we have torate things using emoji’s.

So I’m gonna rate just likethe overall styling experience with each item with an emoji.

Let me see what emoji do I wanna pick.

I think I’m gonna pick the penguin because I picture a small miniature animal going through Amazon to find the clothes.

And I’m gonna go with the penguin.

I think I’m gonna go with, how about I’m going with the little dress? (beep) I think there is a dress, is there? I hope so.

Anyway the dress ’causelike fit in, fitting, make sense to me (laughs).

– And then I have twopants options as well which I think was really really smart because I focus a lot on tops and then I never have bottoms to wear and I always ended up wearinglike the same pair of jeans, so, I don’t know youguys, I am super excited.

– [Drew] Okay, so I amshowing you guys three, four, four different lookstoday that we ordered.

Oh Yyah, oh yeah, and then also these jeans, so cute.

I’m gonna put all these on for you guys so that you can see it, and so we can just goon this journey together of how affective this wholeAmazon shopper thing is.

– So this jacket is from Good Fred’s.

I love it so much and I feellike it is totally my style.

It’s like utility code, so lets just see how itlooks over a sweater.

– So I am wearing thepair of jeans right now and I love these you guys, likes it’s super cute.

They fit well like it is rare that youfind like low rise jeans very early 2000’s and I like them.

What do you think? – I love this so much.

This is really really nice.

I will say the material too is super soft, it comes across as like looking like it’sreally denim and rough but it is not at all, itis really really soft.

And the color is dough.

I love the color so much.

Yeah this is good, this is nice.

– So these are cute.

There from let’s see JAG.

Never heard of that, Jag Jeans But.

I’m feeling it, right? Success for the first pair of jeans.

Thank you Amazon stylist.

– Honestly, this is somethingI will definitely wear normally and just because it is so cute and I feel like it is reallywell made the quality great and it’s comfortable and the experience of havingsomebody els to got your clothes and then totally nailing your style.

I would have to give this five out of five because I just think it’s dope and I’m definitely gonna wear this, and I think knowing that Igot something on the internet from somebody who I don’tknow and they picked out something that I will 1000% wear.

That deserve a five for sure.

– Okay, so I’m going to ratethe first pair of jeans, I’ll give it a four ’causeI don’t wanna be to.


Why not? I’m given a five whole dresses.

The jeans are great, I love them.

Hey babies, hello jeans, hi jeans, next (laughs).

– So the first pair of jeans I have, are Calvin Klein for $150.

I do not spend a $150 on my jeans.

– Okay, so next up isthe next pair of jeans which are Levi’s which Iwas super excited about because I’ve never owna pair of Levi’s jeans but you all these areway to small (laughs).

They don’t fit me.

I don’t think they look like they fit me, and I am bulging at this things.

Look at this, look at this.

It’s just like a sardinecoming out of some jeans.

Look at that, just grade cheese.

– All right, so to give youguys kind of like a closer look this like distressedright here is not my fave but surprisingly enough the giant patch, (beep) the giant patch right here, I’m okay with.

It’s just this one righthere that I almost feel like, is a little like I’m distressed.

But that’s all right overallI think it might also be like a styled choice, how you style these, but that’s like a personal opinion.

When it comes like fit andcomfort and all that stuff these are great.

They fit really really nicely.

They’re super comfortable.

They’re are different typesof fit that I usually get.

They’re not super tightwhich actually kinda dig like they’re kind oflike mom like in a way.

They make my butt look great.

– How did I not order the right size.

I still don’t think I wouldlike these to be honest Like they’re just not really my style.

They’re call it superskinny jeans, its not me, I chose it and I change my mind.

I do not like thesejeans, they don’t fit me.

I also don’t like the stylebut its a good effort.

At least I’ve got one pair out of it.

– For the price of 150 andbecause I’m not like totally sold on this I think I have to give this, oh my gosh, this is tough, I’ll give it a three right in the middle which is me being like super harsh because everything elseabout these pants is great.

It’s actually perfect but Ido think like the style wise is not quite, quite my style but I mean, I might have to checkon Calvin Klein later.

– I will rate these babies, I’m gonna give it a one just because based on styling they’re not aside ofnot being the right size which is also not really my style even though I do like cut out jeans I think it’s the whole like skinny jean.

I don’t know, everythingabout it I don’t like.

Sorry Amazon shopper.

– Moving on.

So let’s try these on.

These are more plain pair of pants.

They are, her heart andthey say it’s a tomboy fit.

So this is definitely, definitely unlike the way I wear my clothes usually so it’s a little bit bigger, little bit more relaxed.

I’m excited ’cause I needa pair of pants like this, but these are very very very relaxed so I am super excited to try these on.

So these are next.

– Oh my god you all.

Okay, next are these boots that I got.

They’re from Aldo andholy crap they are so me.

Look at these, freak’nboots (tapping boots).

I’m obsessed, I am so obsessed with these, they’re so me, they fit so well.

They’re so cute I love the laces.

They kinda like sparkly, metallic looking.

Look at the detail, they well made.

♪ Ta-Ta-Da-Da-Da-Di-Di-Di ♪ ♪ Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-di ♪ – This is a freak’n won and the best part about these is that I wouldnever by these for myself.

Like I just wouldn’t.

That’s a really big won because I’m getting somethingthat I wouldn’t usually buy therefore would never knowhow much I freak’n love them.

Yeah, these are great, sothese would definitely for me, be like a total five like 100%.

Five out of five.

– So if I were to rate theseboots I would give them, five dresses because they’re so me.

So like the stylist hit thenail on the head of that.

They fit so well.

I’m obsessed.

I’m keeping them.

Thank you Aldo, thank youAmazon personal shopper.

– All right, obviouslyI am all about this, but this is like 1000% likewhat I would have in my closet.

Let met show you guys, okay.

So this is an Adidasdress that I already own.

So, you could see, yes, 1000% this is my style.

Should I have okayedsomething that is basically already part of my wardrobe? I don’t know.

– And now we have this black dress number.

It’s different for me and I’mtrying to feel it out to see how feel about it, ignore the shoes.

I still have the boots on with it.

First of all it’s normalCall Ali which is, that’s a nice brand, that’s Inice dress and it fits well.

I like it ’cause it’s very, it’s reminds me of Adri Hebourne, and very fossy, classic.

– It’s a very comfortable easy choice and I think she nailed it, in terms of like evenfinding a piece like this, because yes, Adidas is likeliterally my favorite brand and I will always this but Ialso think that when I shopping from home having a stylistI would wanna see things that are different, butthat’s not her fault.

That’s not Amazon’s fault.

That’s just straight up my fault.

– I think this is throwing me off ’cause it’s not somethingI would normally wear but I think it’s just like a nice stable to have.

I’m not mad about the length at first.

I thought I was gonna hate thatbecause it’s just like that, in between phase of it.

It’s like not a mini butit’s also not like a maxi, it’s not a, I don’t know.

It’s just like in the weirdsafer catholic school phase which I know because trustme did many years of that.

I think I like it.

I think it’s growing in sexy.

I think it’s simple.

Now I’m mad at it.

– Yeah, so I think five out of five in terms of nailing my style.

Would I where this? Yes, I am excited to have it.

I don’t need it.

It makes me feel guilty a littlebit ’cause I don’t need it, but I’m glad that I have it.

– Call me crazy but I thinkI’m gonna give it a five.

A four and a half, I’ll giveit a four and a half dresses because it makes me feel good.

It like make me feel sophisticated and just like artsy and cool so, I’m not mad at it, holycrap, Amazon personal shopper I got to sit down because youdid a very good job (laughs).

– All right, so this is themoment we all been waiting for, the pink Puma dress.

It is kind of like a athletic dress.

It’s really interesting.

It’s got this peek-a-boocut out right here.

Just a little scary forme but I am excited.

I love it, I’ve got looksand pats on with it.

I love that they takenlike a body contrast and make it super athleticeveryday leisure style.

I am obsessed with this.

I feel like you could playtennis in this but also like catch some feelings in it too.

(beep) This is a 1000% five out of five because again nailing my style.

Getting kind of like thetomboy like essence of it, but in the very like femininesheek way and like paring it, with katz litteraly just makethe outfit like 1000% complete also shows Bridgette forbuying me those katz.

– Minus the Levi jeans thatI just weren’t my really my style and I got the wrongsize which was my own fault.

You knocked out the park.

I really like this.

I think I would do this again.

Well, this is the thing, Idon’t think I would do it again only because I don’t reallysee myself needing a stylist and I don’t mean it in a cocky way but I like, I like the way I dress and I like the way I put mythings together for myself.

So like, I feel like I kindanot need somebody else’s input to dress me, but honestly I feel likeit’s a really good option for people who wants a stylist.

– Yes, so I think it’s areally good option for people who want to have their horizons expanded when it comes to fashion.

Somebody like me, I will say that this is why you do it.

Because I’m obsessed with this.

I love it so much.

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