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this episode is brought to you by pork bun an oddly satisfying domain name registrar whose simple services and affordable products support all levels of entrepreneurship hey guys my name is Christian Taylor welcome back to crema main bure I like to talk about all things branding marketing and entrepreneurship

I’ve taken a look at quite a few web hosting solutions on my channel but many of you have asked about the bigger cloud platforms when it comes to platforms like Amazon Web Services Google cloud platform and Microsoft Azure should you use them for your website if so which

one is best well before we get into the comparison let’s briefly answer the question of if you should use a cloud platform to host your website I think in 99% of the cases the answer is no if you know you want to use a cloud platform then you’re

likely a tech savvy person and you’re using it for a specific reason or just because you enjoy server administration and like having a private server to yourself now I want to be clear here and say that this is not the most technical comparison out there these cloud platforms

are particularly complex and there’s a lot of depth to them if I compared every tiny detail we would literally be here all day so I’m just gonna give you my two cents on which ones I tend to prefer and which ones I personally use in why I consider

the companies in this comparison to fall into one of two categories the first are small independent companies with fewer offerings but they focus on simplicity and reliability while still giving you this scalable platform these companies include digitalocean vulture and Linode the second category is what I call the

big three the three companies that dominate the tech space and their platforms are much more complex these are Amazon Web Services Google cloud platform and Microsoft Azure every single company in this comparison offers rock-solid reliability in my testing I didn’t experience any downtime on any of my test

instances and I have the utmost confidence in each of these companies when it comes to the reliability of the hosting itself in addition all of these companies offer hourly billing as an option so there’s zero risks or commitment necessary to try it out ultimately you may need or

want to tinker around with a few different options before making a final decision so with that said let’s get right into it with the three independent companies kicking things off with digitalocean they’re a new york-based company founded in 2011 with VPS services starting at $5 a month they

offer a $100 credit to new customers that you have 60 days to spend so you can really get a feel for the service with no money involved Digital oceans core products include Virtual Private servers kubernetes s3 compatible storage buckets database clusters and network management including load balancers the

management panel is clean and simple and it’s easy to spin up servers and manage products they did have the most complex setup for a VPS pre-installed with WordPress as I had to connect to the server via SSH to finalize the WordPress installation but as I said and as

I’ll keep saying these platforms are for tech savvy people people who want it all you want to be able to configure all the firewalls all the things all the software’s you want total control and with total control comes total responsibility and that is very much a double-edged sword

you can get automated weekly backups for 20% of the cost of the droplet one thing I wanted to mention is that using a service like snap shooter you can set up daily or even hourly backups with digital ocean or Linode or other cloud platforms and they make it

pretty easy and intuitive so don’t let it intimidate you that digital ocean does not natively offer daily backups but it’s just something I wanted to mention if you use a third-party service you’ll have to pay for their service plus whatever the storage cost is and configure that all

yourself when it comes to customer support you’ll receive limited free support enhanced support if you spend more than five hundred dollars a month or live support with 30 minute response time for an additional fee so who is digital ocean well I’d say digital ocean is a good fit

for developers who want a flexible and scalable hosting platform that’s separated from the big three platforms digital ocean offers cost savings over the big three and they have the most services out of the end and options so if your goal is to stay away from AWS or GCP

or azure for whatever reason I feel like digitalocean is gonna be the best option for you I would not personally recommend digitalocean for WordPress websites because of the complex setup process and lack of integrated daily backups but I do use a digital ocean server for most of my

WordPress sites through cloud ways so I can speak of the high reliability and speed of digitalocean servers in other words the hosting itself is very high quality to use as the backbone for your actual hosting and that’s what cloud weighs does they provide a management panel around having

your own dedicated server to make things easier but if you’re just looking to get digitalocean pure and raw by itself and put a wordpress website on it unless you’re tech savvy I think you’re just going to be overwhelmed moving on to vulture the experience is similar to digitalocean

founded in 2014 vulture is the newest kid on the block offering VPS services starting at 2 dollars and 50 cents a month they offer a $100 credit to new customers that you have 30 days to spend and after that services are billed hourly vultures core products include Virtual

Private servers s3 compatible storage buckets and network management including load balancers the management panel is a joy to use but similar to digitalocean I had a complicated experience setting up WordPress on my server and again it’s because it’s for tech savvy people vulture offers automatic backups for 20%

of the cost of the instance and they do include daily backups as an option for that cost they just offer one single level of customer support to my understanding so I wouldn’t choose vulture if you need urgent high-priority support as an option I didn’t have any reliability issues

with vulture and everything works as expected when putting it next to digitalocean things feel pretty similar so which one is right for you well if you don’t need a database cluster or the other exclusive services digitalocean offers and you’re ok with one level of customer support I lean

towards vulture because of the better value for the included backup solution it’s the same Costas digitalocean but its daily instead of weekly and it’s hard to argue with that hello remember that vulture does not offer high-priority support to my knowledge and their offerings are less extensive I think

vulture is great for anyone just getting into the server administration world who’s looking for a simple scalable platform to help them get started on to the final independent platform let’s take a look at Linode Linode was founded in 2003 and is based in philadelphia hosting services start at

$5 a month and you can find you guys did a $100 credit to try it and look around Linode offers virtual private servers kubernetes s3 compatible storage buckets and network management including load balancers the experience out Linode is pretty intuitive the management panel isn’t as sleek as digital

ocean or vulture but it is simple and easy to understand the WordPress installation script was much easier to use than other platforms but that’s about the only benefit to Linode in my testing the automatic backups are expensive that 25% of the cost of the instance and they only

keep weekly backups they do take a daily backup and keep the last days backup available at all times but you’re just not getting a great value here compared to vulture Linode offers one level of standard support to my knowledge and they were super helpful and responsive to my

questions but politely reminded me that they don’t offer extensive technical support and I should reach out to the forum’s if I need more help and I wanted to take a minute to point out that this type of support is standard in the cloud platform industry none of these

six platforms offer tech support for free and unless there’s truly an issue with the server that they are causing and responsible for you’re usually on your own without paying for a premium support plan if the issue is operator error or a configuration error and 99% of the time

it is then that is on you and only you to fix unless they offer a higher tier of support that you’re paying for Linode has a long reputation since their 17 years old and maybe that’s why they seem to charge a bit more for their services maybe it’s

just me but Linode seems boring I know nothing about kubernetes and have no experience with it but unless you’re using Linode because of kubernetes there’s just nothing exciting there for me personally Linode isn’t bad by any means they offer quality service and if you want to try them

out then you definitely should but there’s no real competitive edge that I can see from my perspective regardless of where you decide to host your website or platform you’ll need a domain name that brings us to today’s sponsor pork fun the world of domains can be a bit

overwhelming to those of us looking for our painless way to set up our site pork butt eliminates the guesswork with affordable domain names and simple hosting solutions fit for every user stand out from the dot-com crowd with a domain name that proudly reflects who you are and what

you do from dot design to dot delivery dot Club dikko pork buns domains give you full creative expression backed by the security you’d expect with a treasure trove of first year sales and some of the lowest renewal rates on the market pork butt is your guide to domain

name glory once you’re set on your extension make sure your hosting environment meets your needs if you’re one of the many still confused by WordPress hosting try pork buns easy WordPress it’s in the name simple speedy performance driven hosting for whatever you care to share whether you custom

coded your site or need to build from the ground up pork bun has comprehensive hosting and site building plans that let you jump in and get straight to work whichever plan you choose try it free and join the throngs of happy customers who call pork bun home huge

thanks to pork bun for supporting the channel and now let’s take a look at the big 3 cloud platforms jumping back into the video it’s time to take a look at the Giant in this space Amazon Web Services AWS is its own tier of cloud platform they offer

literally all the things like seriously from machine learning to video encoding to a content delivery network Amazon does it all Amazon Web Services offers a free tier where you can get a very basic starter server free for 12 months there’s no catches either as long as you’re a

new customer you can sign up and take advantage of the free services AWS is definitely a powerful reliable quality cloud platform with a phenomenal reputation that’s the single reason why it gets so much praise the extensive and robust offerings and full scalability are attractive to anyone especially after

they see Amazon’s name attached to it Amazon is a tech giant so who wouldn’t want their website hosted by Amazon well hosting your website through Amazon seems like a great idea on paper but when you see the complexity of the management panel you might think twice I personally

used Amazon Web Services for a little under two years to host all of my websites I maintain my own virtual private server that ran cPanel and let me tell you it was a piece of work don’t get me wrong AWS is amazing the pricing is a bit expensive

but Amazon has every right to demand the pricing for its name and reputation the reliability was great but the management panel caused me a lot of headaches it’s not easy to understand at all and there are entire companies dedicated to AWS management that’s right you can hire out

a third party company to manage your AWS services for you because it’s that complex I feel like AWS management needs to become a college degree or something but I’m not telling you to avoid AWS I used it for quite a while and liked it just realize what you’re

getting into I know some of you are probably going to ask about Amazon Lite sale this is Amazon’s answer to simpler services like digital ocean and vulture light sale is great for deploying servers but honestly when it comes down to actually deploying a server with WordPress pre-installed I

find that it’s an identical confusing experience that’s the same as AWS ec2 instances and that’s because light sail is literally just a modern panel that uses the AWS API and it also has a simpler and easier to understand pricing structure amazon offers something for everyone with many levels

of support at different price points and you’ll have all the tools you need to build your platform AWS is best for those who want the wide variety of services Amazon offers with Amazon’s name to back it up you don’t mind paying up if you’re okay with these factors

I can’t argue with AWS it truly was a pleasure to use and I so much respect the infrastructure that Amazon has spent years building out and if you want that behind your software project AWS is great there’s a new kid on the block though and that’s Microsoft Azure

actually asher is only two years newer than Amazon Web Services but dang the experience is wildly different Asher is a rising star they offer a lot of services including the exotic ones like machine learning but the difference is that you don’t need a college degree to understand how

the panel works you can get started right away with the two hundred dollar credit valid for 30 days and there’s also a free tier giving you access to some services free for 12 months the Microsoft Azure panel is truly something special it’s laid out in a way that’s

not overwhelming and easy to learn I’m not gonna say it’s super easy to use but Microsoft has done a killer job simplifying a complex cloud platform into an intuitive panel Asher is what my software as a service company uses for our platform and I’ve had a relatively easy

time learning how different features work and configuring things to our needs whereas ur really shines in my opinion is what their app service as your app service is a fully managed platform for building deploying and scaling web apps and it’s the core hosting solution for our company app

service takes away the stress of managing of VPS and dealing with network configuration security backups and more it’s allowed us to put more time into the development of our platform and less time into the nitty gritty server administration now app service isn’t an exclusive concept to Azure you’ll

find alternatives like elastic beanstalk at AWS an app engine at Google cloud platform but app service one combined with the simplicity of the Azure panel is truly something special if for whatever reason you’re set on hosting a WordPress website on a cloud platform I would pick a sure

and use an app service setting up backups at a jury is easy and simple for most any service and they offer three tiers of customer support I love that they only have one price and one price only for their support tiers there’s no mysterious hard to understand variable

pricing like AWS and the other platforms so props to Microsoft for having transparency on the pricing Azure isn’t all unicorns and rainbows though I often find myself annoyed that task execution works on island time seriously anything from spinning up a server to deleting a storage bucket takes forever

it’s not really a huge deal but it’s something I wanted to mention overall though I never expected to be saying this but Microsoft Azure is my favorite platform of the big three and I personally prefer it over AWS for its intuitive panel and innovative app service platform I

seriously don’t like Microsoft I’ve never really liked their services but man ah sure is truly something innovative and special alright we’re gonna close things out with Google cloud platform GCP reminds me a lot of Amazon Web Services but with the Google name stamped on it you’ll enjoy a

three hundred dollar credit to try out the platform in just like other top platforms Google cloud platform can do all the things the management panel is as cluttered if not worse than Amazon Web Services and it feels like a typical cluttered Google UI to me to me personally

the appeal to Google cloud platform is that well it’s Google who doesn’t want to host their stuff with Google the biggest search engine in the world and the owner of YouTube hosting your website that’s pretty cool I know it seems like Amazon is the biggest platform as far

as name and reputation here but I feel like if we’re going for the cool factor Google beats it now look Google cloud platform is just plain boring to me there’s no other way to spin it it’s rock-solid reliable hosting that will work great for you and if you

like it you like it it reminds me exactly of the experience at Google domains it’s vanilla but it’s fairly reasonable and high-quality my main beef with Google cloud platform is the insanely complicated process you have to go through to create automated backups it can be done but it

a drawn-out process unlike AWS and Azure other than that though it feels very similar to Amazon Web Services as I mentioned at the beginning of this video this is not the most technical or detailed comparison but rather a brief overview of which platform you may want to use

the great thing is every platform here offers a credit for new users and since everything is billed per hour you can try out each platform for yourself to help you make a decision on what’s best for you as for me I use managed hosting solutions for my WordPress

websites but I love using Azure for my software as a service company it works well for us and the unique app service feature combined with an easy-to-use panel makes it stand out from the rest so which cloud platform are you gonna use I’d love to know your thoughts

in the comments down below and if you liked this video do be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell so you don’t miss when I release new videos with that said I will catch you guys next time

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