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by srakute
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hi beauties welcome back to our Channelso we have not filmed in such a long time and I was so really weird when Ihaven’t filmed a long time and like I had to get back in practice things havechanged with the room I’m still waiting on a new blanket I haven’t received anew one since Christmas Valentine’s Day maybe st.

Patrick’s Day I’m not exactlysure but I’m still waiting on a new blanket we have some new pillows goingon and then we have our massive giveaway that will be starting next month so I’mreally really excited about that we have some cool items that we grabbed andthrown enjoyed and internet actually growing so I can’t wait to ‘invalid andshow that to you guys and give you guys things and thank you so much forsupporting us and following us on Instagram and Twitter all those handleswill be down below in the description box as well as a price point anddescription of all items that we have today so for today’s video I have thisvery large box there’s so many things in here I kind of went a little crazybecause like once you get on Amazon it’s like oh like a black hole it just likesucks you in you’re like oh but that’s pretty oh but that’s pretty but Ialready have 17 but I need another one so anyways I have all these items Idon’t know how this is going to go I hope it goes well so yeah I have a lotof items I’m actually wearing the look that I was able to create with theseitems some things were good some things were bad not everything was terrible buta lot of it was a mess we’ll talk about that as we get further into the video soif you do want to see how I created this look then just keep on watching okay sothe first product that we’re gonna try is flawless nude makeup and I can’tremember what shade I got and the shade number is actually right there as youcan see on top but it is in Chinese writing so I will put that down below inthe description box okay so the flawless nude makeup comes in two parts we havethis component and then we have this component this is a beauty BB cushion that’s what she looks like inside andthen we also do have this tool which is kind of weird because you actually takethis part off and then you have like a it’s not it’s kind of like a stamper ina way but it’s dry it’s not what and you’re supposed to take the Stamper seeI can show that on camera oh it almost looks like it’s gonna be too dark for mebut I still want to try it to see it if maybe it’s just darker in the containermy hair out of the way it’s too late okay that is very interesting this isactually way way too light like you can see my skin and then you can see thefoundation so I did grab a couple other foundations just in case we ran intothis issue I’m gonna grab the other one and I’ll be right backokay so that did not go according to plan to start off our first product Ihope that does not set the tone for the rest of the video I do have anotherfoundation in case this one is also too light or too dark they only had twochoices this one and it was weird because in the pan it looked like it wasgoing to be too dark but it actually came out very very light like here’swhat it looks like inside the pan so have you tried this one well looks good actually moving out ofthe way okay so this might have actually savedit now most of these products that I’m going to show you and use today areunder at $10 this one is $13 but you do get a lot of product and I do actuallyreally like how it’s looking right now I’ve never used it until today it’s actually really blending in thefoundation and it’s not white is completely dry it actually looks reallynice so far okay so looking at this foundation close-up it looks like italmost gives me a very dewy glow and it’s not over a cakey I feel like I’mvery consult I didn’t put a lot under my eye but a little bit so he can’t reallyjudge it based off of that I do ever consider that I want to try but the restof the face it looks like it matched my skin pretty well and have a very dewyglow going on okay so the second products I have two of them actually forconcealer i have the maybelline superstay full coverage and it’s in fairand then I have the perfect concealer paste and natural concealer stick by qiaso I think want to try them both why not so let’s start off with the concealerstick this is what it looks like by qia it and that’s what it looks like it’s anactual stick it feels very full coverage I will tellyou that and very thick or worth the cover go and I just have a damp beautysponge well my hair is on my nerves okay so it actually did cover things notbad but you can see I can still see a lot of my dark circles and I don’t feellike it canceled them a lot it definitely didn’t do a bad job I justdon’t think it’s that’s full coverage as I thought so I want to layer this overthe top of this I’m praying this goes well this is the Maybelline again superstay and fair like this maybe to know that actually my work I don’t know howthis is going to go so I’m going to pile on a lot of it some sounds like a goodidea it’s much lighter than the qia concealerstick don’t mind and I’m gonna take this and just highlight right down the nose alittle on the forehead right here where I get a lot of creasing man out okay so that blended out really reallynicely I’m not mad at I think it did actually a pretty good job right now I’mkind of married to my shape tape concealer but I definitely think I’mgonna keep this in rotation it wasn’t actually was pretty good I’m gonna usethis and actually until the lids may be too precise I don’t mind having a lightconcealer on the lids I’m gonna put my shadow on I’m going for like an allnatural just like liner and lashes then I would wanted to match my foundation alittle bit quicker but we are gonna use a shadow palette too that I found onAmazon so I don’t mind that it’s really really light up there now right now Ilook very flat one dimension and Pacey will definitely fix it here in a secokay so for powder I have two different kinds well I have their by the samecompany I believe it’s pronounced Seba see I hope I said that correctly Iapologize if I didn’t as you can see this one is pink and this one istranslucent for what I read online the pink is supposed to neutralize the darkcircles under the eyes and helping more brightness to that and I’ll use thisshade to set the rest of the face alright so taking the lid off it doescome with a puff and then you have to tell the inside of this which is alwaysa super difficult oh my god no okay in 2020 can we not dothis please like I get like this video is going well so far we’re inI don’t know perhaps um in the camp them cap does come with a mirror inside of itbut I’m not gonna use the mirror I have another one that’s in there and it istrue pink powder look at that I hope this goes well this is making me like really reallynervous can you see the pink router kind of youknow might have been a bad idea and this smell coming off of this it’svery chemically I’m not finished studying the rest of my face andhopefully the rest of this goes well I’m gonna pull the other sticker off withthis one I’ll be right back okay so I have some Oh oops I have some chancesimparting in the cap we got a lot sticking with them so bad on this oneI’m just gonna see yeah you can really tell the difference withthat pink powder under the eyes okay so the next three products that Ihave I have the Burt’s Bees blush and I know there are known brand but I’venever really tried any of their makeup this is one of their pressing blushesand it’s in a bear peach 1205 and then I have by the brand catkin I have abronzer and a highlighter that I wanted to try okay so here is the bronzer andthe highlighter they are very very light from very fairright now alright so I’m just going to throw my Jaclyn hill brush number two inthe bronzer okay so the next thing we’re gonna tryis the birds bees blush and this is in bear peach how q there’s like a littlehoneycomb inside I’ve never tried a peach blush before it’s definitelyoutside of my norm but I don’t hate it it’s very soft and very subtle I don’tknow how I feel about that bronze our yet from catkin I want to see after I’vebaked underneath how that works out or how it settles up to this game I thinkI’m gonna wait to use the highlighter and he’ll we’re almost done I’m gonnabake under the eyes this is the Seba see the translucent powder that I used saidthe entire face it’s a different way Oh much better okay we all use this when weuse the eye shadow palette and I’m really excited about the eye shadowpalette it’s been sitting here for a few days and you know how hard it is to haveyou knew I should’ve held it and I use it and it was only $10 this is the sweetmint and it is a delicate n’t as a fairy tale and as beautiful as a dream now there is no way to it it is verylight it has that cardboard filling to it there is no mirror and the pans aretiny little circle pans like this but what intrigued me to this palette wasthese shimmer shades so you can see compress my fingers in them and theyalmost have like a cushion fill to them swatch it on for the first time theyhave some potential there’s a little brush here on the side there are nonames on it as well there is a s eyeshadow protector you don’t think I’llbe using this brush I just think I’ve used a brush that’s come with a paletteand like forever so in 2020 let’s stop doing that too okay so let’s start offwith a warm shade I am going to try the shade here I can’t give you the names ofthem but I can point them out cuz there are no names having a hard time packingon the brush again let’s be fair it was only ten dollars from Amazon I’ve neverheard of this brand before now remember we already did to set our eyes and putconcealer on them we’re gonna try this light shade here it’s having a hard timepacking on the brush I’m just gonna use this as my transition okay my transitionshade you guys it’s like 60 degrees in Minnesota and I’m like I’m hot I knowthat’s really strange and a lot of people over on the world or like whitethat’s weird but when you’re from Minnesota and everything’s always supercold and then like the summer comes I feel like I’m Olaf and I need my ownpersonal winter own personal winter cloud to follow me around I already havemy air conditioner that is like so sad it’s not on right now for the noise andthe video but I do have a fan going out and I am sweating okay so you can see a little color let’s try this bright orange shaded seeif we get some more paths oh now in fact I’m really good look at that pigment am i crazier this just not it’s a verysoft on the lid all right you know what I’m gonna grab this not worried aboutfallout I’m just gonna pack it on the brush I’m not gonna tap it off and seewhat happens we’re gonna try this side to you like it goes on super opaqueright here but as you blend it kind of just disappears okay you can see a little bit morepigment here but it is very very light maybe that’s just what their shadows aresupposed to do just let’s not tap it see if we can build the big one on this side blendness out the first shade we used okay not bad actually as we put somemore on and applied more it actually it’s looking really nice and I got a sayfor ten dollars I’m gonna save my judgement on telling it to the shimmerso it’s what I’m most excited about okay and then I want to use this shade rightactually Orange just to kind of deepen up the crease and give some dimension maybe not there enough now we have somepigments I feel like with this palette you got a really dig in there now I almost feel like I wish I wouldhave got multiple belt in Amazon this one looked at so another thing there area couple of cute little glitter shades n’kantu maybe it was the glitter thatblinded me I think that happens to me a lot I feel like that shade is like likethere there you can see them but they’re not as strong it almost feels like asyou blend it out it turns into a very sheer like watercolor alright umm hmmlet’s try this dark brown shade right next to it then you get the pigment onthere you’re like I have a lot too I mean you could definitely see thecolor on my eyes but it’s not as pigmented or as bright as a lot ofshadows would be let’s try I think I’m done with the mattes and I just reallywant to try a shimmer shade for a glitter shade see if there’s some savinggraces for this palette alright which one do we want to try this one reallypretty or this one really really pretty I think I want to try this soft one hereI’m gonna use my finger because it almost has like a honey feel to it um that’s looking a little chalky let mesee if I can get it wet and use a brush see if that changes anything not lookinggood so far well no to teach yourself that if you dodo aid another video for Amazon this is the L’Oreal Paris shake and glow doingmist all right we got some on the brush now let’s see yeah okay that is super bright and superpigmented does lore’l shaking glow doing miss is really really nice and it reallydid move that product a lot and it doesn’t look like it’s very chunky so itdid really help soak the brush I think this is where we’re gonna endwith the eyeshadow palette I do really like actually I want to trim in othercolors just because we’re here I don’t think I’ll ever reach her this paletteagain I think I’ll probably end up giving it to my sister for her to playwith the play makeup it almost feels like kids makeup even though setting itand getting it wet did really help it was a really hard man to really dig inthere she looked dint I mean to get anything to come off and it feels verydrying on the eyes too I don’t think glitter is going to helpthat situation but we’re already in about ideas so let’s just keep it goingokay I think I want to try this very light – glitter it’s got a little bit ofgold shimmer to it it almost looks like sugar without even put any on oh no oh there’sa little bit yeah you can see a tiny bit of it let’s see if we can find a brushto do the under eye quick I think that’s gonna do it for eye shadow I’m a littlebummed a little went down I remember looking at this when I first got like ohthis sounds this looks so exciting I can’t wait to play with this and I was Iwas watching and playing it looks so promising when you swatch it but thenwhen you put it on your eyes it’s just chalk city and transparency it’s not themost beautiful eye shadow look I’ve ever made but I think that’s where we’regonna end it for this video kori either go blind from a chemical in here or sowe’re across the room out of pure innovation okay you know what for tendollars you can make it work especially if you spray it and get it wet so Ican’t have a little mixed feelings I feel like I’m going a little back andforth with this thing it’s like it was a lot of work andthere’s a lot of good drugstore price I shadows out there and this was just wemade it work let’s just leave it at that so for eyeliner I have the hyper easy abrush tip liner by Maybelline and then for the mascara I have the me OD in sogive it all and this is a fiber mascara I’ve never actually ever tried to findfor mascara so why don’t you I went for Amazon and then we also have a vignolastabile Paris cabaret premier artistic volume these are both in black as welland I grabbed my mirror that I’ve been using it’s super helpful and we’re gonnastart to line the eyes oh it’s very small when you take the cap off it fitslike that there in light and weight too which I really like okay so I got a very black line going soit definitely is very pigmented so that’s really nice okay so now we havethe eyeliner on I feel like I went a little toothpicks that I wanted to weare going to try next the fiber lashes by qia as well it looks like it is thesame packaging as the concealer stick that we used there are tiny micro fibersinside of here I mean all fiber lashes are not new this brand is new to me andit’s new to me I’ve never used one before so we’ll definitely see how thisgoes and phrase it goes well okay so I don’t see a huge differencewith the mascara but I also have a lot of thick eyelineron – okay we’re gonna try some cabaret premier it’s a very smaller brush I’mgonna use on the bottom lash line I actually do really like this mascara it’s making my bottom lash line lookreally spidery and very long and lengthy but not like cooking it up too much ifyou know what I mean I like just mascara okay and for lashes we have the Google3d mink eyelashes they are 100% Siberian mink soft light and natural lashes I’mgonna pull these out of here hop off camera and cut them down to my lid andpop them on a be right back okay guys I said I was going to apply lashes and beright back but I put these on and I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’tlike them it’s a very strange sort like super long and they look very unnaturaland I just I don’t like them so I think for the purposes of this video I’m notgonna wear it lashes cuz I don’t any other ones that I found from Amazon butyou know I don’t like this okay so the last part that I want to try out for theeyes are the long lasting eye liner eye and lip liner so you can do both I thinkI wanted sure oh let’s do the green in the waterline here’s what they look likeand you twist from down here so I think that’s really cool I feel like it’sreally hard to find coal pencils that twist up and you don’t have to serve himI don’t like ones that you have to sharpen okay so first impressions I doreally like this this is from the brand amia and now and you get 12 pieces and Iswear I think these were like 6 or 7 dollars for the entire pack and I lovethat they’re ones that you can roll up and roll down and you don’t have tosharpen and I feel like it really didn’t make my eyes pop specially with thehazelnuts to them so I do really like these alright we are almost done I havea few things that I want to try for the lips this is the pin epoxy and it is alip pumping natural lip you’re supposed to be able to put thison even I have natural big lips but I’d never try to lip pump it I was like heywhy not so it doesn’t feel very glossy yeah if it was like it’s more so like anoil it does have a burden to it I know if that’s normal can’t tell us that made my lips evenactually bigger and then I have all of these they came in like I swear a 15pack for like $10 a lot of them they are as the name it’s a card to find it -where are you okay Oh Miss Rose and there’s like 15 different ones I thinkbecause we have a natural neutral look going on we can really play with our lipbut I want to try Time Square this is number 45 and it is a matte lip but wealready have that limp ombre down that live oil and it has kind of like a mattetouch feeling to it as well as a bullet lipstick it actually looks really really nice Ican’t tell if it was really smooth going on because I had the lip popper onbefore I actually really like that color and that combo well I think I’m gonnatry for the lips is this Burt’s beer and it’s in caramel cloud it says it’s atinted lip oil okay I am digging the lip so far Ireally like the pencils and I really like the so if I really like the pencilsand I really like the lips everything is right on there I don’t know how I feelnecessarily about the I’m sorry I don’t know how I necessarily feel about thelip Ember really so haven’t seen really anydifference in my lips no boss I’m gonna brush away at that baked from underneathwhich was on for quite a while so so far everything looks really really nicelet’s go ahead and spray the face we’re gonna give it a shake this is again theshake and glow by L’Oreal do spray so let’s go ahead and spray our brush thisis a Jaclyn cosmetics this is I believe 0-2 actually gonna say 0-3 it sort ofthing I checked we’re actually going to use the highlight see if we get anypigment almost looks like it is a purple shiftto it a pink or purple shift oh it’s really bright right here getting somecolor looks like a very soft highlight but it is buildable definitely not asbright as I’m you used to okay guys so that is it for this video I tried a lotof products let’s talk about the things that I liked I definitely liked a lot ofthe items these are matte bullet lipsticks I had like 15 of them I reallyreally liked to use I want to try more color some of the more darker vampirelips I really did like the lip oil from Burt’s Bees as a lip popper I thoughtthat was really really nice and then I also did really like immediate lipplumper as well these were really really nice i also did really like in the eyeliner especially for like 6 7 bucks this is really really nice these were myabsolute favorite I feel like you got a lot of colors a lot of variety and itwas under $10 again down below in the description boxeverything will be listed with the prices but I really really like thisitem the spray I really enjoyed – well you get a lot of product in here for theprice at your thing and I really feel like it brought my skin back so we diduse a lot of products and a lot of powder products as far as the mascara Ireally like the Cabaret mascara but I wasn’t too much a fan for the midea sothe fiber mascara but I did really like this one the bronzer highlighters thoseI really liked this blush I think I’m definitely gonna use a lot more of it asfar as the bronzer I really did like it as well the highlighter I’m not exactlytoo much of a fan of and the palette okay so all in all I’d really did like alot of it I wasn’t really into least flawless nude and makeups I feel likeone was really really too dark for my skin and the other one was very lightfor my skin I liked the concept of them but they were not my favorites I didn’tlike the pink powder however I did like the translucent powder I don’t feel likeit made my skin cakey at all I was really nice to build with I do not likethis I feel like it left my skin under I is very pink I really love thistoo if I got to mention that but this was really nice I didn’t like theconcealer stick I felt like it just didn’t do enough and it’s supposed to bethe perfect concealer paste and natural consider tickets you can find and Idon’t think it did enough as far as the eyeshadow palette I don’t even reallyknow where that isn’t and get her to give it to my sister there were some good some mats the pricepoint was really really nice but you can’t really say oh because there’s only$10 to get to pass because it really doesn’t if you really think about itthere’s a lot of drugstore pellets out there that are the bomb and this one theshimmers were really nice if you got in there and you beat him up if you got himwet then yeah you could make them work the match do we go on your eye but itwas very patchy and when you started to blend it kind of just blend it away soit wasn’t really exactly my favorite items but oh and the eyelashes theeyelashes were they’re not is this mm-hmm not at all I did not like it atall I felt like they were way too long for my eyes I know that that’s somepeople’s cup of tea so it’s just not for methat’s it if you guys enjoyed watching this video don’t forgive us a give athumbs up and thank you so much for watching until the next one staybeautiful say sexy you.

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