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by srakute
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these are all lights I’ve found that hadat least a four star and above rating some of them have hundreds of reviewsand a few of them have many thousands number six the nicron N7 600 lumenflashlight rated 4.

3 out of five stars from six hundred and sixty eight ratingsand has a price tag of $14.

99 number five the byb f-18 is 800 lumenflashlight four point five out of five stars from 748 ratings and a price tagof 1998 number four the gear light s 1204 which I did not find an outputratings so we’ll assume they want us to think 1200 it rated 4.

7 out of fivestars from nineteen hundred and fifty ratings price tag is $13.

99 number threethe anchor Boulder 900 lumens and rated four point four out of five stars from3468 ratings the price tag is $27.

99 number two out light a 1000 a 600 lumenflashlight four point five out of five stars from four thousand one hundredeighty two ratings and a price tag of only $9.

99 number one the j5 tactical v1pro three hundred lumen flashlight rated four point four out of five stars fromthirteen thousand five hundred fifty four ratings and has a price tag of$13.

95 this chart shows all of the testing Idid for each light for the output on the lights that could use multiple kinds ofbattery like the AAA and a 14 500 I tested for both of those and I have thatnext tooth he claimed output on this so you can binge on that chart I’ll alsolink it in the description now just so you know none of these lights were sentto me by anyone for review I purchased them all with my own money but if youcheck the links in the description and you purchase using those links you arestill supporting this channel also I’ve loaded several of my own products frommy shop on Amazon which shipped from Prime so you can get them as fast aspossible if you decide to buy one of those please leave feedback your ownreview on Amazon very much appreciated thank youfirst up was our Nicron N7 and even though it had the least amount ofratings this is definitely one of the best flashlights that you can get onAmazon for cheap I buy this for people I know personally it is super quality forthe price it’s all metal it runs on a single AAA battery it comes with asturdy pocket clip a magnetic tail cap and it even does this little tricknormally I don’t like gimmicks but this is really good that joint there issturdy there’s absolutely no wobble this is a light if it had a different brandname on it I would expect to cost 40 or 45 dollars the user interface is simpleyou get on low off it does have blinky stuff but to get to that you press downand hold and then let off and you’re in your blinky stuff there’s a strobe andyou can click again and get what looks like SOS maybe if you want you can useeither a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery or a 14500 lithium cellin there if you like my rating 5 stars all the way onto our byb f-18 the buildquality of this light seems good solid it doesn’t make any rattling wegot a Cree led the switch feels great it’s very easy to make it come on it hasa decent pocket clip it is rechargeable inside here it has an 18 650 and tocharge it we have a USB port here unfortunately the battery is notremovable so that means that when the battery wears out and it will then yourlight is toast the user interface we click for on and we have fourbrightness modes and you just click and it’ll cycle through those from high tolow the off is by a press and hold if you want your strobe you can doubleclick the price tag on this is $20 and for that I think this is still a goodlight because you don’t have to buy a battery and a charger this is a 4 starlight I can’t give it five because I don’t like that the battery is notremovable before the gear light s 1200 is a zoomable flashlight a little bitahead wobble not terrible this one is powered by three AAA cells in an adapterbut alternatively I found that a 26-6 50 will fit in there you’ll need you knowsomething to sleeve it with but a rolled-up piece of paper would work thebuild quality overall on this just feels kind of mediocre to me the threads arenot good they’re really cheap feeling the switch is not bad the switch feelspretty good our user interface is it defaults to high and then we have mediumlow and then our to blinky modes my rating for this light in my mind I knowthat you’re getting a lot of flashlights here for 14 bucks this is a good lightbut I I know it’s just because I’m a jerk and they make me his snob number 3in our lineup the anchor Bolder also seems to be a pretty goodflashlight it is a zoomable light the build quality is good there is somewobble on the head but not bad it doesn’t feel cheap the tail switch is areasonable press feels good it’s not spongy and the beam on it is gorgeousthe color of the light the build on it is pretty unique the LED is encapsulatedunder some kind of a dome that sits on a post and it uses both an optic and areflector one other key feature this is also an 18650 flashlight also USB rechargeable we have our port here under the tail capbut something I’ve never seen before you can just remove that little plug andinside you put your own battery the user interface for our Boulder is we clickfor on and we can cycle modes high medium low and then we have strobe andSOS and it will memorize any of those modesit has off time memory so you click and you got to wait about like 10 secondsand it’ll memorize the last mode in you so next time we come on we left off instrobe so there we are this is a 5 star light to me for that price ok number 2this is a familiar looking light sold under a million names this is the outlight 1000 a 1000 excuse me powered by three Triple A batteries oryou can put in 18 650 in it and this one did come with the sleeve to do that youknow with this one we we have got some head wobble our user interface is thehigh medium low and then strobe and SOS and this light will default back to highten dollars is the price tag on this light so I’m gonna try to be reasonableminded here and consider that this is not a light you would ever see on mychannel otherwise other than fruit for this I if you really want a zoomy of allof them I’ve ever seen if it looked like this I would much rather see a personbuy this for ten dollars then the identical one that’s 40 bucks that’ssecret military technology because for 10 bucks this is a lot finally the j5tactical v1 this little guy has 13, 000 plus reviewsand still rates almost five stars so I was really curious about this and it’sgood quality it’s a really nice little flashlight it can run on either an AAAbattery or a 14500 the finish is very good the design is I think fantasticlooking it’s got a very sturdy for its size pocket clip the tail switch is easyto access the head zips up and down easily we do get a crisp image of ourdie when it zoomed out this light was $14 to me this light is definitely arival to what is it the cific that was a little zooming we all had for a whilewe got a multimode user interface we got our default too high and then medium orhigh low and strobe sorry as far as how I would personally rate these in orderof greatests to least it would be this the micron in seven is by far the clearwinner second I would put the anchor Boulder followed by the B Y B and thenthe j5 tactical and then what I would call a tie for last place is the outlight and the gear light one last Golden Nuggetamazonbasics is selling their own rechargeable nickel metal hydride AAAbatteries and they are good I got there’s a couple different kinds theyhave the ones you want are these ones right here the 2400 milliamp pre-chargedI load tested these and they really perform if you look at this chart theynot only have that perfectly flat discharge curve even under a heavy loadthey still maintained a reasonably high voltage I also tested their selfdischarge capability like how well they hold a charge if you leave the batteryI bought tons of these and I left a package of them sit it was for threemonths almost 90 days and when I load tested themI still got a capacity of around sixteen hundred milliamps I’m not ready to saythat these are Amazon brand rebadge and loops but they are made in Japan andthey do perform in a similar way as what you would expect with a quality batteryfrom sanyo first we’ll do some inside stuff with our AAA lights this is the j5tactical v1 Pro 300 lumen on an AAA battery now we’ll do the micron in sevenon an AAA battery that’s using our amazonbasicsnickel metal hydride rechargeable now with the 14500 rechargeable that is withthe lithium ion battery in the night Ron and seven was my pick of the litternow we’ll do j5 tactical on the 14500 here’s ourside-by-side j5 tactical on the right and micron micron in seven on the left starting with our smallest in size thisis the byb f18 this is the reflector based light fix focus now the out lighta 1000 that is our 600 lumen zoomy now the anchor Boulder that’s sumed all the way out for thisone has the optic now the gear light s 1200 that is using the three Triple A orthree AAA adapter sorry there are amazonbasics nickel metalhydride cells and as always guys super thanks for watching and good luck you.

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