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by srakute
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(dramatic music) – What’s this, fourth one now? – [Moon] I lost count.

– It’s the fifth pallet but the fourth – [Moon] I lost count, I lost count.

– If you’re new here anddon’t know what happened ages ago like last year I ordered loads of pallets from Amazon.

Like returns and stuff.

And then they just keep coming – [Moon] No no, it said onetruck load of Amazon returns.

– It said a truck load yeah.

– [Moon] We thought thetruck comes and unloads.

– But it’s coming one at a time.

I mean this is the fifth pallet.

This is like, look at that! I mean we’ve moved house, that was a whole thing getting the stuff redirected.

But I mean they just keepcoming thick and fast, Moonie.

I’m running out ofspace to put this stuff.

– [Moon] Is it thick andfast, not freaking fast? – Think and fast.

– [Moon] They’re comingfreaking fast, innit? – Literally I’ve just been recording the hottest peppers thing.

I did an old Killemvideo, I ate hot peppers.

Dave was there, I putit on the second channel You can go check that out, I’ll put a link in the description below.

Moon, where you going I’m up here.

So I was just literally I was just I was recording that video and then beep beep beep.

Truck comes into the driveway.

There we got another one so, so we’re quick (laughs) so we quickly got it in here.

Moon stop it.

(laughs) I’m done.

I’m going.

– [Moon] My arm’s so tired.

– Okay so we got some stuff here like Hugo Boss, that’s David Beckham.

Look, there, that looks really posh.

– [Moon] No no no no, we said it last time.

– What? – [Moon] Last time youkept looking as well.

– What? – [Moon] It’s not good fun any more then.

Stop looking, and just do it as it comes.

What’s this? (“Byrd” by HDBeenDope) – If you see me just run off like this.

Don’t be alarmed I’ve got the worlds hottestpepper in my belly right now.


Our second channel, link in the description.

Oh, I’ve shit.

– [Moon] Is that a skidmark? – Lets go Moon.

– [Moon] Watch it.

(Kill ’em laughs) (Moon gasps) A de sue a de sue, what is that? Go on then.

Oh, it’s like dancer or feather hat.

(laughs) You look likeLas Vegas show girl.

That’s really good.

That’s already the bestthing we can end it on that.

– That’s it, lets go, lets go.

– Was it just on top— It’s for you, Moon.

– What?- It’s for you.

Body weight work out.

– [Moon] Thank you Thomas.

Thank you for saying I’m fat basically.

– For you.

– [Moon] Thank you.

(Kill-em laughs) Go on.

(plastic squeaking) Is he fully blown up? He looks a bit skinny, that one.

What did you name him, mot Toby.

E Bot.

– Toby.

– [Moon] No, E Bot, Does he come in peace? – No.

– [Moon] No.

(laughs) What no? – Is this a part of it oris it just for packing.

– [Moon] Yeah, they just filled it so they don’t break, innit.

– Are you sure?- Yeah.

Put it in the bin directly not just– – Its fine there.

– [Moon] Mess it up (laughs) – Is this just a styrofoambox, what’s happening? So much styrofoam.

– It’s like a magician.

– Moon, we got a styrofoam box! You thought that was the end didn’t ya? We’ve got wrapped styrofoam- Whoa that’s packed.

That’s wrapped up styrofoam.

– Wrapped styrofoam.

Is that, that’s a part of it or what? Just for packing.

– [Moon] Don’t.

– I think that’s it for the styrofoam.

– Okay.

– Oh no wait.

– [Moon] There’s something white, quick.

Oh my gosh.

This is a scam.

I feel scammed.

– Another alien! (Moon laughs) (plastic squeaking) This is where they make babies, in the back of the head.

– [Moon] No no, don’t.

– Toby.

– [Moon] And E Bot, I Bot.

– Toby and Toby Too.

– [Moon] No, I Bot.

– This is for a– – [Moon] An aubergine.

– Um.

– [Moon] For a carpet cleaner.

Get it out what are you doing? – You have to take itwith you to California, if you’re against drugs.

– [Moon] Oh no.

You stalled way too longfor that joke already.

– Weed killer.

– [Moon] No Thomas don’t.


That was not funny at all.

I could see you thinking about that joke.

– Hugo Boss, and it’s in.

– [Moon] There’s anotherone I can already see it.

– Two Hugo Boss.

And David Beckham.

– [Moon] He made perfume as well? – And uh and Superdry, with a hat.

– [Moon] Ugh, that’s mucky and all.

What is it?- What is it? – [Moon] Is it for a barbecueand you put it around you? – Amazon bay six, waterproofcar bench seat cover for pets.

Car bench seat? – [Moon] We can’t even use that.

That’s disgusting, why is it? How can people give it back mucky? – This is he worst palletwe’ve had so far Moon.

– [Moon] It can only get better, come on.

– A really old box.

What is it? A golf ball with a clock.

(Moon laughs) – [Moon] Let’s just get my watch out.

That’s not really handy, isn’t it? Rolls everywhere around the table.

– All right what’s this? Oh no.

– What? – Its one of them ghost detectors.

– Oh E- readers or something.

– Micro magnetic field tester.

– [Moon] Oh go on.

– Are we having a go?- Go on.

– Do we have to turn the light off? I feel like we need the lights off.

– [Moon] We do it inside later though.

I want to test it outin our house is haunted.

‘Cause it’s a new house.

– Yeah let’s go.

This room at night.

We’ve got a lot of activity in here.


– [Moon] Don’t open it, don’t.

– No.

– [Moon] Please don’t open it, don’t.

– I’m going to, shh.

– Don’t.

(both screaming) Well that’s an intriguinglittle parcel, that.

– I told you to stop withthe dirty rude jokes.

– [Moon] I love your box.

(Moon yawns) – [Killem] Sunglasses.

(Moon burbles) Sunglasses.

Moon, what’re you doing? (Killem laughs) – [Moon] These look Ali G.

You look like, say “Booyakasha”.

Say it and do this.

Do it, you look like Ali G! – Booyakasha.

– [Moon] Say “Punani”.

– Mr.

Frosty Ice Maker.

Yes! – [Moon] Ice cream, ice cream? – I dreamt for this once when I was seven for Christmas and santa never brought it.

But wishes do come true.

Wishes do come true.

LED brick light.

With a black fascia.

– [Moon] What’s brick light? – This.

It’s a light the size of a brick.

A drain rod set.

– [Moon] What’s a drain rod? – A drain rod set.

Its a set for a drain rod.

It’s an ideal addition toany professional tool kit.

– [Moon] (laughs) what are you doing? – And it’s in there as well.

Thank god.

Dreams do come true.

– Get a big box then for once.

– Dash cam.

– [Moon] Yeah you need that.

– Dash cam.

– [Moon] Every time I havea new dent it can’t work.

– Not even in there.

– Oh Moon.

– What? – A blow up alien.

(Moon laughs) Oh yeah Moon! Carpet cleaning fluid.

Still sealed.

– Oh good.

– Whoa.

Smell it, you can smell it through it.

– [Moon] Nice.

– Smells really nice.

– Nice.

– I know what you’re doing this weekend.

What? – [Moon] A plushy toy, plushy toy.

I knew you would like it.

– Wait a sec, what’s it do? (Digby barking) (toy chitters)No, Digby no! Oh a watch.

– Mm-hm.

(Killem laughs) – Kind of waiting for you tosay something funny and sarky.

You just went “Mh-hm.

“(Moon giggling) – [Moon] I see a chair.

– Oh yes, The Live Collection, David Attenborough.

– [Moon] DavidAttenborough, he’s a legend.

– Still sealed.


– [Moon] We don’t have a DVD player.

– Oh it’s just slightly unsealed there.

– [Moon] Can’t give it back now.

– Oh Moon.

Inflatable alien.

(both laughing) Some, er— Oh, soap! – Grapefruit and mandarin hand soap.

– [Moon] That’s really nice.

Soap, always could use soap.

Always can use soap.

Is it a coat? – Pet travel carrier.

– [Moon] No.

He won’t even fit.


– Get in Digby, get in, get in.

– [Moon] Thomas, I think it’s too small.

Yeah I think he likes the ball.

– Just the front legs.

– [Moon] He’s looking.

(laughs) – It don’t work.

Oh another watch.

– [Moon] Mm-hm.

– Stop it Moon.

(Moon giggles) Where’s the sassy? Where’s the sassy Moon we know? – [Moon] I just feelgassy today not sassy.

– Yeah and I’m all— I don’t– – Carolina reapered up.

– I had cheesecake.

– Oh Moon, “Ghostbusters”! – [Moon] Um, you know what time it is? – Oh no Moon, you’re joking.

– [Moon] Thomas go on.

– No.

– Wear it.

– No no no.

– [Moon] It’s too small for you Thomas.

(laughs) Say it, who you going to call? – I’ll be back.

– [Moon] That’s not the right one.

It’s not even properly blownup, oh that is so funny.

And it’s too short, look.


(laughs) There’s no way there’s bongos in.

– Is bongo the brand nameor is it actual bongos? Real bongos.

– It’s bongos! (drumming tapping)(Moon laughs) This is the best box we’ve ever had.

You’re feeling it, you’re feeling it, man.

You’re feeling it, go Thomas, go Thomas.

– Oh no.

[Moon] – Alien.

Oh, I thought an alien, argh! Peppers, Carolina reaper.

– Oh no, bloody— Does it not count as food? – Bringing back memories Moon.

Safety footwear.

– Scam.

You say scam, or scan? – Some boots, some work boots.

– [Moon] They look pretty new don’t they? – Yeah, oh that’s not shut very well.

See that? – [Moon] Oh, that’s the hand gel.

– That ones half used.

– [Moon] (gasps) Yeah! – What is it, Giant Toppling Tower? – [Moon] It’s a giant Jenga tower.

– Giant Jenga! (laughs) – Is it in?- Yeah, really heavy.

– [Moon] It could be a brick.

(gasps) Yeah, we could— Duel battle.

– [Moon] We can use that, when’s last slice of pizza left.

– Oi, we said we wouldn’ttalk about that again.

– [Moon] Yeah ’cause you hadit last and it was so nasty.

– No, you snatched it out my mouth while I was still eating, Moon.

Come on, tell them, tell them.

No snatching food.

– It was a bit salty.

– Out my mouth while I’m eating.

– [Moon] It was a bit soggy.

– Oh Moon, inflatable alien.

(both laughing) We’ve got five inflatable aliens so far.

– [Moon] I like them, they’re cute.

– Ladder accessory standoff.

– [Moon] It sounds like it’sa fight between two builders.

It’s a standoff.

– What’s that? Oh Moon, What’re you doing? Lion mane wig for dog.

– [Moon] What? – Lion mane wig for dog.

– [Moon] A wig for a dog? – For a dog.

– [Moon] Oh you put iton the dog like this? So he got, he looks like a lion.

– Like this? Where’s Digby, come on.

– [Moon] He don’t like that, no don’t! – Whoa, whoa, hey Digby.

It’s the wrong way, wrong way! – [Moon] I want to seehow you get this on him.

Oh! (laughs) – It’s lion dog! (Moon sings “Circle ofLife” by Elton John) He don’t like it.

Now he wants to attack me.

– [Moon] Put it onagain, it looks so cute! – Is this any old box? What’s happened to the box? Moon, stop with the alien!(Moon giggles) Listen, this is really fancy.

– Oh my god that’s posh.

– It’s like chocolate or something.

– Chocolate, no.

They say they don’t send food, I don’t know hwy the thingy was in.

(Killem sneezes) Bless you.

– Thank you.

It’s really posh.

– Jacques London.

– Jacques.

– [Moon] It should be Jacques Paris.

– 1995 Jacques.


– Oh! – Roulette, roulette.

Come on Moon, let’s go and have a go.

Let’s have a god.

– Okay, cool.

– Come on.

I’m taking this off’cause its a bit tight.

(Moon laughs)Are you going to rip? – [Moon] It’s still holding.

(fabric rips) You’re Hulk, you’re Hulk.

You’re Hulk.

(Moon laughs) – Ceramic tropical what? What’s ceramic? – [Moon] It breaks easy.

(gasps) Oh my god.

– What’s that? – [Moon] Its a Tiki cup.

Who orders this? People who want to feelon holiday at home.

– Why did they return it? Oh Moon.

– [Both] Inflatable alien.

(both laughing) – Oh Moon! Inflatable alien.

– [Moon] They just chucked them in.

– They’re everywhere.

What’s that? – [Moon] Stream light.

Key light.

A light, a desk light.

Oh okay.

– Oh for gaming.

Oh that’s cool.

It’s in, it’s in.

– [Moon] For once.

– I’m going to keep that, I’ll have that.

(Killem blabbers gleefully) Oh Moon.

– A chair.

– A chair.

– [Moon] I knew it.

– It took most of the room up.

– [Moon] Sit on it then.

Is it a good chair? – It is, I don’t why its been returned.

– [Moon] Maybe ’cause theseating thing is not comfortable? (both laugh) (Killem burps) – A little bit of break, we’re nearly there.

– [Moon] You look like ashow girl behind the scenes.

Crystal, it’s time, boo! – What’s that? It’s heavy.

What is it? Oh it’s a box full of styrofoam, yeah! (Moon laughs) Whoa.

– [Moon] What’s that, “Kingbox”? – King Bo? – [Moon] Just Google it what it is after.

– On and off.

– [Moon] I think it’sjust heating or something.

– Power inverter.

– [Moon] What’s that? – DC to AC.

Is that Batman? – [Moon] There’s AC/DC isn’t it? – That’s a band.

(laughs) – [Moon] What? – Hey Moon, inflatable alien.

– [Moon] There’s another one! – Oh Moon, another one! – [Moon] What a mess.

(laughs) A cute little man.

(imitates alien babbling) – Ring kit.

– [Moon] Ring kit? – Ring kit.

Says it there, “ring kit”.

– It’s just pasta bowls.

– Bowls.

– [Moon] Bowls, bowls all types of bowls.

– Mmm bowls.

– [Moon] They’re nice and colorful though.

– Yay bowls.

– [Moon] Karcher, really good.

– Karcher.

– Karcher- Karcher (Killem groans) – Jesus Christ.

(moon gasps) – [Moon] Karcher.

– Ohh! – [Moon] Looks good, butI mean, it was definitely.

It’s been manhandled.

– We got a Karcher, Moon.

– [Moon] Attacker.

(laughs) (imitates alien babbling) (Moon squeals) – Fragile.

– [Moon] But that one is another light.

– Oh, it’s a camping one, we’ve already got about 17 of them.

(Moon laughs) – [Moon] Fragile again.

– Fragila, it’s fragila.

– [Moon] Fragila’s German.

– Silly Karcher, it’s fragila.

where’d you open it? It’s all solid.

– [Moon] There’s no entrance to the box.

– There’s no, there’s no, let me get in, dammit.

– [Moon] It’s weirdly on the side.

– It’s weird, there’s just little slits.

– [Moon] It’s shlits Thomas.

– All right.

– Shlits.

– See this knife?- No don’t, no don’t.

– How does this open? – [Moon] Oh, that’s it, whoa! – Pacific cool bar.

What’s a cool bar? – Um.

– Yeah.

– [Moon] A bar that cools? – [Killem] Ah, we’re in now.

It’s packed really silly.

What do you think? – [Moon] Yeah? Does it pop up all ready? Do you have to build it? – You have to build it.

– Oh no.

– This massive one.

– [Moon] Uh oh, uh oh.

Yeah, that’s definitely not in it if you can lift it like that.

What, you’re not even looking? – Uh-uh, no.

Oh Moon, another inflatable alien.

(Moon laughs) – [Moon] Now that’s ridiculous.

– Desk top fan heater.

– [Moon] What is itthen, a fan or a heater? – It’s a fan that heatsthe top of your desk.

Found a TV.

– [Moon] Why is it, just the box? – What’s this? Sound.

– Steam cleaning system.

– Five in one, he carriesit for you, like this and then she walks up thestairs with it like this.

If you want any modelingdoing for steam cleaners.

– [Moon] You can use it.

Just for steam cleaners.

You can’t believe it worked? Such a good product andit’s that cheap, what? And now you look at how many different things it can do.

Look, it can steam clean butit can dry clean as well.

What, and now tell your mom about it.

Mom look, quick the telephone.

– Mom! – [Moon] Mom.

– [Both] Mom! – [Moon] Look in camera though.

The dry cleaning.

– Mom! Oh it’s heavy.

Jesus Christ.

– [Moon] That’s the Amazon sale personnel that messed up with that pallet.

It came in pieces.

– Literally.

It just says that.

It’s probably one of them, youknow when you buy something and it’s all nicely packaged and then you try andput it back in yourself? – [Moon] Yeah.

– And it looks like this.

– Mmm.

– Yeah, mmm.

I can see you’re veryintrigued by what I just said.

– [Moon] Mmm, oh that looks like a gazebo.

Look at that them, themthingys, it looks like a gazebo.

– Bud box.

– [Moon] What? – (burp) Bud box.

– [Moon] Blood box? – Bud, B-U-D.

– [Moon] What’s that? – Bud box grow tent.

– [Moon] Maybe if you goinside you get a bit bigger.

(Killem grunts) Thomas? – It’s going where? – [Moon] Back there, get it back there.

– Lets have a look.

The last box, here we go.

– [Moon] It says fragile again.

– Fragila.

Have you any idea? It best be something good now, last box.

All this.

All this stuff, this best be good.

Come on, it’s well packaged in.

You ready?- Yeah.

It’s bowls.

– Its more.

(laughs) I’m done.

– [Moon] Nice bowls.

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