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– Amazon is making a ton ofmoney off of sellers like you and me, and they’re looking tocreate some more initiatives to help drive moreprofit to their platform.

This week we’re gonna be takinga look at a few of those, and how they don’t just help Amazon, but they will help youas a seller, as well.

Let’s take a look.

(whooshing) This week we’re gonna betaking a look at a handful of fresh initiatives byAmazon to make selling on their platform easier.

And, how in combinationwith ZonGuru software tools, these initiatives can really give you a leg up on your competition.

This is Zontrends, brought to you by ZonGuru.

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Amazon is on track toinvest over $15 billion this year on initiativesthat are set to help SMBs, or small, medium sizebusinesses like yours and mine.

These included new tools, services, infrastructures, departments, and peopledesigned to make selling for small to mediumsize businesses easier.

SMBs, like ours, made up over 58% of all physical grossmerchandise sells back in 2018, and it was reported thatAmazon Prime this year made Amazon over $2 billion.

As we all know, Amazon likesto do things that benefit their platform, and drive more profit.

It’s appearing that we are making Amazon more and more money, which is actually a really good thing forus, because it means that now Amazon is recognizing the power of SMBs and is going to invest in us, and try to make our jobas easy as possible.

Here are just a few of those initiatives and how they can benefityour Amazon business.

Number one, the Early Reviewer Program.

Now, this is especiallyuseful for those of you that are just launchingyour first product, or adding a new product to your brand.

The Early Reviewer Programencourages customers who have already purchased a product to share their authenticexperience about that product.

This program helps toacquire early reviews on products that have few or no reviews, a huge hurtle for many new sellers.

Number two, Amazon Storefronts.

Amazon Storefronts is anarea on Amazons platform which highlights small businesses, feature curated collectionsof unique products, which provide a platform for an online small business experience, fostering a more intimate mom and pop experience forshoppers on their platform.

And you can apply to be anAmazon Storefront online, it’s a super simple processif you fit the criteria.

Number three, Amazon Handmade.

The Handmade store, isavailable for artisans to sell their handcraftedproducts to millions of Amazon customers all over the world.

Amazon uses an applicationprocess to add new artisans to the homemade category, to ensure customers are able to buy with confidence.

Handmade specifically prohibits items that are mass-produced orproduced by another artist.

So, this is a very unique spacefor those of you that have a much more personal touchto your products and brands.

Number four, Amazon Launchpad.

Amazon Launchpad is a unique platform that serves two core purposes.

A marketplace within amarketplace, that enables cutomers to sift through a range of cutting-edge and innovative itemsproduced by vetted startups.

As well as, a useful servicepoint for small businesses in need of a helping hand.

Although, Amazon providesa marketplace for scores of companies, Launchpad vendors are given a bit more special treatment.

With help of larger images, videos, and more space to write.

Launchpad also gives you the exposure for in-house advertising, which will give your brand even more exposure to a larger audience.

Number five, Amazon Global Selling.

Amazon Global Selling isa program that enables you to list and sell yourproducts across the world on Amazons global marketplaces.

Global selling programhelps you start selling to ten internationalmarketplaces including, North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

And last but not least, the app store and thirdparty market tools.

A area for sellers looking for a slew of different products andservices, to find software tools that are actually trustedand vetted by Amazon.

If you are a seller, andyou go to Seller Central and you go to the app store, you’ll see ZonGuru’s in there for a bunch of different categories.

Amazon has determined that weare a tool that aligns with their brand, their ideaof what a good service is, and what a white hat serviceis, and how to offer that to sellers to make their jobs easier.

Also, being an accreditedthird party software service of Amazon gives us accessto unique data points which are able to buildinto our software tools.

So, you’re gonna wanna check us out there.

Just a recap, it’s veryobvious that SMBs like ours, is making Amazon a ton of money, and they’re doing everything they can to bring in more money bymaking our jobs easier, which is really, really good news.

And if you want to check thoseout and how best to use them, you’re gonna wanna click onthe link somewhere around this video, to navigate to our blog page.

We have blog postsdedicated to how to apply, all the way through to howto set up your listings on almost all of thesedifferent platforms.

So, you’re gonna wannacheck out the ZonGuru blog.

Now, before we close this out, I wanna just give a bigshout-out for a comment that we received on our last video, which was an unboxing deep dive video.

Thanks for the post Darren, I am always learning fromyour updates and tutorials and I’m getting close tolaunch and differentiating from similar products sold on Amazon.

Thank you so much, AGAMdanceFIT for that comment.

It’s comments likethose that bring a smile to our whole content teams faces, so thank you very much for that.

All right guys, don’tforget to like and subscribe to this content, to stay up to date with Amazon’s industrytips, tricks, and news.

And we will see you next week for another episode of Zontrends, brought to you by ZonGuru, bye for now.

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