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Don’t sell on Amazon and eBay do this instead.

Are you looking to stop selling on Amazon and eBay? It’s like the fees just keep goingup and up and up and the prophets can going down but I got alternatives for you in thisvideo, I’m going to show you 12 ways to sell your products and make a bigger profit andwe’re starting right now on J R Fisher selling online since 2009 heck we sold millions ofdollars worth of digital and physical products at what is channel.

I share with you thosetricks and tips and we’ve learned along the way.

My products are sold on thousands ofwebsites, including Walmart.

So this channel will show you how to start running grow onlinebusinesses.

Now, if you’re new to my channel, do me a favor go ahead and subscribe.

Buttondown there smash that button stand next to it.

There’s a bell it’s like this ring thatBell when you ring that Bell you can turn on notifications and make sure you set itto get all notifications.

Directions that way you’re part of the Fisher family and whenI do a video like this and you will be notified.

Also, you’ll be notified about any live videosthat I’m doing to now when I started out I sold on eBay that it was easy to set up anaccount.

It was simple and it looked like it could be profitable it actually back in2009 when I was doing that.

It was probably you could actually make money on eBay, butnow it’s so competitive the prices are so low that it’s almost impossible to make aprofit.

Now, The good thing is they do allow you 50 free listings right now, but once youexceed that you’re going to pay $0.

35 / listing piano key sign up for store subscription, he can start off as low as $4.

95, but that can grow up to $2, 999 a month.

He’ll alsoget hit with a final value fee and what this is is this is a fee that eBay is going tocharge you when your product actually sells so that’s on top of the listing fee countsellers with a basic needs.

Don’t pay a 10% final value fee for most items with a $750maximum 12% for books DVDs movies and music with a $750 maximum 2% for select businessand Industrial categories with a tree hundred-dollar maximum.

And on top of that tree and a halfpercent for musical instruments in here with a $350 maximum seller to maintain a storesubscription.

Will they charge to lower fee based on their subscription model as you cansee in this chart right here the star program on an annual subscription fee paid monthlyis $7.


Now if you pay yearly you’ll see next to that that’s $4.


The zero insertionfee allowance auction items are 102.

You’re allowed 100 items and a zero insertion feeallowance fixed price items is also 100.

The additional listings fee is for auction item.


30 in additional listings fee for fixed is also $0.

30 on top of that.

You’re goingto have to pay a 10% final value fee, right and a maximum fee of $750, but that’s a lotof money out of your profit and most of us don’t have any percentage of profit but thenhigh as you can see the basic in the premium and anchor go up from there, but the annualsubscription fee when the Enterprise is $3, 000 a month, which is tremendous in addition tothat.

They had optional listing fees on top of that.

So once you’re done doing your listingwe can be quite expensive and addition to that.

There’s other things look right hereat the shark got a referral fee which ranges from six to 2minimum referral fee, which is0 to $2 if the referral fee is under 0% low sellers pay about 15% They got a the minimumfee and then you got a variable closing fee of a dollar 80 below that you see you’ve gotindividual seller account.

NFL individual an occasional business sellers your monthlyfee is zero, but your pro merchant account is 3999.

Then you got to add your shippingfees.

Okay, so you got to get that product to somebody.

Can you get a pay the box itup and got to pay for somebody to put it in the box and then going to pay for the postageon top of that.

Okay, So let’s take a look at some of the Alternatives that are out therein the best one.

I think out there are one of the best ones out.

There would be WordPress.

On WordPress you can build your own website and then you can integrate a shopping cartinto WordPress.

Now, there’s some distinct advantages to this in the main advantages.

You don’t pay any fees whatsoever.

When you list on your own site and just sell your productwhenever your cost is whatever your shipping is, that’s just a deducted out of the totalselling price of the product sum of what you will say.

Well, I don’t have enough trafficto my site and you know, if I don’t have traffic I’m going to sell anything in that can betrue.

But you can also generate your own traffic you could run ads.

New social media post youcan build up a following and you can start getting traffic to your website.

And you saywhat I don’t want to have to spend money on Advertising.

Well, you know, either he’s goingto spend money on Advertising which state do and they’re going to charge you in theform of things cuz that’s what they’re doing isn’t charging you for advertising or youcan go ahead and build your own brand that the advantage is that you’re not on eBay andyou’re not on Amazon then everybody’s just going to see your products if your productis on eBay and Amazon what Amazon is going to do? Is there going to recommend other productsand other up cells and their likely not going to be yours.

They’re going to be other sellerson that site.

So they’re basically taken at customer away from you also want to Amazonyou don’t get your customers information and on eBay, you really don’t I mean it’s therebut you’re not supposed to contact him when your own website you gather all this information.

Can you get a remark it to him you could email to him now and another thing you can do, whichis really pretty cool as you can use card for now.

I’m going to put a link to Kartrabelow.

A lot of us are like Lil G building a website takes a long time and it’s a lotof work and it is so what if you can skip building the website what if you could actuallyjust have a sales page and drive people to that particular sales page.

That’s where kartracomes in Cartwright is an excellent platform because it offers so many different thingsthat offers the sales page it offers your landing pages you’re up cells are down.

Soyou have your email list in there you have sequences in there.

You can host videos inthere and it’s only one platform now in the description.

I’m going to put a wig down thereto kartra and what you want to do is click this link and watch the video that they’rethe video will walk you through all the different steps of what cartridge in do and all thedifferent things that cart that can actually do for you in building your business thenif you want to go ahead and get kartra, you can try it out for $1 for 7 days, but yougot to use that latex down below there and we used car trouble on Oliver finals.

We usethe email.

Platform part of Italy is all a cartridge cartridge is an excellent software.

It’s not that well-known yet, but it was started with two really good digital marketers thathave been in the market for many many years and they building great platforms.

I wouldhighly recommend you check it out cartridge is you’re not really building a website.

You’rejust building the sales page.

So you drive traffic to that individual page the advantageto this is since you don’t have to build a website you can have your product up and runningand you know a half hour.

All you got to do is put your sales page up their dry some trafficto it and you can test out the product if you test out of product and it doesn’t workthink about all the effort you put into building your WordPress website and in doing so theproduct didn’t even worked in Kartra, you can spend 30 minutes and put up a productand another product and other products can put up 10:20 different product Drive trafficto him and then figure out which ones were now once you get two or three that work withina particular knee.

Then you can build out a website and drive traffic to that website, but it’s saved you all that hard work of building a website and not knowing if you hit any trafficor if you get any sales at all to do which is pretty cool is Craigslist.

I know I meanthat’s like the cheapest way you can go about it.

You can actually list products on Craigslistfor free kitchen go to Craigslist.

You can already searched and see what is selling onCraigslist.

What type of items people are buying? Okay here I am at Craigslist hereand we can look through all the different things in here.

If you could jobs housingcommunity services discussion with this is the area that you want to focus on right here.

And that’s it for sale area.

Now, I understand if you’re going to be selling on Craigslist, you can only sell local so you’re actually going to have to deliver these products ofthese people, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it.

Let’s look in here lookunder Collectibles at let’s say you were selling Collectibles and then here in Collectibles.

We can sell all these different items in This one here is postcards.

This is coins watchDance Collection careful because there are some scammy things on Craigslist.

You’ll havepeople contact you saying that you know, they’re out of the country.

Can I just deposit moneyinto your account things like that? And what they really trying to do is get your accountnumber.

So do not fall for that.

They will also tell you that they’re going to send youa cashier’s check to the most cases these cashiers check are fake and it will probablyclear your bank and then your bank’s going to come back and charge you back afterwards.

So you don’t want to do that.

This is a free way to go about selling online, but it canbe very dangerous to sell online on Craig Craigslist.

I want to take you away from it, but you know Craigslist is what it is.

There’s a lot of Alternatives out there to sellingon eBay and Amazon but these are just a few ways you can go about it.

I really reallythink that I need an Amazon or dangerous places to sell on right now because they really kindof own your customer and if you’re going to be Serious about this new would have a long-termbusiness you want to ask me build your customer base more importantly you would have buildthat new email this because most of the money you’re going to earn his going to come afterthat initial sale that are special sale.

We’re not even trying to make a profit of if wecan make a profit.

That’s great.

Don’t get me wrong and I want to make a profit but themore important thing is having somebody on my list, you know, right now we have thousandsof people on my list whether it’s for tomorrow.

Okay food, which is our main company for itsthey are fisher.


Can I know that I can email that list and I can get results so Ican email that list and I can get people in a coaching call.

I can email that list, youknow for a course I have and I can sell those courses and if I had sold all the people Iwouldn’t have their names and addresses if I done it once they through Amazon and youhave access to it also on eBay where you do have some access to their name and addressyou’re not supposed to directly email them.

Anyhow, and you can actually lose your account.

So you wPelican Products, or do I want to sell long-term and it didn’t answer ant tothink about this.

Do I want Pelican Products, or do I want to sell long-term and it didn’tanswer is I want to sell a long-term.

Then he really need to build your business on yourown site or something like kartra because if you don’t you’re not really building abusiness, you’re just selling some products and it’s not sustainable.

So you want somethingis going to be sustainable in the only way to do that is through emails.

If your marketingthese people afterwards and Troop up cells and down cells are great because you’ll seeit happen on Amazon all the time where you know, somebody will buy a product and rightbelow it and say, you know, you may be interested in these two or people also bought these butthe problem is you can’t control that all of his up cells and down sales on Amazon theycontrol than what they’re going to do.

Is it going to actually upsell to somebody else’sproduct so you can never ever increase the value of a customer and you can email themlater on same thing on eBay if you’re not going to be able to up seller down.

Link toKartra.

You can create your own up cells and down south.

So you can automate emails togo out to these people to know if they bought something.

I didn’t buy something can youcan send emails based on what they bought two so they can be related products to those.

So those are some of the things you can do like to hear in your comments Below.

Haveyou sold on eBay and Amazon and it been there a long time like some people like we’ve beenthere for years, but most of our products are sold by other people on those sites, youknow, what has changed.

You know, what what is it on Amazon eBay that’s working for you.

What is it working for you? But if he’s starting to get to me, I know they got to us and youknow, we really couldn’t turn a good profit there.

So the majority of Versailles do notcome from there and we do have a presence there because we have a brand with survivalcat food.

But you know, we don’t really actively try to sell on eBay or Amazon.

We use ourown sites for that and we use our affiliate sites for that.

So what’s your comments below?Thumbs up on it.

Don’t forget if you haven’t done so go ahead and subscribe and what bringthem to the Bell down there.

You got to turn on notifications and that way you’ll be partof the Fisher family, which is pretty cool right there going to be a VIP you’ll be notifiedabout every video I do as soon as I put it up so you’ll know before anybody else doeswhich means the kind of jump in front of the line and everybody else.

So thank you so muchfor listening video.

I hope you got something out of it.

Like I said, if you did put yourcomments below if you have any questions with those below and I’ll see you in the next video.

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