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is MTurk worth doing in this video I’m gonna answer that question to the best of my ability and give you my honest thoughts and opinions and experiences with this website I’m not sponsored or anything I really wish I was otherwise I would get more money but I’m not so only only honesty for me I’m just gonna show you everything I can there’s nothing to hide on this webpage I have nothing to hide and it shows everything you could want to know with money at least so over here is your weekly amount they break it up into days and they tell you how much you get here’s your breakdown by year and then here’s what you have you know sitting around before they get transferred here’s your hit overview which I’ll talk about in a little bit and then here’s your lifetime total so I’m sure a lot of people right now are looking at ways to work online especially with what’s happening right now with the zombie apocalypse happening outside otherwise known as coronavirus so I’m sure that more people are looking at YouTube and trying to find reviews and information about ways to work online and em trip just happens to be one of the better ways in my opinion of working online but it’s not the best it’s not a lifesaver by any means for me at least MTurk is side money and money I can make while doing something else like playing video games or watching Netflix or when I’m waiting in line so these are just things I can do throughout the day sporadically and it’s not really something you should depend on as your main income once again this is more like side income and I mostly did MTurk at first to supplement my paltry teacher salary and using MTurk I think it’s a decent way to get a little extra cash on hand because it doesn’t take too long it depends on how much you put into the website so that’s completely up to you how much you want to work as you can see here over the last couple days I really went hard at MTurk because you know the current environment you know the zombie apocalypse so I really wanted to try to help out my family help out the bills you know pay the bills and try to have a comfortable cushion to try and pay everything with because we have we are in a very uncertain time right now and any little bit helps but once again this is not main income by any means this is supplement this is extra this is just something you can make casually but if you want to really go hard at MTurk like I did for the last couple days then you can because I’m not doing anything else I’m just stuck in my house all day so if I don’t feel like playing video games I’ll just go on enteric and see if there’s any jobs available and try to earn some money so this $38 right here this is the result of many many hours sitting in front of my computer staring at the job listing and praying that I get a decent amount from the job so the jobs are basically called hits there’s a lot of various things you can do to earn money but I’ll go over that in a second but yeah this $38 was the result of a long long day long three days sitting in front of my computer so what I’m trying to say is that it shouldn’t be the main source of income once again this is only supplement if it is your main source of income with this you know environment right now good luck like my friend I hope you do better than I do because I don’t know how I could make any more than this so normally on the day to day by day basis I try to aim for around $10 but of course this goes up and down so the best day I ever got I think was around $37 and the worst is maybe one or two dollars and especially if you’re starting out you know just now you shouldn’t really expect more than maybe one or two dollars a day until you get your account fully approved and unrested unrestricted but even though I’m not restrictive anymore with the initial you know barriers to entry it’s still very difficult to make 5 10 bucks a day usually it’s around five or six five six seven but I try to aim for 10 just to make myself feel better so let me show you the things that I use to try to make my job a little easier and these are called scripts this is called MTurk sweet mts this is a very popular one I know there’s another one called hit finder but I just use this one just for ease of use just casually install it and then see what I can do so as you can see this is a list of things you can do these are hits and basically these these hits are you know made by researchers and scientists and schools and you know other things other people and they want you to do simple tasks like answering questions or translating stuff or giving your thoughts or opinions on something or drawing there’s a lot of things you can do some of these require special things you have to read the description but I think the most important thing is over here as you can see this is the amount of money they’ll give you so as you can see you’re probably gonna see why it’s difficult to make a decent amount every day because look at these numbers these numbers are not super high and working on MTurk per hour is usually much lower than if you just had a regular part-time job but I understand that it is extremely difficult right now and some people’s hours got cut and some people are having trouble finding a job so they’ll turn the MTurk and other survey websites or other smaller websites to try to get some income to ride through the storm so I understand that but I just want you to know look at these numbers and these aren’t even the numbers that I usually see usually I go lower so in this what on this part it’s settings for the the script so usually I start at $0.

50 and then it will filter all of the ones that are above 50 cents so that’s pretty decent 50 cents is a pretty good amount to do these jobs 50 cents you should be pretty happy if you get a short one and that it gives you 50 cents but you have to be careful you have to vet some of these jobs yet the ask questions and see you know is it worth your time because some of these are extremely long extremely extremely long some of them 20 30 minutes of your time and they’ll give you 20 cents 30 cents 50 cents so just try to be careful and try to see what you think is worth your time but basically I try to stay above 50 cents and then when this runs out I usually drop lower you know at the 40 30 20 even ten even a penny I mean it just it just depends on what you want to do but usually I stick to around 50 cents in the morning and then as the day goes on I try to lower it to maybe 30 or even 20 cents so from my experience at least it’s better to work during the weekday and in the morning that’s when all the people are awake and then a night you know they go to sleep and they don’t really pull jobs anymore but of course there are exceptions I’ve had some really great nights before so it just depends so actually let me show you one of my best hits that I’ve ever gone and I only got it just recently all right if you can see all right here this one let me highlight it for you so usually these jobs pay anywhere from a penny to maybe one or two dollars but this one I found oh man $8 39 cents I finished that survey happily I ate that up I ate that up gladly so based on the job description 45 to 60 minutes I took me maybe 30 minutes to finish this so a lot of these time estimates are not very accurate you can usually do them usually do them faster it just depends on how fast you can read and if you are comfortable seeing the pattern because there’s as you do this longer and longer you’ll see patterns to the work and you’ll notice how to maximize your time and that’s what I’ve done for the past couple months but so I’m pretty decent at finishing surveys quickly but anyway this is an exception this is a unicorn you’re not gonna find this every day unless you’re very very lucky or have certain qualifications that I don’t have but for me at least it’s usually like as you can see 20 cents 18 and 1665 very small small amounts it’s like looking around your house for loose change and then screaming scraping it together to get some money that’s basically what entropy is like it’s like finding loose change around the house and collecting it so besides that I mean it just depends on what you want to do and how much effort you put into it so let me try to explain this a little bit paid obviously means you got paid pending means they haven’t seen it yet but they’ll hopefully approve it and then there’s another one that says approved and which means I saw it and they’ll give you money soon but let me go back to the main page and explain a couple things so over here is your hits overview and this is very very important so approved is the number of hits you’ve basically done so I’ve done 874 since I started last October and I have an approval rate of 99 point 66 and pending rejected and rejection rate so this number right here your approval rate is extremely extremely important so when you submit your work on enter you want to really be careful and want to you want to make sure that that work was the best you could do and you didn’t make any mistakes so there’s something called attention checks sometimes on these surveys and they basically want you to answer the correct question and they put that in there because they don’t want you to just fill in random bubbles they want decent answers for the research so they put these fast balls at you to make sure you’re paying attention and you’ll hopefully hopefully get the work approved but if you don’t it’s called rejected and this number is like a death sentence to a lot of people so this number right here ninety nine point six six you want to keep this number above ninety nine at all costs because usually the jobs that pay a decent will only accept people who have above a ninety nine percent rating so you really want to make sure this number is above ninety nine okay I’ve had three rejections so far and rejections can be for any reason at all so sometimes you can try to contact the person to get rid of that rejection but usually I mean you’re on your own man so and it’ll negatively affect your approval rating which is once again very important so if that happens to you and this goes below ninety nine percent you’re gonna want to try to do really easy jobs to get this approval rating back up but honestly try to not be in that situation in the first place I’ve never been in that situation before but I’ve read of people who actually were and it’s not fun being in that spot so trying to try to avoid doing that in the first place but overall I’m techies are pretty decent website I mean it’s not the best in the world of course there’s thirty eight dollars I could make within like two two hours of work in my regular job but for this thirty eight dollars right here that took multiple multiple hours maybe eight nine ten eleven hours sitting infront of my computer so it’s definitely way below a minimum wage but if you can accept that and accept that this is supplementary income and just extra side money to help you out then I think you’ll be fine on them too try not to have such high expectations it’s your you’re gonna be really you’re gonna be really crushed if you have super high expectations at this website it’s only something to help you out so after doing 874 of these surveys and other tasks I’m like dead on the inside so yeah just keep that in mind this one really this will really get into your head it’s really boring so if you’re prepared for that then by all means do interrup and good luck with that so that’s my review of the website right now so it’s current as of 2020 which is when the coronavirus is happening and I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot more people on this website as this epidemic or an epidemic pandemic gets worse so hopefully you guys stay safe hopefully you guys get accepted into MTurk or whatever other work-from-home thing you’re trying to do I wish you guys the best of luck we’re all trying to survive we’re all in this together so try to make your money and try to survive alright good luck you.

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