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meet the August smart line control who you welcome into your home like never before August installs on the inside of your door and makes your smartphone a smart key and more August automatically unlocks your door as you approach so no more fumbling for keys and it locks automatically when you leave with the August smart lock give guests like dog walkers delivery people or friends and family virtual keys with access for a few days a few hours or even just specific times never leave keys under the mat or in fake rocks again the August smart lock allows you to let in who you want when you want and get instant notifications when anyone comes and goes from your home using the August app so you know your loved ones are home safe and you can even keep track of guests with a 24/7 activity log right on your smartphone with August smart lock send virtual keys to guests and never copy a key again give guests access for a few days a few hours or specific times always know who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity log and stop fumbling for keys August smart lock automatically locks and unlocks your door the August smart lock is part of the August home access system welcome to a life that’s more simple and secure you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] have you ever wondered what is causing that slight headache or wooziness that you feel at the end of your workday or why your eyes burn when you cross the street do you wonder if this is going to cause a long-term problem for you or your kids air pollution both indoors and out is a global problem today you can join us to challenge it this is add mode to a wearable air quality tracker that measures real-time air pollution temperature and humidity it’s the most affordable and most compact air quality tracker on the market today people don’t realize how what’s in the air might affect our health unless you have asthma or allergies we don’t notice any immediate impact on our bodies and never really care about the air around us but during the day the concentration of volatile organic compounds carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide indoors may increase dramatically if the ventilation is not good enough with admah tube it’s easy to track the pollution around you and understand what you can do to breathe better in the big cities we are often exposed to air pollution outside too but we are always too busy to pay attention to it aDNA tube will immediately alert you about potential danger so you can prevent negative health impacts admah tube can sense environmental changes in real time to help to make the right choices every day and live healthier order your admah tube now and be smarter about the air that you breathe [Music] hello again empty fastest route sound to early bird cafe you and me we’re busy people and being busy means checking your phone even when you’re not supposed to even when you’re on the road but now there’s Navi hold on we gotta get this KC talk to me hey Adam quick reminder first thing today is that coffee with Connie and Greg at the earlybird already on my way [Music] see what’s brilliant about NAB D is this faster route phone automatically rerouting to save ten minutes perfect never been this way before I’m gonna switch to Navi – see what’s so brilliant about navdy is its display is focused in the distance so your eyes are never off the road it’s also 40 times brighter than your smartphone and it dims automatically so it’s easy to see day or night in fact sorry gotta take this one – Greg and I actually want to do bars cafe out on 60 – smiley face Oh awesome luckily Royce is one of my favorites NAB D gives us Google Maps and built-in offline maps so you’ll never get lost like out here in the desert and it’s connected to your car which means that gas rerouting – nearest gas station text Connie be there in 15 you have arrived thanks Navi see you soon okay let’s get you guys ready ready one two go [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] vettel Brian creator of reflect O’s I created a reflective sock which uses the motion of your legs to draw attention to you and to make you visible to drivers without wearing a highway workers uniform or miner’s lamp reflect those are technical sport socks that give you visibility in motion we have a large area of high reflective material around the ankle which makes you very visible to drivers walking running or cycling in low light [Music] take your outdoor adventures to the next level with our survivor filter pro le our sturdy design is very durable and easy to use for anyone who loves the great outdoors traveling or emergency preparedness upgrades we’ve made for the survivor filter pro le include a 100 thousand liter ultra filter pre-filter larger hoses a convenient new hose clip and a zippered carrying case our system has three levels of filtration which include the 0.

1 micron ultra filter pre-filter it blocks out large debris and acts like a barrier to help remove harmful bacteria and protozoa that are larger than 0.

1 microns the ultra filter pre-filter can be easily cleaned and back washed after every trip up to 100, 000 liters by utilizing our cleanable pre-filter system the light for the internal filters are greatly extended next is the carbon filter this level of protection is designed to improve taste and help reduce heavy metals chemicals and pollutants finally water passes through the 0.

01 micron internal ultra filter which is designed to help remove the remaining contaminants that make it through the first two levels once the water has passed through the three stage system independent tests have shown a filtration of 99.

9 percent of virus bacteria and staff and a significant reduction of heavy metals surpassing EPA standards for portable water filters take on the outdoors with survivor filter [Music] imagine cutting-edge AI technology and remarkable professional features packed into a unique pocket-sized drone introducing mark the world’s first drone positioned by visual inertial odometry constituted of a fisheye camera and a GPU based mapping module the vio helps mark locate itself based on position relative to its surrounding realizing true autonomous flying mark sees the environment around it to allow for easy control and seamless flying whether you’re outdoors or in it also records the trajectory wherever it flies whether through the app or by hand mark can follow recorded trajectory to fly automatically it’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform providing all the power of a bigger drone with all the convenience in a smaller package and it’s so small it can fold into a pocket of Hertz mark is easy to operate straight out of the box no need for calibration satellite connection mark is packed with unique features that can track subjects automatically takeoff and land with voice control and take pictures with a single gesture using it’s amazing biotechnology mark will amp up all your adventures and capture all your most memorable moments entirely in 4k hi great mark [Music] doors have protected our homes businesses and loved ones and it’s time we fortify them even further meat door cam the world’s first and only over-the-door camera with inside Wi-Fi connection motion detection two-way talk video recording and night vision this is Sarah and she lives in an apartment door cam is a great fit for Sarah because all she has to do is hang it over the door no wires no holes it also gives her the peace of mind knowing who’s on the other side of the door and while she’s at work she can see what’s happening at home and if she needs to move she can take door cam with her door Kim is also a great fit for people who own homes meet Sam Sam runs an ice cream shop and uses door cam to keep an eye on things at home while he’s away at work and it allows him to see this this and this oh wow that is so cool okay I’ll see somebody and for those times that Sam can’t be in two places at once he has extra health to keep an eye on things hey what are you doing door cam the easiest way to secure your home business or anywhere with the door you.

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