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by srakute
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what’s up guys welcome back to likeLizzie today we are going to be doing what I’ve never been here before you’rein fir tree so we’re gonna be reviewing the grossest foods that you could buy onAmazon wow you did not tell me that part so we have our buck serious

there betternot be but you know I don’t even know what’s in here which one oh you told methat I was gonna be giving Amazon food not nasty food okay the first food we’regonna try is this slop making Connie and cotton candy bacon flavored you know Iam I’m pretty

fond of them separately but together I wonder if it’s likechunks of bacon in it or if it’s infused if I just got way too close and likesome of that bacon went up again obvious we have to eat you just like to try itand tell me what you think

same time yeah honestly sometimes bad oh I cannot besome more anyway they so bad I do know one I wouldn’t eat a lot of it but acouple bites not bad it’s so good I can’t use this all right so one out offive have to give it them can

I give a one and a half yeah all right but thatzero okay give it a one this next one is from if area of what isn’t it’s not acountry baby eels in olive oil oh my gosh are you sure this is healthyto eat yeah it’s a noble and

it let’s see I need your calories and this can’tbe good it’s in a memory gram protein a metal tin can let me see let me seeoh my gosh this is a baby eel dude where the eyes that’s what I wanna know how is itoh and he’s fun no

it does it no seriously it reallydoesn’t taste up like it tastes like it doesn’t taste like anythingare you kidding it tastes like olive oil tastes like spaghettiit tastes like spaghetti all right we got a review on my mommy star that’s azero give that that’s a one that’s a

solid like a – it was better than thatI rather get the cotton candy again okay this is the neckline of bean boozled isactually like a game so basically you thin this whatever you land on you haveto try to but it so they put a question mark because they

can either taste likebutter nut juicy pear or yeah booger or burn okay I think we she’s doing are youready one two three there’s not very far oh you’re good all right that oneliterally just gave me the chills are you serious uh-huhmy army I just stood up from swallowing

that with AK EP thoughts how are in theclear cheese like bubblegum mind Hitler jet tastes like a booger I was like sowhat would you rate this on gallant one time I’m always like jelly bean one okayso this is the next item if we mix fun you’ve got the

jungle trailmen oh my godwhat why it’s so big that’s the same one I ate last time that one looks so muchbigger except it was chocolate when I’m holding i legit thought i was gonna bein a case but it wasn’t and I got rub on me look at this

one this is no joke okayguys you see this scorpion right here it’s one two threeoh it tastes like yo it’s spicy it’s spicy and I know like spicy yeah I’m gonna go there’s actually not badof course it tastes like a chip next item I get this actually like

a tubeI give this a one as always okay moving on to the next productI don’t know if I can get it to another one whoa whoa no no noperattlesnakes are you kidding me no you can eat smoked rattlesnake out ofa can it says remove bones before sampling what

this you can buy all thisstuff on Amazon it’s any wiser juice no nooh it smell good smell you ready but do you get am I ready I’m not thisis what it looks like yeah what’s it look like how’s that look I don’t know if I can dothat it’s

a taste like it’s good it’sactually pretty good oh you’re just this like fish don’t saysay smoke barbeque chips honestly this one wasn’t badI’ll give it a three out of five it was one of the better better onegood I just know my finger after that I’m like whoa it

was so smoky yeah butlike smokey rattlesnake Oh shark okay so there’s snapping turtle jerkythen there’s a hammerhead shark jerky so I feel like these are not bad feelingthe turtles more interesting I’ve had sharks boiling is it good got a sharkburger in Australia it’s good what it tastes likewhoa

that one gave me chills to woods smelling it can I try it already yeah Jade lions so on shall wemine is not true I can’t think that I can’t you know Itook that Turtles tub that turtle is really hot it’s like biting your shellfor me the shark was

too fishy I did not enjoy that as muchI think the shark was a lot better than the turtle the turtle is so hard to chewso I mean so it’s a shark but honestly I guess like a three and a half and it’ssuper bad either those are both from

Rhode Island I didn’t yeah I didn’t know that ahammerhead sharks in Rhode Island I give the shark two out of five and I’ll givethis turtle jerky probably a one out of five so these are these so does we haveto try ranch dressing pumpkin pie soda buffalo wing soda

sweet corn peanutbutter and bacon can I show you the order of what I think is the worst orthe best yeah so I personally think that the top two worst are definitely theranch in the Buffalo Lane and then I’d say the bestI’m jelly that’s my order Wow good you

know this one tastes likebig red gum oh that’s bad too like not bad does like the bigness I’m kind oftastes like you can put a bunch of pennies in your mouth and likebutterscotch something like that going today this tastes like all the birdies has avacant at the bottom

of a blender next up yeah I dunno yeah you have to doit Olivia and that was the worst one of the words yeah this boy’s not bad nojust how can I finish that one all right what do we give the sweet corn one onenegative one this is definitely

on the top with theranch up there with the randoms and this are so so gross only one that was reallytolerable honestly the pumpkin pie was like not badyeah but it’s a big red which I only dabble with so and this one also wasn’tdone so I give these like

a 1 I give everything I want on this menu but thatwas nasty we say the best for last you know no pork brains with milk gravyno not good no they should have made the drinksafter this so I couldn’t wash this down but now I’m ending on this yeah

and it’slow in protein so I don’t know if I can take that into my body oh sure it’s 14grams y’all see that piece on the spoon zoom in zoom all good you literallybarely on me hey at least I said I tried it okay it’s so current like honestly

the tasteis like whatever it’s the texture that grosses me out I think that’s enough fortoday what do you rate this pork brain that pork brains a solid wine give it nowhich I give it a zero but I can’t I think I give it a two why cuz it

wasn’tas bad as some of the stuff we had that I really wasn’t yeah it is what was yourfavorite and was her worst fear least favoriteso I’d say my probably the favorite was cotton candy obviously it’s got to be myfavorite how much I tried and my least favorite I

have a tie actually for thatone what it’s definitely got to be between the drinks and I was actuallypretty bad not gonna lie y’all try the bacon one tell me againand then the squirt cane was pretty bad because it was spicy and it caught meoff guard I like spicy

so yeah and now that you’re thinking about it it’s likesmells so good this pork brain smells so good mmm I think my favorite one was thehammerhead shark jerky and then my least favorite was the sodas as well alrightguys I hope you guys enjoyed a struggle through this video

thanks so much forwatching make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time byeI feel like I’m my hover belly ache after this video you don’t have like adessert mmm we blend it all in together take a biteI literally would pay someone money for that thank you

so much actually I wantit because I wouldn’t want to see but Oh girls not just like if it numbersright

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