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Amazon Prime has a stunning array of documentariesto choose from, but sorting through the fluff can be a challenge.

These are our picks for the 10 most compellingdocs for the discerning documentary film fan.

In the ’90s, three young men from Tennesseewere convicted of a shocking triple murder.

The Paradise Lost trilogy follows the originalmurder investigation of the West Memphis Three, who were later exonerated thanks in no smallpart to the national spotlight this documentary placed on them.

If you were enthralled by Making a Murderer, you’ll want to add these to your queue.

I Am Not Your Negro is based on the book RememberThis House by James Baldwin, one of the most important writers of the Civili Rights movement.

It was the book Baldwin was writing at thetime of his death, and the film uses archival recordings of Baldwin to connect the CivilRights movement of the 1960s to race in America today.

Director Raoul Peck has authored a heavy documentarythat asks difficult questions about the place of African Americans in U.



Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, I Am Not Your Negro is an artistic and educational triumph, and should be required viewing forevery American.

Set aside a box of tissues for when you tackleDear Zachary, a tragic true-crime story that paints a harsh picture of the justice system.

In 2001, Andrew Bagby was murdered by hisex-girlfriend, Shirley Turner, following a breakup.

She fled to Canada, where Bagby’s parentslearned she was pregnant with their son’s child.

Dear Zachary began as a memorial documentaryfor a son to learn about his lost father.

But as Shirley Turner’s case spirals wildlyout of control, we’re shown a far darker story.

The first Fantastic Four movie to hit theaterscame out in 2005, but the first Fantastic Four film ever made was shot in 1993, withno intention of ever being seen.

Made by B-movie legend Roger Corman as a wayto hold onto the film rights to the characters, the entire cast and crew set out to make thefilm without knowing it would never see the light of day.

Doomed! tells the full story behind one ofworst superhero films ever committed to celluloid, complete with clips from the disaster itself.

Alexander McQueen came out of nowhere to revolutionizethe modern fashion industry before burning out as fast as he arrived.

Told through exclusive interviews with hisfriends and family, this doc explores a true artistic rebel, a man who crafted clothinginto confrontational art.

Even if you aren’t interested in fashion, McQueen is a staggering tale of tortured genius.

The federal siege of the Branch Davidian compoundin Waco, Texas, is one the most tragic disasters in American law enforcement history.

When it was over, 76 members of the religiouscult were dead, causing ripple effects that still reverberate through separatist groupsacross the U.


Waco: The Rules of Engagement explores whatwent wrong during the lead-up and execution of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearmsand Explosives siege.

You don’t have to think David Koresh wasa good man to be troubled by what happened in April 1993.

This even-handed examination lays out thefacts with calculated accuracy.

Before Ancient Aliens, Lore, and every othershow about murder and the supernatural that we love today, there was Unsolved Mysteries.

Now you can relive the magic of Robert Stack’shaunting anthology of crime and the unknown on Amazon Prime.

Featuring all 12 seasons of the groundbreakingshow, Unsolved Mysteries is ready and waiting to be your next binge watch.

And thanks to Google, you can now look upif the crimes you’re hearing about has since been solved.

Skateboarding has become a massive industry, but in the ’80s, the idea of being a pro skater was still mostly a pipe dream.

The Bones Brigade helped change that, givingbirth to the modern skate video culture, pushing boundaries with tricks, and becoming one ofthe greatest teams in the history of the sport.

Today, even your parents know who Tony Hawkis.

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography will showyou where he came from and how he and five other absurdly talented friends helped kick-starta revolution in skateboarding.

The Iron Sheik holds the rare distinctionof being both an icon of ‘90s professional wrestling, and modern Weird Twitter.

This 2014 doc lets you meet Khosrow Vaziri, the man behind the notorious persona, and understand his impact on the WWE (then WWF)through candid interviews with the Rock, Mankind, Jake the Snake, and others.

It might not break your back, as the IronSheik is want to do with his signature Camel Clutch finisher, but it will make you humble.

Evil sometimes hides in plain sight, especiallywhen it targets the most marginalized members of society.

In 2009, the Cleveland police department madea horrifying discovery at the house of a known sex offender named Anthony Sowell — the bodiesof 11 women on the property.

But the worst horrors were yet to be revealed:how Sowell was able to kill 11 women over two years without anyone noticing.

Powerful and genuinely haunting, Unseen isan incredible true crime documentary.

Those are our top 10 picks for the best docson Amazon, but if that’s not enough for you, check the link in the description ofthis video to read about 30 more fantastic documentaries we just couldn’t include here.

And if you’re still not sure what to watchtonight, we have many more video guides and articles linked here to help you choose.

This video is not sponsored in any way byAmazon, but if you sign up for Amazon Prime or make a purchase using one of the linksbelow, we may receive a small commission that helps us make more streaming guides like thisone.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you nexttime.


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