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Hey ladies welcome back to my channel if this is your first time here my name’s Marissa and I’m here to entertain you while teaching you everything there is to know about curvy girl fashions all right ladies in this video I’m gonna show you how to take a plain black dress that you can buy on Amazon and style it five different ways you are not gonna want to miss the curvy girl hack of the season in the hanger I know I know what you’re thinking Marissa what and two percent spandex is that saying that you are holding there this is the dress that if you’re a curvy girl you must have in your closet I know it doesn’t look like much here but let me put this little number on for you cuz girls I am going to blow your mind I am going to convince you otherwise that 90% cotton and 2% spandex is in fact our friend this beautiful dress can be found on Amazon for $14.

90 girls when you see what I’m gonna do with this dress you aren’t going to want to run over to Amazon and put in an order for this it comes in about eight different colors but the black is my go-to it’s my favorite and it’s so buttery soft it doesn’t cling to the parts of your body that you don’t want it to cling so don’t worry about it clinging to no lumps or bumps or humps this dress is amazing let me put it on for you guys I’ll let you be the judge all right ladies so I’m just gonna start off by showing you what the dress looks like it’s just as very basic plain black dress it has a round neck so it’s gonna be very comfortable you don’t have to be worrying about flashing somebody your cleavage or anything like that but it hits it’s gonna hit you right below the knee I’m 5 2 and you can kind of gauge where it’s gonna fit you based on your height ladies I interrupt this message to let you guys know that I done killed my laptop so if you see me looking a little broken inside throughout this entire video please be aware that our guy Olaf here done did meet I don’t know how he toppled on over onto my laptop but he did spilling all kinds of water causing all kinds of havoc so yeah I just thought I’d let you guys know all right ladies let’s modify our little black tracks by giving it a side not tight that tie is going to emphasize your curves in all the right places and it’s also gonna expose a little bit of your upper side which makes it very very sexy very very cute I’m taking this floral duster which gives it that very romantic airy look that we all love it’s great for spring and summer you’re adding color you’re adding texture to that outfit and it also gives it a little layer of making your dress a little bit more dressy if say you’re going to a formal occasion where you need to spice it up a little bit and make it look a little bit more classy this duster is definitely gonna take you there the cool part about dusters is you can change the color you can change the type the texture the material and pair it with the same dress and it’s gonna give you a different look like I did with this yellow duster here it adds a different pop of color you can use any kind of duster any kind of color and give this dress a whole different look I absolutely love pairing it with a duster all right girls you want to give your little black dress an edgy vibe super simple super easy and quick throw on a bright pair of heels like I have on right here these electric blue suede heels are going to make your outfit pop then I throw on my little black leather jacket that gives it that really edgy vibe while keeping it really cute and classy I absolutely love this look for a nighttime day going out to the movies it has to be a staple in your closet [Music] you got a meeting at the office and don’t know what to wear girl I got you so all you’re gonna have to do is put on your little black strappy heels that I showed you earlier gonna throw on this adorable purple blazer and this beautiful super cute gold heart necklace girls you’re gonna be out shining everybody in that office as soon as you walk through those doors everyone’s gonna know that you’re the boss I love having this outfit in my closet for those days where I don’t know what to wear when I don’t want anything cinching my belly when I want to be a little bit loose but I also want to look really professional this right here is my go-to also you can switch out your blazer different colors if you want you can switch out your shoes and it’ll give it a whole different vibe so I highly highly suggest you keeping this for those emergency days when you don’t know what to wear all right ladies let’s give our little black dress a very chill down-to-earth vibe we’re gonna start off by using these adorable sneakers here they’re high-top converse sneakers and we’re gonna throw on a little jean jacket it could be something like this with a two-toned arms kind of deal something with a combination of fabrics like this jacket is doing denim and more of a softer knit sleeve which I absolutely love the jacket has a hood so it makes it really convenient for days that it gets a little cold I would use this outfit for going to the movies a late dinner just hanging out you know chilling and I would probably use this dress maybe like on a colder spring evening the fact that you have a little jean jacket on makes it super convenient but anyways I really really like this look it’s a great vibe super casual I love the fact that I’m wearing sneakers with it so if we’re walking around a lot and I get tired I don’t have to worry about wearing heels or anything like that it’s such a cute look alright ladies as I told you guys in the beginning this dress is so versatile it could go with anything or it could go with something as simple as these little white sandals that I paired it up with I love the little sandals that I’m pairing it with they’re white so they they really stand out in your outfit the dress is so cute in itself it’s very flattering and like I told you guys the fabric doesn’t have the curves in all the wrong places it definitely hides all the lumps and bumps that you don’t want to be flashing to the entire world I absolutely love this dress it’s definitely gonna go in my closet and it comes in different colors so I’m definitely gonna be picking up a couple more colors because you know we never know when Amazon is gonna stop carrying these kind of items but as far as I know it’s still up and it’s still on sale so go ahead and get yours [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if you enjoyed watching this video about how to wear one dress five different ways make sure that you’re subscribed and you turn on your notification bell because you’re not gonna want to miss all the other videos I have in store for you guys also if you want to know more about curvy girl fashion make sure you check out these two videos I’m sure you’re gonna love all right ladies I gotta run I’ll catch you on the next video stay well stay cute and stay kind.

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