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by srakute
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I grew up in this place as you can see here, you know.

The river over here was my swimming pool.

We came here, my house was actually back there where the kitchen is So we were like the only family living here.

Before I used to walk bare feet Used to walk bare feet palmleaf clothes animal skin you know my father kills Jaguar Alligator skin from big ones very tough.

That was like my bulletproof.

Long hair.

Things like that.

I think plants were showing me my future job to do for me.

Because I didn’t study to work as a guide.

I just grew up here I’m just now learning english, like from you guys.

You know, sometimes I meet a group of people teaching me some english That’s the way I’m doing it here for my job you know.

For me nature is I would say one of my biggest, my biggest friends I would say like a friend, like a father for me I would say in this case.

Because, as I told you, when I was learning, I understood how strong every plant is and things like that, you know.

That makes me feel like very happy.

I don’t know.

In one way tourists changed my way of life.

I don’t know if it’s I think not that bad.

Because everything is changing in the Amazon.

Yeah, it’s really crazy.

Especially in the last maybe 5 or 6 years, we are starting to have like a big, big change Especially with the water maybe a little bit with the sun.

Because normaly it was like 42 degree.

And now a few days we actually have 44.

Especially from 12 to 2 in the afternoon So now in the last 5, 6 years water is coming too much as well.

So the water is really affecting to most communities that live in the low land.

Because everybody has their plantations over there.

So every year now water is coming up and is killing all the bananas yuka, tomatoes, cucumber plantations and things like that So it’s not the best for jungle people.

Changed alot.

Because I remember when I was 9, 10 11 years old we had alot Not only my family That was the way of life before.

Everybody needed to plant things and have alot of things to eat.

You know, it was like that.

In the last five years all the mangoes, orange coconut avocado and other tree fruits, they all died because they were not that strong to be that much time in the water.

So the trees easily died.

That’s why we don’t have that much fruit in the community.

And that was actually the main reason why most people from my village moved to the other side of the Amazon which is a little higher so they all went there.

Only few people stay here now, in my village like 27 people about from nearly like 500 people before So most people like from 19, 20, 23, 24 years they are all moving to Lima looking for other jobs.

To work in mine companies.

Because they get a little bitt more over there.

More than 100 Soles, you know.

Yeah for sure, for example the first time the water came up that’s why many animals died.

I found armadillos, like all the terrestrial animals, armadillos, agoutis, pacas they died.

Because they couldn’t find water.

I mean sorry, they couldn’t find a dry area That’s why many of them died so now not only human in the last five years are the biggest enemy.

Now I would say it’s the water as well.

Because when I used to go deep in the jungle with tourists.

Because we didn’t have a dry place we did the activities by boat I could find the animals, like dead.

They drowned Because they can’t really climb.

or sometimes they were on top of some fallen trees.

But I found many dead animals because they drowned.

Yeah it’s really affecting also the animals.

The water.

Like the way of life before we weren’t crazy.

Like killing animals.

But in the last 10 years, I would say, people started to kill animals, more like crazy.

not for the meal for the family.

It was more for selling.

That was really crazy.

Because before when we killed animals, imagine, like my parents, my community when we were going into the jungle to kill animals.

We were doing a prayer We used to pray to the mother nature why we were going to kill them.

‚ÄúPlease Pachamamma help us to find something, to kill it because it’s going to be for our food.

It was like that.

I think everybody here helps in many ways For example to protect the animals.

So that’s why at least we have some iguanas, we have the sloths, we have the monkeys, the animals I showed you.

It’s because we are starting to protect this place otherwise I think we weouldn’t have animals here.

But you have to think abouthe future as well.

Because you are all gonna have kids.

And your kids are gonna have other kids.

And it’s gonna be really sad if you start killing all the animals now.

What are your kids going to see when they grow up.

It’s gonna be only in books.

It’s going to be like that.

I think it’s better to just protect the animals And then everybody could see what the life here is like.

But for me I feel very comfortable what I have here.

Sometimes when I’m laying in my bed in my bed I’m like, okay, What do I need? Everything I need to be okay is here.

I think I’m better here.

Everything I want is here.

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