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by srakute
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Whoa So high-pitched and not my voice at all.

I don’t even know We don’t know who she was.

Hey, we don’t know who she was.


Hi guys.

Welcome back to my channel so today’s video is my You know what? I’m not gonna lie.

I feel like I am an Amazon pro.

I’m CEO of Amazon crime over here I just well, you know not as much right now, but in general back in the day when I was living in Vancouver, I used to Amazon Prime might wheelie paper because that’s how much I Was just didn’t want to go out now Fast forward you know for years.

I’m like I Was kind of headed at the time, you know, as I was already self quarantine.

Anyways, let’s go ahead and get into this Amazon favorites boom boom Boom boom boom boom.

I am excited to talk about my favorites.

Yeah I am excited to talk all about my favorites.

Yeah, I’ve been listening to like a 90’s playlist all day long So I feel like I’m married 90’s vibes today.

So my first item I’m so excited about this because this is this might be my all-time favorite purchase I have Actually ever made in my life Yeah, that was a big statement but I stand by it you know why this my friends is a iPhone or iPad and It’s amazing because it’s really nicely weighted.

Um, it’s super sturdy it has a adjustable Head look at that like so easy to just fit in there boom bada bing so when you turn it sideways you can use it to hold your IPad’s or tablets or anything that’s larger and I really love it because one I FaceTime on this Stand whether I’m using my phone or my iPad all the time like anywhere I am I pretty much have this in my hand like it should be glued to my hand by this point because I love it So much.

I also use it to watch love island a lot when I’m like doing my makeup Adjustable and it’s just so convenient So I really really recommend that honestly, I’m going to list all the products that I’m gonna be talking about down below Hopefully everything is still in stock because obviously right now I know like some some things are going out of stock and like they don’t know when they’re gonna restock and stuff, but hopefully everything’s gonna be A-okay, I have a life-changing little Amazon find right after this wow, that really sounds like a commercial like stay tuned because right after this we’re coming back to you with a life-changing potion at 1-800 Yeah, I’m drawing a blank, okay my next little thing is something that I actually use in conjunction and both of these I saw on tick tock on or FFA’s tick tock so basically I mean obviously right now I’m not going anywhere and on top of that I’m still trying to post on Instagram.

So, you know, sometimes I need a little help to Take my photos.

I don’t want to just post selfie after selfie after selfie after selfie.

So I love this little stand in conjunction with That was so dramatic for this little thing, but basically what this is is a Bluetooth remote for your phone It’s pretty self-explanatory, but you just press the button boom boom boom boom boom Actually, maybe I’ll show you guys some of the photos that I have taken on This guy so some of my recent awful photos for my Instagram Oh, I want to just talk really quickly about my sunglasses because you guys know I have a sunglass This is a big pair, I got a long time ago So I’m not sure if I could find this one, but it’s just so cute I’m sure there’s similar ones to this but these two are by far my Favorite pairs of sunglasses that I own right now and they were literally like five dollars or something along those lines From Amazon and they’re just such a vibe like that’s typical 90s vibe and I was looking for sunglasses like this for a really long time and I literally found them on Amazon and they’re just Everything every time I wear them on my Instagram stories everyone’s like oh my gosh, where’d you get them? Where’d you get them out of like literally Amazon and they were so affordable and just such a vibe And then this one is a pink pair.

So the other is a little bit more bronzy.

They’re pretty similar But this one’s just a little a little lighter a little lighter of a vibe, but they’re so cute my next thing this is By far one of the best items I have ever purchased on Amazon ever This is my sunglasses organizer I Love sunglasses But I just think it’s so great to be able to display them to easily find pairs Like if I’m specifically looking for like one pair, you know what I mean? If I’m looking for for example like this octagonal I Think Brown pair of sunglasses.

I can find them super super easy and I do like to typically organize them Kind of like where similar pairs are close to other similar pairs so you can see like these are kind of like cat eye shapes These are some Brown ones up here that have that more like oval shape and then I have some Like crystallized ones down here and just some fun ones.

These were from like the Emma Chamberlain crap eyewear collection These are all my black aviators I love black aviators in general But I’m gonna show you over there because if you can see I have them all laid out and it looks really really nice So not only is it functional but it’s also just a really cute vibe to have see Sorry cute And then that one usually goes here If you guys watched my organizing my apartment video you probably already saw that but I just wanted to mention again because it really is One of my favorite purchases I made and also tomorrow I’m gonna start filming my well I already started but I’m gonna try a dev to finish filming my cleaning out my closet video So coming soon.

We are moving right along right along right now It’s getting hot in here But you know what? We ain’t gonna take up I like clothes Okay.

So what else this is one of my favorites as well Actually, I know I keep saying that for literally every single purchase but as you guys know Every thing that I’m talking about is one of my favorites in this video that I have gotten from Amazon it’s the Revlon blow dry brush and pretty much what it is is a Like a tool that you can use to blow out your hair really really easily if you’re not a professional hairstylist, or if you’re not like Accustomed to blowing out your hair and having a round brush in one hand and a blow-dryer and the other this makes it super easy Because it’s the blow dryer that comes out of the shape of a brush so you can literally go and like You know and it just makes it easy to get like that really nice full voluminous blue, oh, okay I want to tell you guys about these these are so cool I actually I didn’t get these on Amazon, but I looked and they have the exact same ones on Amazon I got these from a boba shop, but I said that’s so weird a boba shop It is a boba straw a medal boba straw.

That’s Remo.

So not only is it cute? It’s a vibe but we’re also you know obviously saving the environment By not using as much plastic I also get these if you can see these little clips that I have in my hair I wear my hair like this a lot where it’s just clipped back and it’s just such a great easy way to clip your hair up and it’s become my favorite way because it’s very 90s and once again So These guys were from Revlon.

They’re a little smaller My hair is like about down to here and these are almost too small for me So if you have long hair, I would definitely recommend going with the bigger ones But I also got this from Amazon actually sticky bras Obviously, I’m not gonna spend that much time on this one because I think this was kind of a given but it’s just you know So convenient if you’re wearing a strapless top if you want to push the girls a little bit This is another technology item that I personally love This may come as a surprise to some of you but I’m actually really organized when it comes to my work, you know so like files or you know Keeping my camera equipment in a certain place very organized with that my apartment not so much But so this is actually an SD card holder I love it because you can keep everything really nice and organized in here and safe and also Organization Peppa Pig herself.

These are like my newer videos So the ones that I’ve recently filmed just so that I know Not to use these as soon if that makes sense So this one specifically is like my last video that I’ve always filmed the top right corner.

Always my last video so if I need the footage for any reason if I need to upload it or Like whatever I need it for any particular reason.

It’s always the top right corner And then I push them down as I film like newer videos did that make sense? I feel like I’m really letting you into like my mind and it’s a little crazy in there I’m and these over here are like older videos so I always know to grab from the left side rather than the right side when I’m starting a new video and if I have To format a card or anything Bada-bing bada-boom.

Anyways, Nespresso frother.

I mean if you follow me on Instagram, you know, this is a Essential for me.

It is a little bit more pricey, but I wanted to put it in anyways If you’re a coffee lover you will not regret purchasing an espresso.

Even if you have a different coffee machine a Nespresso coffee machine Makes the coffee or the espresso, right? And then you put the creamer or your almond milk or whatever You want to put your coffee put inside your coffee in this and it spins it up With that little whisk and frost it up heats it up They do have a cool setting as well If you hold it down for two seconds versus just pressing it for the hot So yeah I mean you can make iced cappuccinos you can make so many different types of coffee drinks and it’s just my little baby It’s such a good little purchase.

Um, okay this brush I swear This is my favorite brush.

I own and it was very very affordable It’s from the brand Diane and it’s perfect because it has two different sides to it.

This one is more What’s that word firm? And then this one is a little Softer but it still does have firmness to it and what I love to do with this brush well, this side can just brush your hair out, but this side is my Sham.


The black side is the little softer side, but you can use it put some hairspray on it oh also another Amazon purchase that is one of my favorites is the got to be glued hairspray the yellow one from Schwarzkopf, I think I always get on Amazon.

I’ll link it down below best hair spray I spray hairspray on this and then I’ll use this to take away my flyaways and my baby hairs Honestly, if you like to snatch your hair back a lot if you like to wear buns or high pony’s a lot I highly recommend this brush.

Do you see like These clips I use to clip back my hair.

It’s really difficult to do your makeup like with your hair down So these just help clip it back without leaving creases So this will not leave creases if you’ve already you know blow-dried your hair or curl your hair or whatever and then these are by far my favorite hair ties of all time my friend Josh posted about these he’s a really amazing hair cells and They I swear these are life-changing.

I’ve never Seen another hair tie tie my hair as tight as this one does like there’s just something about it I think it’s because you can wrap it like literally a million times before You run out of elasticity because it’s just so stretchy and I think if you have to take care of these are gonna be a must-have for you you can Tie them around a million times and they snatch it back girl Okay, this is so cute.

This is a great gift idea if You you know, maybe have somebody that has a birthday coming up or maybe they’re going through a hard time right now So it’s a candle that’s actually called.

Yes you candle Like yes, you can that’s so cute.

And this one this like scent is called warmth and it was kind of like butter butter Scotch like butterscotch, e like a smoked butterscotch.

What else do I have? Oh my gosh, like this is actually Like I know this is this might sound like a joke, but it’s actually not gonna be a joke My nose rings from my ABG tutorial like I’m not really happy with this purchase I just think it’s such a vibe Okay, maybe if you’ve been thinking about having a nose ring or getting your nose pierced? But you don’t want to make the lifetime commitment there.

This is a nice little way to Okay, this last one is pretty random, but I thought I would talk about anyways, it’s this Drying rack yay.

This is how you know, like I’m an adult now.

So basically, oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot one thing my It’s so cute and so soft and it is Nice to keep your hair out of your face either when you’re doing your makeup If you don’t want to use a clip like this would be more So if your hair’s not done yet or when you’re washing your face and doing a mask and doing your skincare One time something got stuck in my dryer and it got stuck to the side and it actually made a hole in The whole thing.

So anyways, my dryer is a little rough So sometimes if I want to air dry my stuff then I can use this And just place it up there it drives like a charm and it’s just This video, I love you guys so much.

Hope you had fun watching.

What about Oh a Mazzone Typically, I’ve been uploading on Fridays and Sundays But my old schedule was always ever since I pretty much started.

My youtube channel was Wednesdays and Sundays so Can you guys let me know in the comments section? What upload days you guys want to see cuz I’m thinking of switching back to Wednesdays and Sundays So let me know because you know, I obviously want to upload on days that like make sense for you guys as well So yeah, let me know in the comment section also Let me know what your favorite purchase from Amazon was and what your favorite thing from here was a little combo going love you guys and See you on the flipside I’m just I’m so Energetic ting.

I do not know why I really don’t let You win some you dim sum, you know, I’m trying to say bye guys All right, guys I’ve already finished filming as you guys can see but I just want to hop on here and say that even though these are like not new items by any means These are things that I’ve had for a long time that have become my favorites over a long period of time You know, I just want to say a huge.

Thank you to everybody who’s working at Amazon right now and the work force in general that’s going on across the world that has Really been helping to keep all of us moving in a positive direction and just you know keeping the world going So thank you guys and I just want to say how much I appreciate you guys.

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