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full hour of taya haircare and I’m going to get into our supercharged deal because this has been selling all afternoon the price on this is crazy good I love this shampoo and conditioner I actually have this in my closet right now in my shower it’s 49.

95 for this entire set and you are getting six full-size products this is not travel its full-size before I tell you what the six products are let me just show you why you want to get the Amazon white clay or show you the technology we’re going to talk to you again about all the nourishment everything that’s treating the hair but look at the shine and the luster and the volume and what I notice when I’m using the Amazon white clay products is my hair will hold a curl I have very frizzy fine hair and my curl pattern goes a little bit bonkers it gives me the most smooth bouncy gorgeous curl if you’re a gal that gets your hair set once a week or you don’t like to shampoo all that often you try to maintain your style as long as possible this is the difference that amazon white clay can make so what are we getting they’re all full-size products full-size shampoo 8.

5 ounces full-size conditioner this by itself is $30 the whole kit is 49.

95 there’s the conditioner alone and it has a customer choice review the whole kits 49 we have the collagen fusion dry cleansing plumper this is not your average dry shampoo this is the Amazon white clay in a KC a collagen hair plumper this is the white clay thickening booster this is $28 so let’s do the math this is 30 and this is 28 you basically buy these two and you get everything else for free and then you’re getting a full-size of the exfoliating balm as well hundreds of you calling a lot of these have sold before we even had a chance to get this out on the air I want to send you to Louise right away and Louise I just want to ask right out of the gate this is like a one and done deal right mm-hmm okay this is not subscription no reading this is October honestly I don’t know how D happened that he got to the 4995 this is an entire collection if you love Amazon white clay this is where you need to see to get the value if you’re new to Amazon white clay this is the entire collection you can try the shampoo the conditioner this is a dry cleansing plumper that doesn’t use stock it doesn’t use rice powder that clog your pores these actually use white clay and white clay absorbs the oils remove all the impurities and actually thickens your hair it also would also have yes the aniseh white clay also has mineral clay mineral like calcium magnesium potassium but also nutrients rich in nutrients are actually conditions your hair and it also has a very high a very mild pH label which seals the cuticle and that’s what you’re saying ever that your curl last longer is because the cuticle is sealed and that’s what you’re able to hold it style longer we also have this hair plumper the hair plumper is the mousse and a hairspray all-in-one this one has they have the styling properties of a mousse but also the finishing touches of a hairspray you’re going to see with Arlene it’s going to be amazing last but not least we have the thickening booster this actually is a world launch and we have included in the kid the amazing thing about this thickening booster is if you look at the bottom of the jar you actually can see the white clay if you can see exactly you see this wide at the bottom that’s a white clay you’re supposed to shake it the white clay it gets distribute throughout the liquid you’re spreading your hair and it’s give you tones tones of thickness and fullness but again let’s go back to our lane so we can see and show you the results okay we’re gonna head back to arlene she’s gonna start to do a before and after this whole comprehensive kit is eight dollars and 33 cents we already had a question coming can you buy more than one yes I would tell you to stock up on this I’m gonna get you to arlene before the sells out arlene we have about 270 of these to go around oh my god that’s nothing it won’t slide now let me tell you really quick because I have this is what I did to my answer you already see the sickness in her hair right and look at the shine also no so I did shampoo I did condition and I did use that liquid boosters so remember you get it you shake it up use this on wet hair and blow dry it which is what I did here to my aunt so if you if you see my aunt hair it’s really dry it’s really a little bit brittle but look at how shiny how gorgeous now what I love about this particular product is so fun so easy to use and what I want you to do is give it a good shake which is the plumper Akasha column plump sure put a little bit in your hands and you’re gonna notice that this is a combination of a mousse and a hair spray you see it there let me just take it out the light so what you’re gonna do is once I do this you watch the heather how it turns into a liquid you see yes and this is and all you’re gonna do is this just go on in and put it on your hair what this is going to do remember the hairspray is gonna give you that whole and the most also is going to make that hair Lac but more importantly when you have them together you are going to have hair that is super voluminous super cool super thick and look at the texture so that is one big difference if you can see that right there right it’s amazing Wow look at her curl pattern look how pretty and how defined the body is in her hair and the glow is like amazing that shine I’m gonna redo it again because once again I did tell you it does have it is combination of a mousse and hairspray and I want you to spray it on your hands which is very important okay tiny bit unless you can see it and we’re gonna go and redo that again notice even though it does have a hairspray it does not make your hair hardness is what I love about it what you will be able to do is be able to create massive texture gorgeous gorgeous styles and you are able to create that in second I want to show you once again the shine remember that’s the avocado oil with all this collection the main ingredient is the Amazon white way that is going to adhere to every hair shine it’s going to make your hair thicker and pull it with just that first application and if that’s not enough you also have that I’m likely that’s going to give you that hold you’re going to have that avocado or give me that shine so this is really an incredible collection that it’s not only going to stick in your hair but it’s also going to make your hair healthier unlike other products out there that use it when you use them to make it here take it make it dry and it’s brittle what this is going to do is actually going to give you massive you know something that’s really caring caring about your hair cares for your hair I’m going to recap really quickly what Arlene just said because if you’re brand new and you’re buying this kit right now which over 100 you already have you shampoo you condition then you have the brand-new product and remember you were gonna see that clay on the bottom just the conditioner is a $30 value these are salon grade amazing premium ingredients we’re going to talk about the ingredient story in a second shampoo conditioner thickening spray and then she took that product which is the plumper and this is a hybrid it’s the combination between a setting spray and a mousse and you spray it in your hands you run it through your hands that’s where you get the volume that’s where you get the gorgeous hold you have a dry shampoo that’s unlike anybody else’s dry shampoo and a style infuser a style holder and we’re also going to have the Amazon white clay exfoliating balm every single one of these products is at least a $28 value by themselves you’re getting the entire kit for 49.

95 three one six eight eight nine is the item number I’m gonna go back to Louise for just a second and Louise I love your brand you know that I’m a huge taya haircare you collector I love this and I love this collection in particular I want to go back and I want to run the footage of how the clay adheres to every strand I want everybody to understand that this isn’t just like a volumizing shampoo this is a whole different level of technology exactly he actually is the technology is in the in the ingredient that is so active this is why clay that is collected from the banks of the Amazon River the indigenous collect the clay this clay is full of calcium magnesium potassium and you see these micro particles they adhere to each hair strand and they make each hair strand thicker and fuller and this is actually clinically shown and look at the result look at the after is fuller is denser it’s full of life the color looks better the Col looks nicer but you know this booster it actually the way we discover white clay is because I I find out this community in the Amazon with the women the hair is so freakin so strong that was astonished I find out that the reason why the hair was so freakin so strong is because they bathe in the river where there is the white clay and that white clay at the base every day it just sits in their hair and this is what we have done with this thickening booster we have this liquid that actually has the clay suspended in the bottle you shake it you mix it you’re sprayed in your hair and that’s when you is spreading white place while you’re here and this is the results that you can get thicker fuller after just one application okay so I’ve posted a picture on my Facebook page and I asked what’s your major hair concern like what are you worried about I was just checking it almost everybody commenting is saying they have thinning hair and they have frizzy hair this is the collection that you want for both of those needs when you look at the before and afters and as we go back to our lean we’re also gonna take a phone call in a second I want you to notice the calm smooth beautiful curl if you have wiry out-of-control frizzy hair if you have fine hair you are literally infusing your hair with that white clay it is going into the shaft it’s thickening it it’s plumping it you’re making the cuticle the shaft bigger of your hair so you have more volume you have more shine you have more bounce let’s go back to our lean so that we can see how gorgeous the style is when you get into this and remember they’re all full-size products on a value payment for eight dollars our lean did you hear when I was saying I posted a question and almost everyone answering is saying my hair is thin and my hair is frizzy exactly and this is what I love once again about the collection which I was telling you before sometimes when you want to target these problems with this type of problem you end up with more problem because your hair ends up stir you know drier and even more brittle than before so this is what I love about this collection now I’m going to show you the booster once again Heather how you’re going to be able to achieve this incredible thickness remember you don’t have to shake the bottle right I’ve already shaken and you notice how my liquid is already a little bit murky it’s a little white because the white clay is floating in there now you can apply it on wet hair and then blow right after you shampoo and conditioner you want to apply this from root to end you can apply it on wet hair and then dry it I also love especially when you have long hair like my niece Anna Sophia I love to also add a little bit more to it because it comes out in such a baby fine mist that it does not wet your hair and it’s not going to make the pro go down I get wet when Sai Sai her hair but it will add to create that extra thickness which is what I love this particular product so if you girls are out there and you’re struggling like Heather was saying with hair that is thin I want to show you I’m a sorceress before features a little bit on the dry side normally what I tell my niece and my my you know my family who everybody here at my house right now is all my family I tell them please use another product at least two weeks before the show so that your hair you know if they use taya that’s it this one application and these are the results again I get so this is an incredible incredible collection for women that once think you’re looking here now I’m gonna run a quickly with the dry shampoo unlike any other dry shampoo watch it I can apply this on herself and it’s not gonna go white you see that yes you see how I feel shiny how it’s still clean it’s clean unlike other dry shampoos that have health this actually has the white play so especially on dark hair like my beautiful niece here I don’t have to worry about that hair that looks dirty it’s like you put talkin powder on your head and then it looks thick and look just just playin terrible this is what I love about it I can actually play train spray I’m neutralizing the oils I’m actually you know taking away the odor let’s say she went to somewhere somebody’s no smoking nice nourish it’s not a smoker you want to get rid of those that smell it’s fantastic so it’s a must-have for all the girls have in your purse this is an amazing product to have okay Orly and I’m gonna make sure everybody knows how to get in before this kids completely gone we’ve already sold 157 of these full-size kits I also want to make sure that you’re not buying this by itself because this is online I think we have five or six hundred of these that are online right now for $28 this $28 item is in this big supercharged deal kit don’t buy that as a single get it in the kit you get all full-size products the shampoo the conditioner you’re getting the hair plumper you’re getting the dry shampoo you’re still getting that brand-new worldwide launch of this thickening mist as well and you’re gonna get the white clay exfoliating balm lots of you calling we have about 230 of these left there is not a limit you may buy as many of them as you want has a great two-year shelf-life I want to go to the phone lines really quickly because we started the show with the thickening cream and we have a fan who’s calling in right now and we can bring him maybe Arlene and Louise so that she can see them we have Lily Lillian and Washington who’s calling in right now and Lillian welcome into the show I hear that you got the thickening cream yes I did my hair up until 50 used to be so thick that people thought I had a wig and I used to be I could have washed my hair with tide and I never even used a conditioner until 50 and now I’ve been turned now my hair is turned like the cotton candy here and I don’t even know what to do with it and I used to be a cosmetologist and people used to ask me what my secret was and it was just anything your dishwashing liquid and I just had beautiful hair naturally and now we got to help Lillian with her cotton candy hair what do you guys suggest other than the thickening cream I know the thickening cream is going to work great mm-hmm well to me the most important is while you are saying about using a shampoo and a conditioner that’s the most important step in your routine you need to start with a shampoo and conditioner that is going to address your feet here by spinning now but at the same time is actually not be bleaching your hair for not for oil and that’s what the Amazon white clay shampoo issue is so important because you want to start from the beginning with something that is going to do something good for your hair so I would say that the shampoo and conditioner start there try not to use shampoos and conditioners that are going to strip the oils from your natural hair and you’re going to see a difference first of all in the thickening and also in the freeze like this thank you thank you thank you Lillian okay we’re showing some more before-and-afters we are so busy in the call center for this set three one six eight eight nine is the item number it is the most comprehensive easy-to-use solution to frizzy hair to thin hair to fine hair to lackluster hair that has lost its zest and its volume and it’s get up and go we’re racing towards 200 left and I want to get back to Arlene because our lean has so many models lined out and I really want you to see how this transforms damp listless lifeless thin fine hair if you have wiry coarse hair this is also going to transform that kind of hair Arlene I’m going to send it back to you Thank You Heather so I have my beautiful sister here and I’m showing you once again the importance of what I’m having that shampooing conditioner I have the supersize here at my end in Miami because I mean I go through this like you know hello I wash my hair almost every day but I can’t be without this now once again I did shampoo and condition her hair I want to go through that so you know how to use it you have that booster it’s a thickening mist it’s going to adhere to your hair and it’s going to make your hair thicker you up ah I like to apply it on wet hair even though I reapply it again I’m dry there okay once I’ve done that I source ice out her hair and what I’m going to do now is go in with the plumper once again remember this is a combination of a mousse and hairspray and what you want to do is put a tiny bit on the on your hand and this is just a styling product it’s a finishing product that you’re going to just go on in and what I want to do here in my sisters I want to create that little bit of texture on the side of a hominin so here you can see that do you see I want you to see the shine on this you know how difficult it is Heather to have shine on gray hair is insane this is natural gray hair I don’t we don’t do nothing to my sister’s hair I stopped coloring her hair I want to say about I want to say about four years ago I stopped coloring her hair and this is the results that you get especially when you’re using those products I mean this is definitely a tie a girl and I want you to see because I don’t get her on the camera sorry guys look at this look at this gorgeous head of hair look at that beautiful look at her gorgeous shine the curl that it’s holding the shine that it has I also want to address our lean because when I first started using this when I saw the way that it adheres to the hair shaft I wondered if it was gonna make my hair feel sticky or if I was going to end up with buildup so can you talk a little bit about that well that’s fantastic remember the white clay is going to adhere to every hair so remember this is collected from the riverbanks once a year when the river goes dry its collected this white clay is full of calcium magnesium phosphorus potassium so many nourishing ingredients and in them you know mineral that your hair needs to be to be healthy so imagine all that goodness adhering to your hair and you’re already getting all that benefit right but I’m probably at you’re gonna get results like this hair that was just one application it’s going to be increasing the diameter of the hair by an incredible it’s just insane so look that you have and everything wants to get is all sourced in nature we have avocado oil we have the coupon layer which is going to give me that hold on this on this on this collection so if you’re struggling with hair that is thin and it’s like if you want hair like this believe me this is the solution and this is the collection for you don’t forget we’re we’re fewer than 200 now a full-size shampoo a full-size conditioner the hair plumper this is a hybrid product it’s like you have a styling spray and a mousse both and once a beautiful dry shampoo this is the breakthrough product this is the thickening booster this is selling online right now for $28 and it’s in this $49 kit and you’re getting the Amazon white clay exfoliating balm I have this in my shower I actually just ran out of it I don’t want you to get that at $28 I want you to buy this entire kit so that you can get the tremendous value we now have about 180 people that can pick up on that kit if you’re looking for the most comprehensive way to infuse and start using Amazon white clay from taya that is a killer offer it’s fit.

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