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– Hey guys, this is Austin, and today on Mystery Tech, we’re taking a look at theVinci Smart Headphones Lite.

A voice controlled, hands-free experience with a standalone music player, activity sensors, andan immersive 3D sound.

So it’s like an iPodand a Apple Watch built into a pair of headphones? This looks like the kind of material that like you use back in the 80s, like Back to the Future.

Back to the Future? Yeah, yeah, there we go.

There we go.

I am waiting deep inside you.

Touch my spark and let me light you.

Give me life and I’ll revive you.

I am Vinci.

SIM card! There’s a legit SIM cardin these headphones! Are you serious? Dude, there’s like a little keyboard on the side of your headphones.

(laughs) Just putting this on for one second I can already tell theright ear cup is very warm.

That’s not a normal thing for headphones.

Ken, would you be so kindas to connect my headphones to the internet for me? Its funny, every time you click something I hear the littleAndroid typing indicator.

– [Ken] Stop moving.

– Play.

It just cut me off.

Play J.



Cole, J.

Cole, play him.

No, please.

Play J.


They sound decent.

They sound like, maybe, a 5060 dollar pair of headphones.

Now, comfort wise they’reactually not going to be too bad.

Mind you, I’ve only beenwearing them for a few minutes but they’re not all that heavy.

Especially this one earcup doesn’t really feel like it’s overpowering it.

The main thing is that it’sjust kind of warm to the touch but, wait, does this screenstay on the whole time? That’s totally gonnadrain battery super fast.

Ah, well, apparentlythere’s a firmware update but the upgrade doesn’t wanna do anything.

The real question here ishow much do these cost? Because they aredefinitely not going to be as good sounding as something like a two or three hundred dollar pair of headphones but the idea that youdon’t even need a phone, like everything is goingto be fully integrated into the headphone is interesting.

Matt, how much do these cost? – [Matt] Okay, so accordingto Amazon: 200 bucks.

– 200 dollars? – [Matt] Yeah.

– That’s actually notgoing to be that bad then.

If you pick these up youreally need to be committed to the idea of having headphones that are completely stand-alone.

They sound decent but notreally worth 200 dollars.

But you gotta admit this isa very, very unique setup.

Uh, my Game Boy? What did you give me my Game Boy for? Ken, what did you do that for! What, why would you do this! Also, yes! So this is all of the originalPokémon games in Japanese.

We got Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver.

52 dollars for Pokémon Green? Why did you just giveme a bag of baby hands? What does this have to do with Pokémon? What are you doing? – [Ken] You have to play like that.

– I have to play like this? Aw man, I can’t do it like this.

I can’t even get them on.

Set of 10 finger hand finger puppets.

This is a finger puppet? Hello little boys and girls.

I’m totally not going to creep you out with my little tiny baby hands.

Look, I can do this, I can do this.

Fine, it’s fine.

(crew laughs) There we go! We got it, we got it! It’s so weird.

It looks like there’s a team of babies picking up everything I touch.

This is the most bizarrething I’ve ever done.

Full stop.

Not even just on MysteryTech, like in my life.

The weird part is eventhough it feels weird, in some ways it’s actuallybetter than my normal fingers because I have these little fingers that are easy to grab onto things.

This might be where mybaby hands are defeated.

Enough with the baby hands.

We’ll use the baby hands later.

Oh, dude, this is actually an original.

Whoa it’s got the original town map? Dude, that is so cool.

I legit want to actually put this up.

1995 Pocket Monsters Green.

So if you guys are not familiar, Pokémon Green was thevery first Pokémon game alongside Red, which released in Japan all the way back in 1995.

Now what made this a little bit different is that we actually never got this here in the United States.

By the time it came herewe had Pokémon Red and Blue which were far superior becausethey weren’t quite as buggy.

(Game Boy ding) Aw man, it’s fitting thatwe’re playing Pokémon Green on the original green Game Boy.

I guess it’s really notgreen but that screen is definitely green.

Pocket Monsters Green Edition! Alright, let’s do it.

Oh, no.

You know what, actually? I think I know this game well enough I can play it fully with Japanese text.

As a kid, my best friendhad a level 100 Pidgeot.

He let me borrow it for a little bit and then I never gave it back.

Actually, I remember I started a new game after I forgot to givehim his Pidgeot back.

So, uh, sorry.

Excellent! Suck it, Bulbasaur! Squirtle is in fact the superior starter.

I should do more MysteryTech now shouldn’t I? I’ll finish this later.

What do you have the hands on for? You don’t have to do the hands.

It’s weird.

So this is the Hidrate Spark2.

0 Smart Water Bottle.

Something tells me thisis not going to be smart.

I’ve been working onthis for over 20 minutes and my bottle is stillnot connected to my phone because it doesn’t find it.

You bought a Staples Easy Button? – That was easy.

– Okay, well anyway.

This has gone wildly off the rails but my Bluetooth waterbottle is not working and I don’t feel likespending another hour trying to get it set up.

So I’m just going to drink out of it like a normal water bottleand ignore the Bluetooth because I don’t need Bluetoothwater bottles in my life.

Dude, that’s not okay man.

Why would you do that? That’s messed up.

It’s like a creepy doll emporium.

Matt, what are you doing? Retro Classic? Back-lit mechanical keyboard? It’s so heavy.

Wait, there’s four of these? So we got the Retro Classic Elwood, the Artisan, the Onyx, and the Posh.

So please tell me you didn’tspend 800 dollars on keyboards.

– [Ken] It was a P.



– Oh so someone sent this to us! This is a vintage, typewriterstyle, USB keyboard that’s not only wirelessbut also back-lit.

It’s got USB-C, 6, 000mAh battery, and it’s got a genuine wood veneer.

So I’ve seen some of these retrotypewriter style keyboards.

Most of them aren’t that impressive.

This looks a little bit nicer.

Dude, that looks so nice.

Oh look, it even says Austin Evans on it! Alright, that’s pretty cool.

On the back, not onlydo we have a USB-C cable, which you can unplug if you don’t want to use it on wired mode, but you can switch it fromBluetooth, USB, or off and you can switchbetween Mac and PC here.

So this is the fully kitted out version which is going to cost 220 dollars but if you don’t wantwireless it’s only going to be 120 or 130.

Okay, so there’s a wide range of prices.

We’ll drop the links in the description.

So it is definitely goingto be a mechanical keyboard verses a typewriter.

Even though it does have that retro look it doesn’t have that same kind of punch of a real typewriter.

With that being said, as a keyboard, even though the key caps beinground is a little bit weird, it shouldn’t take youthat long to get used to.

I’m actually kind of surprised.

I don’t know what to do with myself when there’s a Mystery Tech that is not complete garbage town.

Although, I gotta say there’s oh.

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