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by srakute
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– What’s up guys andwelcome back to my channel.

So I recently revieweda brand called Core 10, which is an Amazon brand of leggings.

And I was just scrolling my Instafeed and Amazon was targeting mewith legging ads, you know.

I wonder why? And I ended up finding out that Amazon has their Amazon Essentialsbrand that makes leggings.

So I was like, okay, well if these Core 10 Amazonbrand was pretty good, maybe these’ll be good too.

So I got two different styles of leggings.

I got a high rise legging.

I don’t know if these are the high rise.

Think these are not high rise.

These are the high rise.

So I got a high rise legging and I got a medium rise legging.

So I wanted to testthese out for you guys, to see if these can maybe be some cheap Lululemon style dupes.

They do kinda look like aLululemon style legging.

Which really just means theylook like a basic legging.

But yeah, I just wanted totest these out for you guys.

See if they’re worth it.

So first, let’s start withthe high rise legging, because, let’s me honest, wholikes medium rise leggings? So these are called the HighRise 7/8 Performance Legging.

So they are insinuatingthat these would be good for working out kind of thing.

I do like a good seven-eighths length.

I feel like it frees up your ankle, and then you don’t have thebunching around your ankle.

These come in black, burgundy, charcoal, olive and navy.

And I got it in the burgundy color.

They’re made of a polyester spandex blend, and these are supposed tohave a three-layer waist band.

Which, I could see that.

I could see that these are three layers.

But also guys, these are so thin.

They’re so thin.

They’re like literally, youcan see my nails through it.

These feel like a very, I dunno, you can kinda see, a little flimsy.

They got four stars on Amazon, so I guess people kinda liked ’em.

And these are $18 with Amazon Prime, so definitely around the price range that I find a lot ofother Amazon leggings.

So, we’re not, you know, they couldn’t be all, they don’t have to be bad, just because they’re cheap.

But they are, very, I dunno, I dunno how these are gonna be.

The logo just looks like, I guess this is the AmazonEssentials logo or something.

It just looks like theselittle lines/box kinda dude.

So yeah, why don’t we just trythese on and see how it goes.

So, by the way, in terms of sizing, they come in size extrasmall to extra extra large, and I wouldn’t say that theyexactly fit true to size.

Here, I’m gonna put this up a little bit.

I am not going to showmy whole body in this, because this about the leggings, you know.

So, as you can see, I amalmost always a small.

And this, it’s a lotof waistband going on.

They feel very thin.

As opposed to a lot of otherAmazon leggings I’ve tried, these actually feel cheap.

Like they actually feellike they were cheaply made.

In terms of squat proofness, I guess, oh that look’s kinda sheer.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

That’s, yeah, that’s sheer, so.

Yeah, so now that I’m watchingthe squat test on these, these are probably someof the most sheer leggings I’ve ever seen.

And it’s just not okay.

Literally what? You can see my entire butt.

These are not performance leggings.

They were specificallylabeled as performance, so that you could work out in them.

Do not work out in these leggings.

Everyone will see, it’slike why even wear pants? Why even wear pants ifyou’re gonna wear these? To give some perspective, the 13 dollar fake Flex leggings, I got on AliExpress were much more squat proof than these.

These are the worst I’ve ever seen.

Um, they’re not squat proof.

Camel toe, it’s kinda hard to tell.

I guess there’s no cameltoe, so that’s good.

But I’m pretty underwhelmed by these.

I just, this isn’t very cute.

I got my normal size.

I’m literally, if anything I’mbetween a small and medium, so the fact that these aretoo big definitely size down if you want these.

But like, I dunno, they’re pretty sheer, and as you can see, theygot that kinda shiny fabric, but not compression.

And I feel like in a lighter color, they would definitely show cellulite.

So I feel like these are just kinda cheap, and not great.

So, it’s a no for me.

The next legging are thePerformance full length leggings.

And these are definitelya medium rise waist band.

Same logo on the back.

I got these in the olive color.

Yeah, they have the same colors.

I got them in the olive color, and this really looks like a, I thought it was blackwhen it came actually, I was like, I didn’tremember ordering black, but it’s just a very very dark olive.

So keep that in mind for the olive.

It’s not like a classic green olive.

It’s like a dark charcoal olive almost.

These are also $18 andthey have 4.

5 stars.

So perhaps they’re a little better.

Maybe people just order them more.

I don’t really know.

Okay, let’s try them on.

So, the fabric on thesedefinitely feels thicker, but it’s still feels really really cheap.

Wouldn’t recommend, though, yeah these are definitely amid rise, below belly button.

They just really did not do agood job on these waist bands.

There’s such a thick band at the top.

I don’t know if you can see that, but there’s definitely a thickpiece of elastic at the top, that they could have done alot better job of hiding that.

If this is is still a small, and there’s still some gaping, so these would definitely fall down if I was working out in them.

Camel toe probably not.

I don’t love this color.

I feel like it was supposedto be kind of an olive, but it really looks gray.

Yeah, the seams already looklike they have a little, stuff going on.

Feels cheap again.

Definitely feels like a differentfabric from the other one, but not great.

Squat proof? It’s like, I guess I’ll check later.

But that still looks sheer.

So, ooh, okay.

I guess the moral of the story is that Amazon is not a bad place to buy leggings, but the Amazon brand is not a great place.

You can get $22 Colorfulkoala leggings that are 10 times the quality of these for two extra dollars.

So, yeah, in terms ofcheap Amazon leggings, definitely don’t go for these.

These are not, there are so many other high quality $20 Amazon leggings.

I will list a few below for you guys.

Queenie Ke is great.

Colorfulkoala is great.

Olacia, I did a reviewfor them, they’re great.

Amazon Basics, eh, No, no.

So, save your money.

Don’t get these leggings.

Not worth it.

Don’t know what thosereviews are talking about, but these are thin, flimsy, no.

So thank you guys so much for watching.

And I hope you enjoyed andI’ll see you next time.

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