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Spotify vs Amazon music.

In thisvideo I’m going to do an in-depth and honest comparison on Spotify versusAmazon music I’m going to go over price features and then layout finally I’llgive my honest opinion on which platform is better so let’s get into itSpotify versus Amazon music to make it a little more complex Amazon actually hastwo music products they have Amazon Prime music and then they have AmazonMusic Unlimited Amazon Prime music is a smaller catalogue of music of about 2million songs and you get this automatically included if you haveAmazon Prime already Amazon music unlimited is an actual music streamingservice like Spotify and that Amazon music unlimited is what we’re going tobe referring in this video when we talk about Amazon music let’s get into thefirst section of price now both platforms are coming in at $9.

99 a monththat’s just like Apple music and just like most of the other streamingservices so no cost leader there same price at $9.

99 a month or Spotify thereis a family plan and for Amazon music unlimited there is a family plan as wellboth $14.

99 and both Spotify and Amazon music offer a student plan discount ifyou can prove you are a student one thing about Amazon music is if you arealready a Prime member you can get Emma’s on music unlimited at $7.

99 amonth so there is a two dollar discount if you already have Prime now I’m surethat’s a big part of Amazon music strategy to try and collect all theirprime users and trying to steal some growth away from Spotify and Apple musicand YouTube music okay let’s talk about Spotify feature settings and so we arein my settings page now of my Spotify account and a couple things I did wantto mention is music quality obviously a big one you can change the streamingquality here – I mean automatic low normal high and very high I always liketo keep mine at very because I like high quality streamingyou have the option to normalize volume and change the volume level based on ourenvironment devices is a great feature that Spotify has and you can cast yourmusic to other devices for me I to Google homes one here and one in thebedroom and I can also play them both simultaneously here’s the social aspectthat I was talking about you can make your playlists public if you want youcan share your listening activity on Spotify you can add your friends hereand you can connect your Facebook account and see what your friends arelistening to in real time so it has that real public kind of listening experienceyou can also also choose this just to make it private if you don’t want tohave any of your friends listening to it as welllocal files is something that I all add local files to my menu here on the leftthis is just where I listen to demos of my own music and I like to have them inmy Spotify account so I can listen to them on the go go back to settings andto other features and settings I want to mention is the autoplay and playbackautoplay is something that if you just play a song you you know you you wantGoogle to play a song that you like it can automatically keep playing songsinside that same feeling and genre and I like to have this on because I’vediscovered new music this way by just having songs that come on next that aresimilar to the song that I asked to be played playback is really cool crossfadethis is just when you have one song play and it ends in the next song plays it’scrossfading the song so there’s no hard stop in the middle a great feature tohave especially when you’re having parties and you don’t want songs to juststop awkwardly in the middle and you can have it continuously play throughout andyou can have it crossfade up till 12 seconds that’s a huge crossfade and willbasically take out a 12 second chunk at the end and 12 second chunk at thebeginning of songs so it depends how much you want to crossfade I usuallycrossfade at around 2 or 3 seconds you can have the option to boot up Spotifyright on startup and I actually have that on because when I start my computerI’m always listening to music anyway so might as well start that up a couple ofthe other features inside Spotify and what I think makes Spotify so powerfulis this made for you section so this would be my daily podcast mix and I canactually play this and just start listening to podcasts of newso that have already subscribed you that have come out section is just music thatI’ve really consumed in the past so obviously top songs of 2019 throwbacksongs of a few couple years ago 20 18 songs that I couldn’t get enough of onrepeat rewind and songs that I can’t get enough of right now so that’s on arepeat this discover new music section is probably the most invaluable thingthat Spotify has it’s the your discover weekly and your release radar yourrelease radar is just new music of artists you already follow so that willshow up in this playlist if I go to release radar these are new songs ofartists that I follow that have just come out recently and so that’s aconstantly updated playlist actually here it says updates every Friday and goback and go check out my year discover weekly playlists are from artists thatI’ve never heard before and so this is updated every Monday or so now I’venever heard of mountain boy I’ve never heard of Oliver I’ve never heard ofFrance’s can check them out right now can like the song here can dislike it atthe bottom I have the option to listen to new music that I’ve never heardbefore but it should be in line with myinterest because the Spotify algorithm is working underneath this all andlooking at all the past songs that I’ve liked it’s looking at all the songs thatI’ve skipped in the past all the songs that I’ve listened through itscollecting thousands of different data points and putting a nice playlisttogether for me that they think I would like so really really like this playlistand discovered a lot of new artists that I probably would have never discoveredbefore and go back to my made for you section and then here our just my dailymixes you have probably listened to tons of different music and in differentstyles sometimes you just want to listen to that your folk style or your rapstyle for me I listen to a lot of differentmusic so here you can see this is kind of more of a pop playlist over on theright here this is kind of more of an R&B rap playlist and this is more of afolk playlist this is more of a kind of pop pop folk playlist so it’s alldifferent and it’s all of my music that I already like inwhat’s in my library and then we have this even more section which are liketaste breakers start 2019 by broadening your horizons so we’ve made you haveplaylist of songs from genre and artists you don’t normally listen to so give youlike a classical song maybe or give you something else that you Jean or you youhaven’t touched yet and this is gonna just kind of put that into a playlistthat you might like because it’s also taking the data points from the Spotifyalgorithm taking a look at some more features on Spotify I really like theartist page I’ll get into this more in a layout section but the about page givesa lot of great information I think the concert page is the most valuable for mebecause the artist that I follow I can see them pop up if they’re coming to anarea and near me and this is actually my page and I have no concert listingsright now but it’s valuable for me to as an artist for people that follow me andwhen I put up a concert here they’ll be able to see that as well another coolthing about social sharing that I briefly mentioned with Instagram ifyou’re on your mobile device and you go to the song and platt press the threedots and you can actually share to an Instagram story seamlessly and ifsomeone looks at your Instagram story they will have the option to play thatsong right on Spotify and go to their account so cool for sharing but evenbetter for artists who want to share their songs if I want to share this songcalled nothing but the glory to my audience I can do that seamlessly withInstagram stories put that right to my stories and they have the option tolisten to it in one click let’s switch over to Amazon music now and talk aboutsome of the Amazon features that are really great I mean Amazon music now andobviously a very Amazon design right if you are if you really like the Amazondesign and you’re going to really like this design a couple features that Ithought were really cool are this football live section and I’ve actuallynever seen this in to be integrated with a music streaming platform before for meI’m not a huge football fan but I could imagine if you were a huge football fanthat this could be quite a big selling point for you as a streaming service andso you can filter here by all competitions and dateof soccer or sorry football that’s happening right nowanother feature at the top here if I go back to my home page and I just click ona song similar to the autoplay with Amazon music if I’m listening to thissong called level it will automatically generate a playlist for me at the tophere where it says 50 this is what I can imagine 50 songs that are similar tothis song and so that’s kind of cool I can delete everything I can add thingsto play this right there surprise with Amazon was I found it so hard to findthe section that was new music discovered at Amazon could tell me newmusic that I should listen to it wasn’t noticeably here on the side like it ison Spotify for example and I found that were quite surprising because Amazon’sstrengths as a platform as a company are recommendations and recommendingproducts it just doesn’t seem to have that as much on the music side of thingsthat I have to go to the bot section here and because I haven’t boughtanything yet I go to discover music which takes meback to this home page and then has recommendations of the week and so I cango click more here or look at down where choose radio songs for young and oldjust kind of like rough recommendations that Amazon has given to me I haven’tfully filled up my catalogue and therefore the algorithm is still weakand over time if I had Amazon for a year or two I could imagine this getting muchstronger because they do have quite a strong recommendation algorithm if weclick on recommendations of the week and go more then we’ll be able to see moremusic that is tailored to us and so here we have a full section ofrecommendations of the week now this is based on my past listening experienceand location obviously I’m in Germany right now so I’m getting a lot ofAustrian music a lot of a lot of German music and so at least then they knowthat and they’re pulling that information for me it’s cool that therecommendations are packaged in playlists black red pop Dewey Rock Arenabut I would like to have that almost just packaged in two playlists maybeit’s just too overwhelming to choose from all these recommendationsSpotify has it nicely need in your Discover Weekly and that’s yourrecommendations and you kind of can just go there and trust that Spotify isrecommending the right music for you this is just a little bit overwhelming Ifind to choose what music that is recommended for me let’s move on tolayout and design of both platforms let’s start with Spotify first we havethe home section here and these are these are players that I’ve recentlyplayed this is playlist on that I have a heavy rotation with popular playlists soon and so forth so forth this is very standard stuff that when you have wouldhave in a home section for music streaming services it’s just kind oflike a mix of everything find your favorite new song today you know I don’tspend a lot of time in here to be honest I do spend a lot of time in the Browsesection we have where you can browse new music genres and moods you can find newpodcasts I mean genres and moods in general is huge it really splits it upinto these nice kind of big squares where you can really just see oh yeah Iwant a party right now okay let’s go and party you know and take a party playlistand then I do find that the Pilatus are curated quite quite great actually and Ido find if you’re in that party mood and you want to have a great party that theywill and curate the right party music for you and so we can find new podcastswe can find charts top 50 on the global or in certain countries new the newreleases section where we are quickly linked to our release radar and then anymusic product Canada place which I listened to a lot and then the discoversection also Quick Links to release radar I my personalized playlist ofdiscover weekly so I am in here a lot because I just want to hear new musicthat I haven’t heard before and then concerts obviously something I mentionedbefore cool Taylor Swift is playing June 25th I can see all the artists that Ifollow and actually go and get tickets so cool James and Vincent McMorrow isplaying at be new and Berlin on November 26 I’m gonna buy some tickets moving onwith the layout we have our library made for you which I briefly went overand we have our recently played songs are like songs our albums are localfiles anything that you would have that you’ve kind of dealt with already ourplaylist section is obviously a huge huge section these are private playlistwith little circles and then public playlists I don’t have little circles sorelease radar is a playlist so that is in that section I have my completecollection of songs that I’ve written then obviously a big button here newplaylist this is I mean Spotify has really built around playlists officialSpotify curated playlists but also of these collaborative playlists thatanyone can make and grow them and share them and so Spotify is a really playlisteconomy and so you can anyone can start a playlist to share it I make it quitebig so this is the easy onboarding of what a playlist looks like I really likethe layout of the artists page on Spotify if I go to my artist pageCharles clean I just think that it’s a clean look for every artist and it givesa lot of good information these are the popular songs right off the bat thathave a lot of streams and then you can quickly go and see all the release oftheir discography and then what place they have as an artist to the Aboutsection is great they have a roll of photos that you can scroll through andthen obviously a bio section looking at their monthly listeners and followersalso where people listen to the song that’s an interesting statistic thatthey make public Instagram Twitter Facebook which are kind of cool if youlike the artist so much go and quickly get linked to their Instagram accountand follow them there move over to Amazon music as I said before Amazonmusic has a great design if you like Amazon design it seems to me just a verywindows-based design not that that’s a bad thing at all pretty basic and ifyou’re into that kind of thing then this is great for you so similar main layoutwe have the left big navigation with the content in the middle so we have we dohave a home page similar to Spotify which has just a kind of dump ofeverything that you might like there is really no browse section theyhave them recommendations of the week where you can click moreand kind of browse the music that way and it loads you this new page with exeshere and keep going we have radio playlist new releases chartsvery similar to Spotify and they would have all the same music more or less -so you’re not missing out on any music it’s just the way you consume itobviously this football section is new here and something I’ve never ever seenand Spotify so that’s really cool as it’s just things that we’ve heard andadded recently and then my music obviously a big one here with what Ididn’t really like here it’s just there’s no quick section to discover newmusic you do have to go to the home page and then press more underrecommendations same thing as Spotify playlists I haven’t noticed a massivelike playlist economy that Amazon music has compared to Spotify but still ingeneral playlists are how we consume music nowadays so even if you’relistening to music and a private experience you want to make your ownplace so that’s why it’s kind of nice blue button here and highlights that tomake your playlist and obviously nice quick onboarding – I can make anyplaylist here and save that at the top here we have share buttons repeatbuttons volume and this is the playlist automatically this generated when youlisten to new songs as a feature on Amazon music and search here we cansearch we can search my own name charles clean and we’ll be able to show theartists profile so let’s take a look at what an artist profile looks like nicebut I don’t find it as descriptive or just generally appealing as it is onSpotify so we can play our music here we can shuffle it a similar layout ofpopular songs and music but there’s no bio there’s no cool pictures there’s noconcerts which are kind of what I really want to know about the artist – right Iwant to see a bit of photos I want to know where they’re from a bio wherepeople are listening and where they’re playing next and that’s what I reallykind of want in a music streaming service and so with that said let’s getonto the comparison the final thoughts and honest comparison of Spotify ofversus Amazon music obviously there has been a bit of a trend in this video thata high of reference Spotify I think more positivelyI’m obviously going to say I’m going to crown Spotify as the winner on thecomparison versus Amazon music this is a subjective thing of what you’re lookingforward to for me and what I’m looking for in a streaming service are goodinformation about the artists and new music discovery both things that I findAmazon music lacked a lot in and that’s mainly why I’m picking Spotify if youdon’t really care about the information as an artist and you don’t really careabout the social listening experience then Amazon music might be right for youespecially if you already have Amazon Prime you can get it at $7.

99 a monththat’s my honest comparison looking at Spotify and Amazon music let me knowwhat you think in a comment seriously I want to know your thoughts and commentsif you’ve tried both as well please post it in a comment feel free to subscribeas well I post comparison videos on different music platforms but also I’m asinger-songwriter myself and I’m documenting my journey as asinger-songwriter so please feel free to subscribe and always thanks for watchingand hope to see you again soon.

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