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this is groceries this is very important stuff Amazon is doubling down on delivery analysts say they’re even working on a nationwide delivery service to compete with FedEx and UPS so this could just be the start delivering groceries and that’s right Amazon is now offering free delivery from Whole Foods right to your front door but Amazon is not alone there’s actually another company offering the same service so how does Amazon stack up do they arrive on time or the groceries groceries fresh when they arrive this morning we are trying them out putting both companies head-to-head we use Amazon for everything from ordering toilet paper and vacuum cleaners to streaming movies and TV shows now they’re in the grocery business acquiring Whole Foods and a new announcement Amazon will deliver Whole Foods to your doorstep in select cities in just two hours but they have competition instacart already offering the same thing both promise free delivery for orders over $35 for Amazon Prime and instacart Express members so we wonder are they really delivering on that promise and who’s faster we’re gonna try out a little experiment here this is my producer Lindsay with me hey Lindsay alright so we’re gonna do some shopping today okay I am on Amazon I signed up for Prime I’m on Amazon I’ll be ordering my groceries from here and now I’m gonna be ordering from instacart we’re gonna order the same exact groceries we have the same shopping list to see I don’t know which is more expensive is there a difference in price and also which one will get here faster yeah let’s do it first we fill up our carts online five bananas with all the same items honey nut cheerios one box one box of honey nut cheerios from the fresh 365 Everyday Value chicken breast boneless done to the frozen we love ice cream so how about the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream half baked pie got the same exact one time to check out okay we have the same items in our cards what’s instacart element excelling it can deliver within two hours from when I click purchase so I’m gonna choose that within two hours of when you collect okay Amazon it’s a little different so there’s already a difference here Amazon gives you two our delivery windows so right now it’s around one o’clock the next available delivery window is between 2:00 and 4:00 p.


so I’ll just I’ll click on that and that’s not the only difference look at the prices without tip my order from Amazon $40.

25 Lyndsey’s instacart order $45 76 cents why more expensive even though instacart waives the delivery fee for express members look at that there’s an extra service charge you ready ready 1 2 3 order now the next question when will the food arrive we wait and wait someone is here but is it instacart or amazon its instacart arriving first but how did the food survive the journey let’s see what you got the milk gets cold the milk is really cold yeah ice creams in here how does that feel this is pretty frozen you can see the ice still on it it’s frozen yeah the yogurt is cold and the eggs not broken not broken they all look pretty good but they miss something they missed the avocados we don’t have the avocados so it’s the court was came on time everything came in through condition but they missed something which is a pretty big deal does he pay for it exactly ok but when will amazon show up Wow within five minutes of its the car Amazon’s here could be hi how are you that’s me thank you very much so how did they do okay Amazon time aluminum thing I can’t keep this the chicken is cold to the touch milk is cold yogurts cold too and the eggs are together not broken broken what they forgot the ice cream no ice cream for you so everything looks pretty good but I paid for something I didn’t get from Amazon that’s a problem amazon refunded me for the ice cream and gave me a $5 credit telling NBC news missing items are rare but if customers notify amazon they’ll work to make it right instacart telling us the service fee helps provide customers with the best service possible and may be used for wages customer support and operational expenses but didn’t comment on the missing avocados the grocery delivery wars heating up across the country Tracy an avocado fan – Graham they’re arguing whether they’d rather miss the avocados or the ice cream I think it’s obvious readiness right now amazon offers the service in six cities including Austin Texas where he taped our experiment great city love Austin but experts believe Amazon is planning to expand across the country as for into the cart it’s not just Whole Foods the company now announcing a similar partnership with Sam’s Club in a few pilot cities as well so the bag yeah but they didn’t remember the ice cream they forgot the ice cream and that’s a that’s a deal breaker I got yeah I like fresh directory leaving our homes that’s really hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives.

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