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by srakute
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five six seven hi joy joy I ruin Joyce’s bad round of applause our joy it’s so Joyce have you ever thought of what it would be like to be 16 again no I know like we time-traveled whoa I’m 16 year old Maya and a 20-something near on Maya’s body I’m CEO Jason in the 20 years something body I guess what oh my god promise tonight promise tonight mr.

Knight luckily we have Amazon prom dresses to try on that’s the intro of the video we’re trying on Amazon prom dress we’re trying on dresses Joyce is very sick right now really sick and she’s on cold medicine so so today we’re trying on Amazon prom dresses hopefully they fit us because the hit or miss with Amazon me I’m like a size 12 to 14 and dresses and interests as I think I’m a 22 24 but it like varies you know it’s like not one size fits all but now Amazon thinks that everybody is the same we’re gonna shine these prom dresses for y’all to see this is a great option for you and so you can laugh at us and anything else to haters gotta say can fight me in the parking lot let’s go [Laughter] I love this I love the sparkles they’re like oh it’s like a gradient yes and it gives enough body Otte it fits perfectly yeah I love it I was nervous cuz Amazon always messes up but this time it really looks good I feel like I could back it up I like this dress it’s a has a little slit here like a comfortable slit I love the curvature of the body love the booty as always hate them hide them Wow you hit me Wow we have to do the prom test can we dance in it yeah 5 6 7 8 the material on this as you can see is like not the best but it’s not the worst yeah you know yeah how many stars would you give this one I would give this a solid 5 stars 5 stars at a 10 5 out of 5 I give this one honestly like if I had the right like excuse me whoa excuse I would give this dress like a 7 out of 10 yeah because I love the shape should we go into the next one on to the next go back you’re back in the box ah look at my dress how beautiful I look how wonderful I look sexy sexy Maya I’m Cinderella oh my god you look so pretty eat your heart out boom so this is the second dress yeah I think I love it on you I think you look beautiful I love this dress I would 110 percent wear this at my prom look at Cinderella she’s here to take your man I’ve been that cuz a pumpkin it can no longer stand take your man Cinderella take your man and my sisters are ugly so I know that I’m in demand if I were to get this custom fit and steamed obviously this is like a 9.

5 actually i’ma give this a 10 out of 10 Wow and it gets a tan or 10 because it has pockets okay what do you think about this one lace detail I like it I do think it’s a little cheap yeah because like these kind of like bones I think should be like all the way down and give you some like execution that’s what’s missing if it was tailored yeah yeah my titties are small you know big belly small titties it’s a hard life what do you give this one I give this one a solid 5 so now we have one less dress well I checked out these two dresses because they’re ridiculous Joy’s coming I’m so late to what the prom oh we must get to the prom I tie my bro we made that up she made it up I picked these dresses cuz they look ridiculous but there are like fun yeah you know like I this one has a little like it’s like skirt but like long here’s my beauty she’s beautiful you look like a like a fairy princess and Joyce looks like a freakin queen I killed all of it to the prom on time I brought it to the prom on time must okay so I would give this one honestly like probably a five out of ten mm-hmm the details are kind of cheap but they’re it’s cute I just kind of don’t like the cut of it mm-hmm yeah but I think it’s like a cute modest option if you’re looking for that you know five out of ten I love this dress you know it makes me feel like I’m 16 again Oh what’s happening what’s going on whoa I’m 20-something again I am 20-something – but we still have prom – bye fine let’s get to home like.

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