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hi guys be honest what do you think of the fit and look of this suit we got size large in red or maybe you think I’m more of a size medium in yellow now let me be clear I didn’t buy the cheapest suits on Amazon no I bought cheap suits that were highly rated a lot of people gave these suits five stars four stars so I wanted to see for myself how good are these suits first up coming in at 66 dollars we’ve got the mint-green special by yamani now to be honest gents I was surprised how well this fit me I’m 175 pounds 5 foot 9 and the size medium yeah a few minor adjustments here get the ham adjusted on the trousers the jacket maybe get those sleeves shortened maybe you could adjust the jacket here there but overall this is passable especially if you’re wanting to go for a themed wedding you want a bright color maybe for a costume or something like that now I would say if you’re a hard to fit body type this is something’s gonna need major adjustments so if you got a larger stomach if you have you’re a really skinny guy maybe this isn’t gonna work for you now what I really liked about the trousers and you can’t see him here is they’re elastic trousers it really adds a lot to the comfort of the fit and you don’t even have to worry about wearing a belt that being said if your dress pants have belt loops and they don’t have adjustable tabs or an elastic waist then yes you want to wear about ijen so now let’s do some rankings first up let’s look at build quality overall for a costume suit because that’s what this thing is the build wasn’t that bad but compared to a normal suit which is being sold as as a tuxedo as a suit yeah it’s a 1 out of 5 the stitching was off overall the construction not matching of buttons using 100% synthetic material next up let’s look at the style I’m gonna give it a 2 out of 5 on the style again bright colored suits like this they’re not stylish they are costumes I get it if you want to attract attention it’s not classic because I talked about classic suits that men can wear to work they can wear to interviews next up let’s talk about the fit the fit was good now I think this was it was chance because small medium large extra-large these are not sizes for suits you want more options but still they did better than I thought they would and I’m gonna give them a 4 out of 5 as a reward so with all that information and with the price of 66 bucks I’m gonna actually give these guys a 3 out why so high because for what its intended purpose is I think a costume suit it’s perfectly fine but if you’re looking for a business interview suit no you don’t want to buy this now guys if you’re buying a suit on Amazon I get it you want to get a great deal you want to save money and it makes sense that you also want to save money on everything else that you buy watches shoes shirts gents if that’s the case you need to be using shop tagger this is the free personal shopping app that saves you money every time you use it guy shop Tigers a sponsor of today’s video I’m proud to bring them to you because i’d love what they do they’ve got this amazing app that when you’re out there shopping you put everything into one list and whenever it goes on sale when it’s in your size when it’s back in stock guess what you’ll be notified and you won’t waste money and let’s talk about the stores you can use with shot tiger over 5, 000 of them including amazon Nordstrom Target j.

crew Neiman Marcus adidas Levi’s Doc Martens JC Penney’s Ralph Lauren American Apparel Thursday boots LL Bean Tommy Hilfiger and more seriously gents if you’re not using shop tiger you are wasting money when you go to check out that coupon code guess what shop tiger searches the web they pull from their database and they put in the best code if there is one so that you can save 10 20 30 percent on that deal that you would have paid full price for if you weren’t using shop tags oh and it’s gonna get better by the way they got a new cashback feature yeah that’s gonna pay you cash back every time you spend money so guys use the link down in the description to grab the newest version of shop tiger it’s absolutely free and amazing app guys if you’re not using it you are wasting money next up gents let’s talk about your food See’s yellow banana and your foo sees red apple both of these suits priced at 69 bucks so talking about the fit of the yellow banana the medium you foo see was I surprised well no because after the green mint that one same Factory they’re making these things in so that one fit me well and I saw everything the same on this one maybe the trousers felt a little bit tighter on this but that’s probably human variance I would say though that the design the elastic again on the waist spot on just like the yamani so I did like the fit on that one I love the fit on this maybe I would adjust the sleeves just to make them a little bit shorter the hem I definitely would shorten but all those are easy fixes so when it comes to the fit of the you fousey red apple yeah this jack could definitely be a double-breasted jacket here a lot of room in the midsection we’re talking probably about six extra inches here which again if you’re a bigger guy this may be the size for you if you want to go for an eclectic looking suit let’s do the ranking I’m going to combine the yellow with the red same company so for the build quality again one out of five stars next up the style we’re gonna give it a 2 out of 5 and the fit I wouldn’t recommend buying suits in small medium large but I’m gonna give them a 4 out of 5 so with all that being said at the amazing price of 69 bucks I’m gonna give these guys three out of five a good costume suit but not something you want to wear day to day so really quick let’s talk packaging shipping and delivery all three of the first suits you saw came in a simple plastic bag like that and then wrapped within a separate Amazon plastic bag so relatively lightweight actually a pretty good way to ship the suit except it did create some wrinkles which you were able to see now all the other Amazon suits came in what you would expect in Amazon box now what I liked about the packaging is they didn’t try to press too much in here all of the suits came on a hanger and you know with plastic right around them if a company specializes in selling suits online I would have expected a better presentation out the box but yeah this got the job done next up let’s talk about the Pierre Laurent this suit coming in at $85 all right so when it comes to the fit of the Pierre Laurent I was very happy with the fit and I wasn’t surprised though because this is a slim fit on a 40 regular notice we’ve got three things we’re measuring for the chest the length of the jacket and overall it’s a slim fit I’m a hundred and seventy-five five foot nine and I like a slim fit maybe I could lose a little bit of weight and I did notice that yes in the trouser area it was a little bit tight buttoning that up but I got it done and overall I feel good I feel confident in the suit I gently so let’s do our final ranking first up build quality three out of five the construction was fine the stitching was good but it’s the use of synthetic materials and yeah just right here in the fabric I just can’t forgive it therefore I can’t go past three out of five again if you got to compromise on anything compromise yes on the fabric never compromise on fit and make sure to get a timeless style which takes me to the next point here the style of this jacket is good they nailed it spot-on a few things I would have changed up but overall I’m going to give this one a four out of five stars and let’s talk about the fit I said this fit is solid and therefore I’m gonna reward them with a five out of five so based off all that plus the fact it’s priced at 85 bucks I’m gonna give this Pierre Laurent a rating of 4.

5 out of 5 the next suit unlisted coming in at $99 now let’s talk about the fit of the unlisted suit so overall it was good but it definitely wasn’t perfect and the issue I had was with the trousers they were just a bit tight too constricting in certain areas not for the reason that you would think so I’m not a huge guy but I definitely felt I was like wow I can feel my my thighs right here as I’m walking around and then I look at the construction the cut of the crotch I felt was low on these trousers and that leads to restriction some people think oh it’s gonna give me more more more room down there that’s not the case guys it actually makes it so it’s harder to walk and I felt this on these trousers now I know what some of you guys are thinking I totally just get it adjusted it’s an easy fix right not exactly adjusting the height of your trousers crotch can be very difficult plus when you’re buying a suit off the rack you want to make sure when you try it on it fits you close to perfect that way you have to make as few adjustments as possible and you spend the least amount of money hi guys now let’s get into the rankings so first up we’ve got build quality overall stitching with solid the construction was perfectly fine nothing to write home about and we look at the material okay they used 100% synthetic I gotta give these guys a three out of five now let’s look at the design the style overall good two-button suit everything was spot-on I really did like the overall style so I’m gonna give them a four out of five and now let’s talk about the fit so I know I would have returned this but I think if you have the right body type this suit could work for you so I’m gonna give them a four out of five so with all that information coming in at under $100 with the Kenneth Cole name I’m gonna give this one four out of five stars coming in at $119 we have this salvatore x-day three-piece suit all right so let’s talk about Fitness you could probably tell I’m disappointed I was so excited when I put the trousers on good fit I put the vest on a perfect fit okay this jacket just has to fit it was way too large you can’t tell I’ve got two inches of excess room right here in the torso the sleeves an inch and a half too long now all those thing I can adjust all of that but it takes a lot of time and if you go to a tailor north of easily a hundred bucks in adjustments right there easily maybe even close to 200 and when you’re buying an inexpensive jacket you’re wanting to save money here you’re buying it online you don’t want to be spending that much to go to a tailor to get adjustments that the jacket should fit you right out there I mean when it comes down to a sizing this isn’t a slim cut I should have looked for that it’s a regular cut and maybe for a guy that maybe wants this type of a fit he’s looking for this this would be fine but for me yeah I want to definitely a slimmer cut than this so I would have to send this back so now let’s get into the rankings so when it came to construction I’ve got to show that these guys were a step above all the other suits I’m gonna break my own rule and give him a 3.

5 out of 5 why so high because overall the construction I mean from the stitching to the attention to detail to the combination of colors the build quality was a step above the other suits that I saw going now into the style I’m gonna give him a 5 out of 5 it was all things like the ticket pocket just the classic style the stitching overall just really nice combination use of color I’m gonna give him a very high rating there now when it comes to fit a 2 out of 5 why I really don’t like and I was disappointed that they weren’t consistent in the overall fit the you know if the vest fits me like it should then the jacket should have worked accordingly and that right there just disappoints me so I’m gonna give them a 2 out of 5 on the fit so based off all that information at a price of $119.

95 how about a man’s guide to color because guys I showed you some bright suits at the beginning of this video I would not recommend that you buy suits in those color but how do you use color in your wardrobe I’ve got you covered in this video right here.

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