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at Y Translator]Hmm… Something looks different today.





What is it? New glasses? Yep! How did you know? Hey guys! So there’s a lotof crazy stuff on Amazon.

Today, we’re gonnacheck them out and buy some, maybe.

If I like it.

Do you hate pillows? Do regular pillows just notdo it for you anymore? Would you rather sleep on somethingwith a little more character? Then do I have the pillow for you! Now you can buya salmon fillet pillow! If a regular pillow is too boring, you can now lay down on a piece of meat.

Eww! I hate this kind of salmon, it looks so unappetizing.

I don’t like all the white stuffgoing through it, oohhh! No thank you, I’m gonna have to pass.

So, this is a pocket-sizedsuture pad.

So, you could practice stitchinglike silicone like skin.

So, if you trying to be a doctor, or you know, like you alwayswanted to be a doctor, you working to become a doctor, you’ll never become a doctor, and wanna know what it’s like.

You can buy this, and stitch the wound.

I love this! Imagine the knife like going in and stuff? Seems very satisfying.

“Dear rear with bottle opener.

” Of all the things you couldopen your bottle with, you chose a “dear rear”.

“Dear rear”.

Is that where they got ‘derriere’ from? ‘Derriere’? Nothing like cracking a colawith the boys like a deer’s bunghole! [Gasps] Hell no! Hell no! You could buy live Madagascarhissing cockroaches.

A male and a femaleso you know they can mate, and make more devil babies! Oh no, no.


No, thank you.

We got this girl over here.

So cute! They are perfect! I love them.

Set them on fire! Then they’ll be cute.

These are great.

Don’t listen to the bad reviews! People like keep these as pets, man.

I just realized: Oh my gosh, SSSniperwolf! You lookin’ like a cockroach today.

Tell me why we match though.

Who wore it better? I’m your queen.

So, the bad reviews.

One star.


“I ordered these disgustingbugs they were fake”.

“Plus, one pooped on my hand”.

“They ate my Laffy Taffy too!” “10/10 wouldn’t recommend”.

This would literally bethe worst thing to send somebody.

Or you know what like buy themand put them by their house.

Oooh, no! Horrible, don’t do that.

Cause technically you could keep themin one of these little critter keepers.

Have them mate! Make a ton of babies! Set them free! and then watch your babies wreak havoc among the world.

You can also buy a wall decal.






of a half asian business person.

So is it half of him or is he half Asian? Hmmm… There we go.

That’s what’s wrong with this video.

My camera angle was off.

Stick him anywhere! Stick him on your wall, stick him in your shower.

Stick him in your bathroom.

Stick him right in front of your bed.

So when you wake up, you’ll have something to look forward to.

Ewww! Okay I know some people will be like: “Why you saying that’s ew? It’s like 100% natural!The most natural thing in the world!” 25 Placenta Recipes.

Okay, when I hear the word placenta, when I look at that food, now, it makes me not wannawant beef stew anymore, and I love beef stew.

Okay, see I know it’s supposedto be healthy.

I know you could cook it and stuff, but the idea of somethingthat comes out of your body, and you putting it back in.



Like it came out for a reason.

It don’t wanna be put back in! Its like you doing number two, and making some chocolate brownies with it.

I don’t like it, I don’t like it.

But then again, I’m not a mom.

I’ve never had a baby.

So I don’t understand all that.

If regular blankets don’t do it for you; We have an anatomy blanket.

Which literally showswhat you look like without skin.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of! That’s how we all look like; under there.

This is just creepy! Why it look like she fellasleep at museum.

A plush tonsil for anyonewho’s parted with an actual one.

What, so if a kid gets a tonsils removed, you just gonna give hima plushie tonsil like: “Uhhh, you lost yours, son!” “Here’s a plushie of what you lost!” “As a constant reminderfor the rest of your life, that you have no tonsils!” Imagine instead of like, a bear or like a doll, a kid carrying around this.

I mean it kind of look like Ditto, but when somebody askwhat it is it’s like: “It’s a tonsil.

” Ugh! What if you carry aroundlike a liver or a pancreas? No, thanks.

If five fingers are just not enoughfor you and you need a little hand: You could buy mini hands to put on each fingerto give you an additional hand.

So if you ever need a helping hand or wanna hold your cat facewith mini hands? “Disappointed with my purchase!” [Giggles] “I received my hands todayand was disappointed.

I received four right hands, three light and one darkand one left hand.

I’m going to keep thembut I just wanted to let you know.

” Wow, rude! Oh my God! You can’t roll on my squadif we ain’t like this! Or you could also petyour animal with it.

“Don’t bet $700 that your kitten’s amputated arm will fit in these, it will not, and you will lose $700.

” The cat was missing an armand they bought these to put it on the nub.


But sadly, it didn’t fit.

This here, is a good old piggy steamer.

You know if the lid’s that goon a pot or too boring for you, you could literally buya silicone piggy that you could put on topof your pasta to keep it warm.

I don’t know some peoplejust really like pigs! [Laughs] I feel like a d*** for laughing at this but it is literally a wall decalin somebody’s bedroom of Grandma Margaretgettin’ lit on her inhaler! Where can you put thisbesides the doctor’s office? I wanna see where people put it.



[Laughs] Perfect quality artwork for your bedroom.

This guy bought it justto put it under his poster.

Man, why are you gonna keepGrandma Margaret in there? She already can’t breathe enough! You gonna put another poster on top of her? Rude! Oh, we got a light for yourtoilet that changes colors.

For the low price of— Where’s the price? There is no price.


69! Am I logged out? I don’t want all this stuff toshow up in my recommended.

You can light up your toilet bowl.

I mean, this is better than a nightlight.

Who needs a nightlight when you got this? I want this, I might actually buy it.

An afro wigs for dogs? Where has this been all my life? Do they make other wigs for dogs? Ohhh! Ohh! Ohh no! Bro! It look like that came out of his head! It look like he dead ass grew that! He grew that hair.

This all natural.

See it don’t look good on himbut it looks all natural in him.

Look at the look he gives you! He turned from Maya to Martha real quick.

Why?! Just when I thought thingscouldn’t get worse.

There are pants.

with stains on them.

[Sigh] I mean when you hate people, and don’t want them to likecome up to you and talk to you, just wear these! Perfect solution.

These are so terrible! Why?! If you don’t like regular pillowbut you like Nicolas Cage, I got the perfect pillow for you.

We got a Nicholas Cage from whenhe grew his hair out and went to space.

The most iconic moment in history.

And you get to sleep on it.

If fingers aren’t your thing, we got a ‘Handitaur’.

Transform your handsinto a ‘centaur-man’.




Okay! We got a book called“Dancing With Jesus”.

Oh, he doing the Charleston, Carlton.

How do you say that? I don’t know how to say it.

Top 10 Fortnite emotes in real life! You can buy ladybugs! Who doesn’t love ladybugs? Captured and sold on Amazon.

Is this real? Bro, you could buy 1500 live ladybugs! What in the hell?! For the low price of $3.

75! That’s a lot.

Ladybugs are cute, but why would you want that much? Oh, the first review.

First, keep in mind1500 ladybugs is a lot of ladybugs.

So, if you want like awhole thing of ladybugs, what do you do, just likebuy these and let them– and set them free in your backyard? “Hundred-percentrecommend these bugs.

” Why is it ’cause they cute? “Arrived alive and ready to eat.

” Is this ***** gonna eat them? You bought live insectsoff Amazon to eat it! Mmm! Oh my God, look at all of them! Do they eat like bad bugs?I think that’s why.

But, damn! For less than four dollars, you could buy 1500 ladybugs.

You can’t even get that muchArby’s for that cheap.

“Emergency underpants dispenser”.

“Just grab and go”.

I can see this being pretty useful like imagine like tissuesbut you keep pulling out undies.

Like on the go.

Like you sneeze, and you pee yourself a little.

Ooh, perfect! For most of the accidents in your life.

Ugh! So, what we have hereis a body fat replica magnet.

It is literally fat, and you put it on your fridge.

So whenever you go to your fridge and wanna eat something unhealthy or snack on stuff you’ll be like: “Ahhhh! I don’t wanna grow anymoreof that inside me so I think I’ll pass.

” Or you just look at it be like:”What the hell? There’s a hair in it!” Does real fat have that? Oh my God, we got so muchof this fat replica.

Yo, fat looks disgusting! It just does not look goo– Oooh, why it look like custard though? I love custard.

It’s ruining custard for me right now.

Do you wanna prove to your friendshow much of a badass you really are? Buy this moneymaker and show them how you illegally print money! So it’s a magic thing, where you could put in a blank piece of paperand it’ll roll out money.

It’s fake It doesn’t actually makethe money up front, but it looks like it and you can fool the five year olds in your life.

If you don’t like regular soap, you need a little somethingwith more culture? We got bacon soap! So you can eat it, and then wash your body in it, and smell like it, and then become it, and then transcend it.

You could buy a lobster mascot costumefor the low price of $1, 243.

00 If you have $1200 just sitting around, and you wanna be a lobster for a day, you know where to go.

Do people actually buy this? I’m looking for a verified buyer thing.

“I recently tried to rob a bank” “whilst wearing this costumeto hide my identity.

” “Despite my repeated demands and threatsthe bank teller could not stop laughing.

” “Between her outburst of laughter, she asked me on a date.

” “Dinner was lovely but I reallycould have used the cash.

” But anyways!That’s all for today.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

If you did, make sureto hit that like button in the face! And comment below.

Which one do you think is the weirdestand which one would you actually try? I would definitely get that toilet light.

And make sure you subscribe, join the wolf pack! Awhooo! I love you guys so much.

Thanks for watching.

Bye guys.


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