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almost Mother’s Day want to give something new? something unique? flowers with fragrance that lasts for months we believe natural grown flowers are the most efficient scent oil diffusers designed by nature I will be talking here about natural fragrance flowers and its benefits for you the question is why destroy millions offlowers and diffuse their scents with devices and candles when we have theperfect diffusers in the natural flowers themselves I hear you say yeah butflowers don’t last I’ve been hearing that all my life as a flower farmer we fixed that for you our beauties live for months.

I’m gonna show you another sound I’ve been hearing a lot is the flowers in my local flower shop have barely any scent I will be going in that topic too now flowers are the bringers ofhappiness and good wishes for ages we have been giving each other flowers as tokens of love friendship grievance it’s fair to say giving flowers or resemblesour emotion the perfect gift along the way flowers kind of lost their scent the flower market is divided in two parts cut flowers.

which you will find in yourflower shops and you have fragrance flowers now fragrance flowers are very short-lived why I will come to that and I will tell you something about the natural fragrance flow and its benefits for you now why are fragrance blooms so short lived rule of thumb with someexceptions is this the more powerful the fragrance the shorter the bloom lives this is because a rather simple natural principle flowers are nature’s way topropagate the function is to attract butterflies and bees to propagate nature is very efficient with its resources a plant invests either in flowers thatlast very long and can wait patiently on butterflies and bees to pass by or it invests in fragrance flowers that lure butterflies and bees quickly and fromfar it’s one or the other never both it’s been tried to crossbreed thesethings believe me it just doesn’t work now the commercial flower industryneeded to choose and it choose longevity otherwise there was nothing to sell in ashop some exceptions now real powerful fragrance blooms only last one or two days far too short to even reach a flower shop thus fragrance flowers end up being reduced to scent oils which oils end up in diffusers and candles some special flowers like taif roses endup in perfumes and rose waters I will tell you it literally takes thousands of flowers to make a bottle of perfume therefore most perfumes aresynthetic variations of the real thing we do have a taif rose I will get tothat later you will notice the resemblance of that taif with certain brand perfumes now I like to come to the core your benefits why are natural flowers evolved to the most efficient scent diffusers the answer is called the natural fragrance flow it means flowers disperse fragrances in a certain way flowers have this built in way to prevent numbing of the senses what do I mean with that we all know our nose gets used to scent at some point you do not pick up a certain scent of a diffuser you will need to leave the roomneutralize your senses re-enter the room to pick up the smell again that would be devastating in nature I tell you imagine a bee or butterfly after picking up thescent of a flower on its way then losing the way when its senses numb itwill never reach the flower no propagation no survival of the species so nature had to fix that and did fix that flowers disperse fragrances in doses a natural flow stronger weaker gone back again each flower has its own natural signature place one of our flowers on your desktake up the cap you will notice the scent will come and at some point itdisappears and it comes back again every time in a different volume that’s nature it’s not linear it’s a flow this natural fragrance flow makes realflowers the best aromatherapy while you sleep it will never over feed remember your body and your mind do not only react on the fragrance itself but it also reacts on the scent volume the flow we believe natural flowers are the most efficient scent diffusers designed by nature there is no need to destroy beautiful flowers to win their oil and diffuse those oils with devices and candles flowers are perfectly capable of doing a trick now let me tell you about our secret sauce because why do these beauties live fourmonths instead of one or two days how on earth did we make that possible we grow these beauties ourselves on our farm we did hydrate them with moisturizing cremes the same cremes as in your skincare products why we do that? so the flower can take in moisture from the air through that moisturizing cream and stayfresh for months after you open the container the flower and the fragrancewill stay fresh for four to six months depending on the humidity of your home where after it loses its scent its color and eventually its texture just as you are used to but very very much slower it’s a natural flower not artificial I can tell you it took a lifetime to figure out how to do this and it brought me half over the globe the most difficult thing was how to do this with sustainable ingredients moisturizing cremes are natural based not petro-chemical the vases handcraft hand blown crystal the base is real fair wood I always was my passion to bring back the beauty of fragrance flowers I think we found a successful way this is.

this smell is called gardeniarose the mai the variety is called ile de Jacaranda theisland of Jacaranda we don’t want to destroy this flower to win the oil take the cap off and you have you can place one of themost popular our most popular aromatherapeutic flowers in your in your home itsnatural flower flow lets you wake up as having camped out in nature in your own home we all know how nature brings us natural calm and I love especially this variety because it grew on my dad’s farm it’s his contribution to our success I also what can I tell you more this fuchsia color symbolizes grace the Imperialpurple the most rare and expensive color in the ancient world it can send a special message to the one you give it to we do accept gift messages to go with the flowers so you can surprise your loved one with a fragrance with a flower with a color with a message now I will tell you this adding these messages over the last weeks has been a morale boost for us I can tell you America cares now I wanted to show you somethingelse this is something familiar in an unexpected form the scent is just likejasmine very close to jasmine our jasmine rose is actually called papillionde versailles it’s a French variety the rose bushes are very hard togrow so it was almost extinct now this jasmine rose has a powerful scent I advise you to not dig in your nose when you take the lid off let the scent come to you and settle especially because the scent of allthese flowers builds up in a closed container during transport to your home the color Amber yellow varies a bit with the seasons but in all seasons very distinct now the color resembles charm power and friendship so it could also be a nice gift theme you can also create your own blends bygrouping certain flowers that’s what perfumers do they combine scents to a perfume now you can combine flowers and scents of these flowers into your own personal blend why do I say that because this jasmine rose what I was talking about combines perfectly and is I bought a lot combined with this one this is our diva this is Alexandra this is a limited edition this is if I have to describe this scent this is where perfumers get thrown off its scent is named exotic arabic greens it’s rich it’s warm it’s spicy yet remarkably fresh that’s weird now look at it doesn’t make any sense for me to destroy it sell you two drops of scent oil it will take take me by the way thousands of flowers to fill a little concentrated scent bottle now we made this beauty last four months put this natural grown flowers anywhere in your room and you will wake up innature especially this scent Arabic greens its special the scent but moreover the natural fragrance flow that does the trick it gives little boost and pauses and each flower has its own variety its own signature so not numbing the senses it comes and it goes for months now I like to give some special attention to our taif rose I talked earlier about this one is grown a lot this is a special variety this is taifElizabeth it’s our variety mostly it ends up in perfumes it’s grown at large fields and if you would ever be able to walk those fields I will tell you the scent is overwhelming and it’s very perfumy we grow taif Elizabeth ourselves a real rose and when I give you this one you will instantly recognize the note in at least one of your perfumes I promise you because its scent is used by many big perfumers of big brands it makes an excellent gift to put on your vanity on your makeup table a pretty note to yourself to take yourtime the more because the color stands for balance in life now and here we have our honey rose Madamme Antoinette the sweetest by far yet not too sweetremember what I said natural fragrance flow the color signals faith not a bad thingeither now here we have our pale pink that’s English Rose most adorable it has this fruity floral scent light and sophisticated it projectsgentle, gentle touch in personal relationships so nice gifting but flowers are emotion you can say it with flowers but you can also just choose the color you our choose the fragrance you like and I’ll tell you most people choose it on the fragrance now our next is this warm red l’amour rouge with a surprising fragrance it doesn’t resemble rose it resembles plum orchard in blossom I come from farms so that’s what it makes me tell it makes me think off and that’s a remarkable scent now this color red projects besidesobvious passion, strength that can also be a gift theme now here we have our white decadenceit’s a variety that has a playful scent like a walk in a spring dew garden wake up with this and your day starts fresh and good white is pure signaling the purity in all you wish for the one you’re getting is flower – now I hope you enjoyed my talk I will be going somewhat deeper in the specifics of the last four flowers in the next talk I hope you’re all well and have a greatone.

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