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by srakute
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Hey everybody, my name is Qcknd and welcome back to my channel.

So today I am going to be sharing with you a haul.

I spent $100 on houseplants from Amazon.

So I was looking at houseplants online and different house plants accessories that I wanted I bought like a couple of grow lights and like a water meter and then I realized that you could buy living plants from Amazon, and the prices are like pretty competitive, but they also deliver them to your mailbox.

I thought that was crazy.

I was like, how can you ship a plant through the mail? They could delicate.

I would know.

I kill them all.

So this will be my first time ordering plants online.

I want to share with you guys the plants I ordered from Amazon, the condition they came in, and everything like that and how they showed up to my house.

So I ordered everything last week and it is all technically here, according to the schematic on Amazon and what is in front of me.

So I’m definitely pretty interested.

I thought some of these would be bigger.

Quickly, a disclaimer about me personally.

I kind of just have a little house plants, they just make me happy.

I learn more and more as I go on with house plants, but I’m by no means an expert.

With that, I always look up if the plant is animal safe before I order it or buy it in store and there have been times where my grandmom bought me a lily for my birthday and she asked the woman when she bought the lily if it was cat safe.

The woman said yes, and then when I brought the lily home, I got messages on Instagram that it was un-cat safe.

So stuff like that tends to happen.

So I will say all of my plants that are kind of small and can’t fend for themself I do keep in my office, and the cats aren’t allowed in here.

And they’re especially not allowed in here unsupervised.


Just to let you know.

To the most of my ability, I know that they are cat safe, but I also don’t let my cats in here anyway.

So sleep tight.

Anyway, we’re going to start with this.

So this just says, you know, “Shop Hirt’s Garden” and it’s just in this standard USPS mailer box.

It doesn’t say fragile or anything like that.

It does say live plants on the box and it says on Amazon and Etsy.

I’m trying to like pull this up so I can tell you more about it and the app just looks like this.

So I’m going to open it and then I’ll tell you more about it once I see what’s inside because I kind of don’t know.

I’m actually gonna put on my apron.

So they are bubble wrapped in there, I guess.


So, okay I can tell you more about these now that I know what they are.

So this is a rattlesnake plant and I got this for $22, is that true? Did the price increase? And here it is.

It looks a little sad, I guess from you know, its journey, and it looks like just the soil was just taped over.

And it has roots already coming down here, so I could probably take it out of the nursery pot pretty soon.

The leaves on the inside seemed okay.

Just this little sad leaf here.

So for $22, I mean.

I could get this plant locally.

Logan and I actually went plant shopping earlier today.

But the novelty I guess of receiving it on Amazon is fun.

It seems sturdy.

I’m sad about this broken leaf, but everything else seems to be good.

Here’s my next plant.

Okay, so when I bought this This rattlesnake plant was $9.


And this came in the same package.

So I was reading the overall price.

So this is a fiddly fig.

It smells.


it smells like m- like a basement.

Like they probably sprayed it down and got it real nice and wet before shipping it, but I had a giant fiddly fig in my house that I got last year and it died right away.

I found out John and I were both watering it.

So that thing is dead, and we actually- Logan and I went to look at fiddly figs today and they were priced at like $160.

So the one I got was a really good deal.

I got mine for $60, but only lived with it for like a month before it just died forever.

So this seems like a good deal for me.

Obviously the fiddly fig I bought was an entire tree, but I’ve heard that they’re really difficult plants so I thought if I got a baby one and mastered this baby one, One, I would feel a lot better about the one that is definitely dead in my backyard and I refuse to throw it out yet, and look, this little baby has like worms! Look at the worms.

So for $4.

99, I’m pretty- I’m- I’m actually really excited about this and it’s just so cute and all the leaves are really nice.

There’s no brown spots.

There’s even this like flower.

I’ve never seen that.

My fiddly- *stutters* fig could never.

And I will help you as soon as possible.

Wait, this one has a little snail.

What? So this is my next box, and it has a little ‘fragile’ sticker on it, so when you open this it looks like this.

This listing was like ‘pet-friendly succulents’.

So these were $12.

99 and that doesn’t include the shipping.

Oh, oh, here’s an invoice.


It comes with a nice little card with plant care.

“Happy customers and product reviews help us grow”.

So this gives you plant care immediately after taking out of the box, which is helpful because I don’t know if these plants are like in crisis right now from being in a box.

But it says, “Upon the arrival, immediately remove your plants from their boxes and gently brush any loose soil from the leaves.

After transit the plants will often need a little fresh air, water, and sunlight.

For potted succulents, water only once the soil is completely dry.

Approximately every 7 to 10 days”.

So these need a little bit of special care after being in transit and putting them in direct sunlight sounds interesting.

I actually have a really nice planter that I planned on putting these succulents in, so I’m very excited.

So inside they’re just all in here I do appreciate the the care sheet.

I almost, like ignored it being very rude.

Whoa, so these are packed in there.

This is dense.

Oh wow.

These are like literally packed in there.

My ring light is so bright because it’s late at night.

I’m like, what am I doing? Okay, so these are like *in there*.

I’m going to try to retrieve them Pickle claw, all my Ellen fans.

Oh! So here is three of them.

I have to say, I love these.

But it’s like Olive’s mission, this is his favorite succulent to just destroy.

He doesn’t eat them.

He just like plucks all these little berries off of it.

And here’s this last one.

It has like fuzz on it.

But that’s probably the species.

Like I said, I don’t know much, but I’m excited about plants.

These are pretty cool.

So for $12.

99 you get three succulents that are in good health and delivered right to your door.

I think you know, Whole Foods will generally have succulents that you can buy.

And I bought like a little greenhouse before of like a succulent sampler, but I think that these are cool, and I’m actually going to be repotting them so I’m gonna leave them chill in the.


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