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Hello everyone, welcomeback to my channel.

Today I am very excitedto be bringing to you some of the hottest Amazon stuff that I’ve ever, ever, ever, found.

I’ve done a couple ofthese favorite Amazon or Amazon favorites on my channel so I will link them down below as well as up top here.

If you want to check out any of my other Amazon essentials, but this is really exciting because this is going to be entirely kind of travel themed.

Believe it or not most ofyou watching this video will be traveling somewhere in the next year, whether that’s international or domestic, or just a like a roadtrip to a nearby town, you’re still going to be traveling and you’re going to find something here for you that’s going to interest you.

And this stuff is mind-blowing.

This stuff is like game-changing stuff and you happen to be ableto get it within two days prime shipping, it’s incredible.

Let’s get started.

For my plane aficionados out there let’s start off with somethingyou haven’t seen before, okay are you ready for this, ’cause this is notgoing to be your typical toiletry pouch type of situ– although there is a reallygood TSA toiletry pouch in today’s video.

This is the Flight Flap Pro.

Now what this is is basicallyit comes like this nice and straight but you can bend it in and conform it into different configurations so that you can watch movies from your phone or your tablet from the seat in front of you, so you know using thattray and all that stuff, like trying to find a case that has a kickstand or trying to prop your phone up onto a book or some sortof can of coke or something, whatever you’re trying todo, it’s really uncomfortable and you’re watching movies like this.

What you want to do is keep field-of-view kind of right at eye level right, you want to watch the movie at eye level as if you had one ofthose built-in screens.

Some planes don’t have them, especially on domestic flights.

So that’s where thisreally comes in handy.

I love this because this just slots.

It’s so lightweight but it’s just, it’s so thin, but it justslots right into your carry-on, you don’t even have to think about it, you can even just leave thisinto your typical carry-on bag that you always take forthe seat in front of you or whatever, like underthe seat in front of you.

Just bring this because youwill never regret a time that you have it but you regretthe times you don’t have it.

It is so genius, they docome in a bunch of different, I think there’s anothersize for specifically, for large iPads but this oneworks just well with iPad Mini, a regular phone, any other kind of tablet, like a normal sized tablet, totally fine.

I think if you have thegiant art-sized iPad Pro or something, that may not cut it.

It could, but it may not.

So anyway, this is amazingand you can get it on Amazon.

Everything will be linked down below, as well as for multipledifferent countries, so don’t worry, it’s okayif you don’t live in the US, I got you okay? I got you.

Next up we have somereally, really amazing, this is a hero product.

And I’m not just saying that because it has hero in the name.

It’s the Heroclip, have youever heard of this, guys? So this was actually developed by a mom, who found it really frustrating while traveling with her kids that she didn’t havesomething that was kind of a all-purpose hook that she could use for multiple different things.

So she developed the Heroclip.

So this really interesting, and it’s sold on Amazon, and you can get it withthe Prime shipping.

And basically what you can dois use this as a carabiner.

Normal carabiner, and thekind of thing that you can stick onto a loop onto your backpack, or onto your luggage or whatever, and carry whatever you want on it.

So you can carry your waterbottle or what have you.

And I do have somethingcoming up that you’ll see that you can hook up tothis, which is amazing.

But here’s the really cool part.

It also un-swivels, let me show you.

So it looks like anormal carabiner, right? But it also can un-swivel.

You can actually justkind of pop this out.

And it can act as a pursehanger, or bag hanger from a table.

You can also use it to add an extra bag onto your rolling luggage, your rolling carry-on luggage to hold your purse oryour backpack or whatever, and I’ll insert a pictureof what that looks like.

But this is, what size is this? The medium size? This is the medium size.

They also have a smaller size, they have a bunch of different sizes, don’t quote me on that.

This one is, they have three sizes.

This one is the small, andI think they have a mini, so I think it’s medium, small, and mini.

And this one, it kind of tellsyou when you’re ordering it on Amazon, what each size is best for.

This would be the add-a-bag size, or hang it from your table in the airport so that your bag doesn’ttouch the airport floor type of scenario.

And then this would be foryour water bottle, formula, whatever you want to doto keep handy access.

A diaper clutch, just tokind of clip that onto your, I mean it’s not just for parents okay, this is just really handy in general.

And then they have a really small one, which I would guess is justfor really really small things.

Helpful, Christina.

Way to go.

Also if you’re watchingthis video on your phone through the YouTube app, there’s something that Iwanted to share with you to make your life easier.

Because I’ve found thatwhenever I would watch these Amazon videos, itgot a little frustrating because it would openup a new browser window, and then I wouldn’t be signed in, and so it would just take time and it was really cumbersome.

So what I recommend thatyou do is you either, I’m going to show a screen here, what you do is you click on the link, and as you’re clicking on the link, this browser window’s going to pop up, especially if you’re on an iOS device.

And you click on thebottom right hand corner, where it has the little Safari icon, it will open up a new window, and either one of thosewindows should bring you a little banner at the top that says, “Open in the Amazon app.

” If you click that, it’sgoing to open up the link straight away into theapp, which is very helpful because you’re alreadysigned into the app, you already got your shopping cart there, you got your, you’re loggedinto your Prime account, it’s just so much easier.

And if you don’t have the app, at least if you push thatOpen in Safari button, then usually your Safari, if that’s what you use on your iOS device should have you already logged in.

Whereas that first windowthat initially pops up, you won’t necessarily be logged in.

So just something to help you out because I know that cankind of frustrating.

And you don’t want to have to sit there and keep switching backand forth and logging in.

So that’s what I do whenever Iwatch Amazon Favorites videos and I do buy a lot of things from Amazon, watching Amazon Favorites videos, it’s just a really niceway to get some nice hacks for your daily life.

And hopefully if you arefinding these travel hacks helpful in today’s video, then you’ll smash that Like button.

I would love to see if youlike this type of video ’cause I will make more videos like this if you like these, sodefinitely hit that Like button if you’re enjoying it.

And if you’re new, make sureyou hit the Subscribe button.

All right, I did allude tosomething that you could hang on to your Heroclip, more specificallyprobably the small one.

And that is this, you’re probably like, “What the heck is this?” I don’t know.

What could it be? It’s.



Well let me show you.

Prepare to have your mind blown, you all.

It’s a water bottle.

It’s a collapsible water bottle.

Now I searched, let me tell you theamount of research I did into collapsible waterbottles was endless on Amazon, there are so many different options.

But I did the testing for you.

I did the research, I did the testing.

This is the best one.

Why? Because this requires theleast amount of effort.

It doesn’t look super strange.

It has structure in the inner part, which a lot of these roll upsilicon bag-like water bottles don’t have.

And I just don’t know how that’s stable, it just doesn’t seem very stable.

It doesn’t seem sleek to me.

I wanted sleek, I wanted sophisticated, I wanted good design.

This is good design.

So basically it has thisring in the inside here, so you can hold it and itmaintains its structure and its function, it’s BPA free.

It has metal ring andplastic on the bottom.

Metal ring and plastic here.

And a nice wide mouth opening, so you can drink from it.

It’s great.

It’s just a great design.

So what you do is onceall of the water is gone, you just plop it down.

And then you hook thislittle silicone top back on, and that’s it, I mean that’syour collapsible water bottle.

Why would you want this for example? Because airport water is very expensive.

They know, thanks toTSA, that you can’t bring your own water bottle in from the outside.

So they count on youhurriedly chugging your water, dumping it in the trashjust before security, and then going andbuying another overpriced bottle of water.

Not only is this wasting you money, but it’s also bad for the environment ’cause now you’re just putting another extra piece of plasticinto the environment and into our oceans.

So for the price of oneoverpriced bottle of water, you can have this, and you can fill it up at many of the convenientwater bottle filling stations that most airports have nowadays.

So this is the one you want.

For all my content creators, Instagramers, business people, anybody whoworks with a lot of tech, batteries, memory cards, cables, and just need a little bitof organization in your life, I got to say.

This is the best techpouch that I’ve ever seen.

And if you want somethinga little bit more sleek and compact, this is a really good one.

The first one is the Peak Design, they come in two colors, this is the sage color, but it also comes in black.

And this one is the one from Nomad, I have a couple other products.

No I’m sorry, this is from Native Union.

I’ll link both of these down below, but I just can’t sayenough about having a good dedicated tech pouch.

Because once you have everything that you live and work out of, you canthrow this from bag to bag and you know you’re notmissing this charger cable, or this battery, or this extra SD card, or this battery charger.

It’s all in there.

My power bank is in here, all of my differentpossible cables is in here, like USB8, USB C, USB C toUSB C, USB C to Lightening.

It’s just all in here.

There’s even slots for pens.

So when you’re traveling internationally and you need to fill out customsforms, you know you have it because it’s in your tech pouch.

So this one is the bestdesign that I’ve come across, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s because it has so manydifferent compartments.

There’s like 35 differentcompartments in here, I didn’t actually check, but there are zippers, there are little tinystretchy compartments to just securely hold an SD card or two, and there’s multiples of those.

There’s just a lot of organization, and I like that no matterhow much you stuff it, if it fits in the pocket, it will close.

So it just has that structure, that form and function.

The only thing I wouldsay, and if Peak Design, if you’re watching this, which you’re not, I would say could youplease add a second zipper ’cause I would love to be ableto unzip it from the middle, from two, and just grab somethingand then zip them back up.

I think the whole one zip around is a little bit inconvenient.

That would be my only gripe.

Literally the only grip ’causeotherwise, this is amazing.

It even has a little handle there.

And a handle there apparently, so you can grab it from either end.

Let’s continue with tech.

I don’t actually know ifthese are available on Amazon, so I’m going to cheat here a little bit, but I just had to show this to you guys because I think it’sreally really helpful.

These two cables are pretty much all you ever need in your life, you probably don’t even need this one if you don’t have an iPhone.

You would only need this one.

So these two cables alone.

Kind of a splurge.

But they are made fromKevlar on the inside and out.

They’re braided cables.

This is an extra longone, how useful is that? The first one is, what I purchased is a USBC to Lightening cable, and what this will do isallow me to connect and charge my Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

Because it uses a USBC to Lightening cable, but this is just going to last forever.

Actually the cable will last longer than Apple’s Lightening port will.

Because I hear that theLightening port is going away.

Not any time soon, but it will be.

The next one is this longer version of the USB C to USB C cable.

Now this is great for MacBookcharging, iPad Pro charging, any Samsung Android deviceusually uses a USB C now.

And they usually have USBC to USB C connections.

But if you don’t and you’re unsure, or you want to use a cablefor more than one purpose, this one is the universal version.

So you can connect one sideand have a little adaptor for the USB A, which is kindof like your standard USB port.

You can hook this on, and it stays attached.

So you don’t have to fiddlewith little adapters and stuff and remember which one you brought.

It’s just attached to the cable, you can use it or not use it, right? And this one is USB C, andthere’s also a micro USB there.

So that’s really usefulfor charging a GoPro or charging a power bank.

Usually they use these little micro USB, so you have everything inone cable, it’s amazing.

I wish everyone that is watching this, I wish that would have one of these because you will alwayshave the right port if you have this cable.

And then if you happen toneed a Lightening cable like I do because I’m an iPhone user, then this is also helpful, it’s just an added expense.

All right I’m ready to blow your mind with a little bit more yellow than you’ve already been seeing [laughs] in this video, I’msorry it’s a lot of yellow.

I’m having a moment apparently.

This is the most amazing travel wallet.

I actually, this comes inlike 45 different colors.

I picked the yellow ’causeit’s easy to see in your bag.

But you could get anythingfrom two different shades of mint green to twodifferent shades of gray, and black, and basicallythey look like these Saffiano textured wallets.

And it’s like an envelope style wallet.

It’s rather large.

It’s meant to hold yourpassport, your boarding pass, and let me show you.

It comes even with a little packing guide.

It has little compartmentsfor credit cards, or business cards.

Here’s more compartments for credit cards.

A space for your ID.

And I think even, actually Idon’t know what that’s for.

I’ll have to look that up.

I don’t know what this little slot is for.

But it might be another memorycard thing or something.

I’m not really sure.

It has a zipper compartmentfor loose change.

It has stuff to hold yourdifferent types of currency.

There’s so many pockets, there’s so much organization in here that it’s just wonderful, you can even fit a large iPhone in here.

Which is pretty amazing.

It’s just a really nice andwell thought-out wallet, and the nice thing is whenyou know if you have this that everything is in your hand, and you’re not fumblingaround for your passport, which pocket in my bagdid I put my passport in, and then you start to sweat a little bit ’cause you’re rapidlyapproaching the customs line and you’re like, oh myGod, oh my God, oh my God, where’s my passport? You don’t have to worry’cause you put it all in here.

And if you could see thisbright yellow wallet, you know that you got what you need.

And the second thing is what I have in it, which is this tiny cutelittle, itty bitty travel pen.

It’s like a little baby unicorn.

Like can you even see iton camera, it’s so small, I love it, oh my God.

It comes in a pack of two, it comes with refills.

And it’s called the Narwhal.

So yeah, there’s that.

It’s so cute and it fitsright in this little pen loop pocket, so especiallyfor international travel, you’ve got your pen, you’ve got your passport.

You know on those little US customs forms, you have to fill out your passport number and so you need to take outyour passport at the same time, you’ve got your pen right there.

You don’t have to, I’ve been that person that has been like, I don’t have a pen, does anyone have a pen? There was one time wherenobody on the plane had a pen extra.

And so we were just literallylike passing it down, seat by seat, and startingto break out in a sweat as we’re landing, we’re like, oh my God, is it going to get to me in time? Want to treat yourself tosomething to help you sleep on the plane, especially ifyou’re going to be sleeping in a cramped economy seat, and it’s a red-eye flight, or it’s an overhaul, overhaul? No, overnight, long haul flight [laughs].

Let’s call ’em overhauls, why not? You can’t do any betterthan getting yourself, treating yourself, toa really nice eye mask.

And the really coolthing about this is that silk is really good foryour hair and your skin because it doesn’t tug.

For me, I have lash extensions, and you really don’t wantto be using something that can be as abrasive as even cotton.

They’re going to, they havethese microscopic texture in the weave of thesefabrics that will actually tug at your skin or your hair, or your eyelash extensions.

So you want to go withsomething like a silk mask.

And this one, for asmuch as it’s hyped up, it really is nice.

I particularly liked this color.

I like it because ithas little lashes on it.

So this is the mask, it’sso soft, like you just– you want to wear pajamas made by them.

Do they make pajamas? That would be amazing.

Or does anyone know orrecommend of any good, preferably Amazon silk pajamas? Because that would be amazing, but anyway, this is what they look like.

And they come in a bunchof different colors, they don’t all have lashes on them, so they’re not like all, there’s definitely a discreteversion, or one for men, or whatever, there’s black ones.

And all sorts of different colors.

But I really like that thisband is not super tight.

It’ll fit any head size, or any hairstyle you can possibly think of.

And I feel that that’s really nice, that it’s just a nicelittle thing to throw in your carry-on, and you know that you can pop this on, pop in some Bose sleepbuds, or some noise canceling headphones, and you are literallyblocking out the world, you are not even on a plane anymore, and that to me is worth the extra price that it takes to get this in your hand.

All right let’s move backover to another tech product.

And that is this.

Now this is something thatyou might want to store in your check in bag ’causeit is on the heavier side.

Now if you’re someone who has, you’re going to be travelingand you’re going to need your MacBook Pro charging brick, your iPad Pro charging brick, your iPhone charger, and all these power bricks, and you’re like why? Why do I need to take threepounds worth of power bricks, charging bricks to hook upfor each individual device, I got you.

This is genius.

For about the same weight asa normal laptop power brick, even the new MacBook Pros, which are bigger and larger and heavier than their predecessors, this is the same weight, pretty much the same size.

But it has USB C, two USB Cports with power delivery, one is an 18 watt, whichis appropriate enough for fast charging an iPhone11 Pro, any iPhone 8 or later.

But you get the fast chargingbenefit for iPhone 8s and up.

And you can also use thisfor an iPad Pro, or iPad, iPad Mini, it’s kind of likethat bigger, larger brick that you’re used to.

And then there is a 90 watt charger, which is appropriate enoughto charge a MacBook Pro.

Which is insane.

You can hook up your USB C cable, including this one that I just mentioned.

And you’re good to go, you canhook everything up with this.

With this combo, you can charge pretty much any device out there.

On top of that, you have some USB A ports, and they are the higher amp.

Anyway they’re the fast charging version of the USB A ports incase you have a cable that you need to use thathas USB A, don’t worry, it’s got you covered.

This is not a hub for data transfer, so it’s not going to besomething that you hook up to add extra ports to your computer.

This is just for, basically a power brick with a bunch of different options for you.

And you only have to take one.

Which is amazing.

And then you could hookthis up to an adaptor if you’re traveling internationally, and you should have no issues with that, let me see if it’s dual voltage, yes.

So all you need is an adaptor, you don’t need a converter.

It’s really nice.

Moving on, let’s go withsomething pretty classic.

Pretty stereotypical, but hear me out.

This TSA toiletry bag.

This, if you don’t know.

If you don’t live in the US.

Any time you travel to orfrom the United States, you have to put all of yourliquids, three ounces and under, you could only carry itfor in your carry-on, three ounces and under hasto go in a clear quart-sized TSA approved carrywhatever, clear bag, okay? So it used to be we justused a quart-sized Ziploc.

But that doesn’t really have gussets and TSA has updated theirguidelines so you can have, there’s certain dimensionsthat you can have for a clear bag.

You can’t just take any clear bag and stuff it with 25different three ounce bottles of shampoo and what have you.

It can only be a certain size.

And I found this one tobe the most luxurious, the most durable, and meetsthe exact requirements without going under.

So some of these will play it safe and will just kind of goundersize the TSA requirements.

And this one does exactly on the dot, the exact measurementsfor the TSA guidelines.

And it has these nice gussets, so you can really pack some bottles in there, which is really really nice.

And it is made by acompany that is known for their leather products.

So it has leather pipingaround all of the, this comes in a million different colors, I just liked white becauseit’s kind of a classic.

And it has leather bandacross the top here.

It has a really nice YKK zipper, so some of these toiletry bagsyou’re going to find on Amazon will have this cheap ass zipperthat you know is going to break within a few uses.

This has a genuine YKK zipper, which is kind of the cream of the crop.

And costs like an extra, itcosts extra for manufacturers to use this patent or something.

I don’t know the exact specifics.

It also has a snap loop here, so you can just grabit, use it as a handle.

This is amazing ’causeI can fit so much more in this toiletry pouch than I could with my previous versions, and I have a lot.

Like I have an entire drawerfull of clear, TSA approved pouches, and I’m justgetting rid of all of them because this is the best oneand it’s the most durable and it’s the most well made one.

And it’s just, there’s somecraftsmanship involved, it came in this beautifulpresentation box.

Which, I mean, that’scrazy, it’s just a TSA clear toiletry bag.


It came in a beautiful presentation box, it was almost like openingup a Smithson diary, you know what I mean? It was a really nice experience.

And it just goes to show, it comes from a company that is focused on theirmanufacturing process and leather, non-leather goods.

So yeah.

Really really appreciatethe attention to detail and durability with this pouch.

And I’m really glad I found it because I had to go through, I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find the perfect toiletry pouch.

So again, you’re welcome.

You can’t go wrong witha silk mini scrunchie.

So this is going to help your hair.

Like if you get a headachefrom your hair being pulled too tight for too long, especially when you’re traveling, this is really helpful.

I really really like these.

I found nothing works as goodas a good silk scrunchie.

But I find the thickerones a little bit too ’80s, it’s a little bit too, it’s a look that I don’talways want to have.

Like sometimes I just wanta discrete little hairband.

So this one has thisbeautiful bronze color, the black and then apolka dot black and white.

Listen, you can’t go wrong with this.

It doesn’t pull or snag you hair, you don’t get a headache when you use it.

It holds all of the hair.

And, I mean if someone with my fine hair can wear this without it slipping it out, I know it can hold your hair.

All right this is not an Amazon purchase.

But I just got to show you this because it’s so good for travel, you guys.

These are the ROAV sunglasses.

Now you guys know from a previous blog, which I’ll link up here, that I had been interested in finding some folding Ray-Bans.

And I found they’re eitherjust really hard to find, or they just didn’t have agood selection of styles, like I just didn’t reallycare for any of the styles, and the case that theycome in is act quite thick, like it’s a folding case and it’s smaller than a normal sunglasses case, but it’s still like a, it’s a good size.

And there’s no real protection involved from traveling with them.

They are still as breakable, if not more breakable with more moving parts and screws than a normal pair of sunglasses.

So I looked to ROAV, and I went ahead and splurged on a pair.

These are not cheap sunglasses, but I will link some reallygood folding sunglasses on Amazon, I have not tried them myself.

But I almost bought them.

I just didn’t want to spendthe money to buy those since I had already bought these.

But I literally almost pulled the trigger on these Amazon ones.

They’re a legit brand, and they make these basically Ray-Ban dupe folding wayfarers.

So I will link those down below for you, again for multiple countries.

But let me show you the ROAVs because in the videos on their website, they show that someone isdriving over the sunglasses.

So there’s no moving parts.

Like all of the hinges, they’re machine hinges and everything is metal and glass.

And they all come polarized, so you don’t have to payextra for a polarized version.

And there’s just no, Idon’t know how they do it.

But there’s no screws anywhere.

So these are basicallythe club master version of the ROAV sunglasses.

And they’re just a polarized jet black.

They come in a million different colors, a million different styles.

I’ll leave the website down below.

The only thing you have to get use to is they’re kind of flat in the front.

So you know, you might see more ofyour face from the side.

But I think they havequite a bit of attitude and they’re just kind of a classic look.

They’re like a classic shape, they’re a classic look.

I really enjoy them, I’m really glad that I wentahead and spent the money on a pair of sunglasses.

And you just fold them down like this.

Pop those down.

Pop them like this.

And look at this, I mean, thiscan go in your back pocket.

That is really small.

That’s sunglasses.

In my hand is a pair of sunglasses.

That looks really nice.

I think it’s genius.

I love genius design.

And this definitely fits the bill.

All right guys, thankyou so much for watching.

If you enjoyed anything in this video, would you hit the thumbs up button for me, I would really appreciate it, and if you’re on your TV, there is a way that you can thumbs up videos on your TV.

Just go down into thelittle settings, or other, or whatever, just use your little, use your cursor to go down to the little three dot option, and it will show you ways that you can subscribe from this, straightfrom this video on you TV, or you can hit the thumbsup straight from your TV.

If you’re watching this onyour app or your desktop, I would really appreciatesmashing that Like button.

Leave a comment down below also with what your favoritething from today’s video was.

If there’s anything you feellike you’re going to be buying in the future, that you areinterested in purchasing, or that you already purchased, let me know in the comments down below ’cause I love to knowwhat your favorites are, and what appeals to you guys the most.

And then thank you again for watching, thank you for taking a fewminutes out of your day to spend some time withme, I really appreciate it, I appreciate your support, so I hope to make morevideos like this for you guys in the future.

And I’ll see you in the next one, bye.


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