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extra funky exclusive giant ear silicone rubber case for oh it’s a rubber case cover.

So this is great for me, dude No one’s gonna even know that I’m on my phone These will blow your mind What’s going on guys I am Matthias welcome to ten strange things on Amazon that Tanner oh Hey everybody, that’s a high five Tanner from rekt picked out for me now.

I’m gonna let you know whether these products are Cash or trash By the way guys if you haven’t checked out rekt make sure you go do that click that info card right there It’s where we destroy some stop, and it’s dope here’s a little sneak peek Now before we begin, let’s make sure you do one thing if you do anything today It’s probably the most important thing that you could possibly do today Like that bad like them cuz they’re coming back for them next 30 minutes me want to click it So you don’t miss videos ok yeah, let’s begin desktop boxing Knock out your stress, dude Ok I’m gonna knock out my stress dude.

I prefer to use my employees though Tim as I Did Bob in accounting eat your sandwich out of the fridge again Bob Bob? Don’t take your stress out on your coworkers take it out on this mini punching bag 14 left in stock all right, let’s do it add to cart It’s so tiny it is so utterly tiny literally goes on your finger two tiny boxing gloves for your fingers desktop punching bag with suction cup 40 page book with finger boxing moves look at this, dude Feels like an actual punching bag dude kind of excited to see this Left hand right hand all right tanner say something mean to me.

Here’s our big Picture strong – strong dude that really okay say something less intense all right cuz that that shook me up And I just destroyed this all right.

I don’t want to do anything too.

Heavy on you, man You know I can take it bro.

I got your nose is above average proportion Sounded like they Hit me again did your best insults are just my physical appearance Oh, you want me to attack something attack something deeper dude attack my intellect.

I’m a part of Your business I’m attacking myself I literally said you didn’t hear me.

I was good.

I was trying to say attacked my intellect, but I said attack my intellect I just did it myself dude.

I’m out.

Let’s get real about how you speak fifth grader.

I’m taking all my steam right now Yeah, you’re pretty good Bodyslam Some WWE wrestle this ain’t bad.

Did I say this cash it for sure sure I versus your cash it Zoku Safari molds, what is this for popsicles or egg? Yolk oh? Oh, that’s kind of clever Wow Wow So they’re like silicone molds, dude Why is this the first time I’ve ever seen something so smart a silicone mold so when you want to pull it out Just pull it out You don’t have to like wait 20 minutes eat your popsicle Because you’re afraid of breaking it when you yank it out of the popsicle mold.

You know I’m sayin dog.

They’re pretty cool, too Yeah, each set includes four characters a curious professor Couple vixen Jerry mix-and-match the tails to make your own jungle creation.

Oh oh You see the the little little popsicle stick is feet or feathers So you could put you can put a monkey with feathers? Uh-huh? So fine ha ha yeah, I guess I can put a tail on a professor yeah I’m cool with it cool to add to cart man.

Let’s get some some popsicles.

Yeah That’s done look at this flew this how to write them first way Zoku Safari pops ice mold now for those of you that weren’t getting it with nothing in there Did you make me popsicles, dude I did I made uh sponsor.

Did you make what flavour? I can’t tell you that’s the fun we’re gonna guess the flavor of the four popsicles.

They’re all different flavors Are you lying to me right now? No I’m not One of them gonna be urine I mean one was gonna be a twist All right All right, this one is the cookin a little dip yeah, so we’re gonna try this one it looks dark See this is this is how this works That they have to take boy home for this one day and hockey Brown a Specific moment dude, it’s like it’s kind of like your birthing a popsicle.

That’s what I’m not really Yeah, it doesn’t Say, I’m really good at out of there.

Yeah It worked it’s straight-up worked and like I’m not I’m not lying it worked And it worked well look at that popsicle I’ve never seen such a good popsicle, but the experience will lacked something it it left something to be desired And I think it was just saying it my sanity.

I need my sanity okay you want one.

Yeah, you have to birth it Oh my gosh.

This is not a joke Fish how I was born Okay, man.

Don’t kiss it.

What are you making out with it? That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen you do he was like If you don’t need everything seductively then you’re doing it wrong cuz you never know who’s watching what is that caramel? Oh, this is chocolate.

I think yeah.

It’s Chuck.

It’s chocolate Thanks, poop.

If anybody has been chocolate.

This is not good.

What am I eating? What did I do it like gonna? Put you back in the canal there now I’m gonna go for this guy oh My gosh, there’s a little Elephant not monkey There’s a little elephant It’s I mean.

It’s working.

It’s definitely working.

I put mine back in the canal, ooh What is that? Tastes like an easy baby.

This is lemonade Yes, I got the lemonade yes.

This is gonna take forever to eat now I’m upset because I have to move on with the video But I don’t want to I just want to sit and eat this I agree we’re two for two right now, dude I say that’s I say that’s a cashew that’s exactly yeah, you hold on to these okay? Cardiff skate Co adult Cruiser skates, okay, so these skates I mean you’re skating around at this point on eight wheels So that last wheel what is that last wheel for balance maybe maybe drifting Oh, maybe you step on it to break maybe Along stuff on a wheel to break What like a scooter like a razor scooter you step on the wheel to break all at the back thing yeah? What do you have you never been a kid before or something? I was born in adult access all right guys This is a like to buy you know why I mean It’s I mean.

It’s expensive a hundred bucks is 100 bucks, right? It’s not as expensive as their normal like two buys but the bigger reason why this is like to buy is because This isn’t a required dad to potentially injure himself and get in trouble with mom Amanda my wife And I’m slightly worried that she’s gonna be upset so guys make sure you give this video like like Disobey my boys like this’ll be my wife and take risks at work and bruise myself Max to bruises if I do more than that then she’s gonna start forbidding things we don’t want that how many how many likes? 250, 000 mics, and I buy it um yeah, and we try it and I risk my life for you Memory-foam wallet so it can remember all the cash you used to have Maybe a maybe this is not a bad idea though because my wallet everyone makes fun of for being metal Yeah, I mean you haven’t made fun of it Yeah, this would be more comfortable to sit on Brian’s always like dude you’re gonna get you’re gonna You’re gonna mess up your back by doing that but I don’t sit on it It moves to the side right like I put it I put it right here, and it’s like not look See I got mine on my butt.

No look.

See I’m not sitting on Your big back pockets no.

No I’m a big butt alright.

Let’s test this puppy out Oooh Feels good, dude feels really really good.

What’s company? Cuz I cannot wait to sit on this puppy I did a home for it.

I longed to sit on this no joke I mean it It’s definitely memory foam it feels nice.

You know we got the inside we got pockets We got everything you like you got the cash slot because people still carrying around cash these days got a little pocket here Yellow puck there.

Go a little pocket here old pocket there.

You got a little puck here You got a little pocket there And you got that’s all the pockets all I have to say it looks kind of like a kid’s wallet You know it does look a little bit like a kid’s wallet, but it’s a little big to be a kid’s wallet You know like what kind of kid has one two three Four five six like cards.

Yeah, well I didn’t have more than one card until I was like 22 That’s not true, but yeah Hey, man, all you need to do.

Eh all you need to do is spend money from your own bank account Here’s some real life advice don’t spend money.

You don’t have I mean yeah.

I’m not saying.

Yeah, if you’re a responsible Individual get a credit card But pay the entire thing off at the end of the month the entire thing every time and that way you build credit And that’s how I got my first apartment But I didn’t spend money.

I didn’t have that’s why I don’t have this wallet because I wouldn’t have spent money on this end anyways Wouldn’t have been a good use of that money, and that’s another that’s another life lesson don’t spend money on crap You don’t need you can’t learn that from this channel But still if you can take away one thing from this channel like let me do the spending for you.

Okay, all right sweet Squatty potty unicorn gold toilet spray before you squat spray hundred percent gold nanoparticles.

I’m sent real gold Attract and attack odors killing them on contact because that’s what gold does natural essential oils Traps odors above and beneath the waterline which leave the room smelling fresh something seems off about this.

Oh boy Oh boy Ever wonder what’s at the end of a rainbow a unicorn plus, it’s beautiful lighting Oh my what you know is it makes your poop smell good really good.

I love it Let’s look at some reviews though for real Oh, this is a must for the half baths off the kitchen and by the front door.

Oh like half bathrooms Oh, I was like.

What’s a half-bad? What but that would not work cut you bath and in half like where’s all the water going.

It’s everywhere It’s everywhere what they told me to do it Unicorn gold mystic forest squatty potty before you spray so this is before you spray ok directions Spritz your throne who keep your secret What’s the secret that you go it reacts with sulfur to cancel out odor and makes your next brick the best you’ll ever lay That’s my worst fear dude.

I don’t like the scent.

I don’t like the scent it may work I’m not gonna knock it cuz it may work, but I don’t like the scent, so I’m not gonna use it It smells like that exact scent when you walk into a bathroom, and you’re like oh this bathroom smell It’s good, and then like split second later.

You’re like why does it smell good? What is someone trying to hide what am I actually smelling, but I can’t smell so I’m gonna have to say Koby sorry squatty potty All right guys before we get into the next product is now time for the Twitter shout-out portion today’s Twitter shout-out is Adam Peters Adams Asks hashtag ask Matt.

What is your favorite Nintendo character my favorite Nintendo character is Goku.

It’s the best just primo Definitely Nintendo Goku no no go back.

You’ll see you’re right.

No Goku Goku is my favorite guys Goku I thought you were joking I’m trying to get him sure look at him.

Oh No you’re not dude, and then he said go coach, dude go coach my favorite Thanks for the thanks for the question guys if you want to get a Twitter shout out make sure you follow me on twitter at matthias I am and tweet me a question using the hashtag ask Matt next product flashpoint bottle top pods support for point-and-shoot digital cameras what oh my word Oh dumb why okay so this is just so you can carry around like a little top a Little cap right so that like when you want to take a picture But you have zero friends to take a picture for you And you’re too shy to ask anyone around you to take a picture for you bada-bing bada-boom No need to carry those cumbersome tripods around with you everywhere you go it Perfect an easy way to get photos of the whole family or group with you in it Add to Cart Look at this picture right here It’s just not it’s just not a great picture though.

That’s actually me and my dad or thing.

That’s a girl no It’s not it’s me The nineties kids were pretty great the stuff.

That’s true.

Oh It’s like soft.

What the heck.

Oh, you just pop it on you pop it off the top of this metropolis.

Where’s the? bottle oh I see you just pop it on the top How interesting so here’s the thing I? Wouldn’t if I were you put it in a bottle that’s not full Correct, no wait.

Yeah, no wait It’s got to be full of fluid the top seems to move doesn’t seem like you’re able to tighten it at all so if you have a little bit of a heavier camera it may move I Think this will be sufficient for those standard point-and-shoots, but ultimately I think this think this would work Yeah, I mean yeah, I mean like here’s the thing I can’t I can’t see a guy carrying this around right Cuz you’re not gonna put this in your pocket I mean I think this is this and this whole thing is just to prevent you from having to ask a person To take a picture to take a picture yeah, I mean let’s be real.

It’s a it’s it’s an awkward situation You know and I mean hey stranger can I quickly give you my $300 device.

I’m gonna say no The extra funky exclusive giant ear silicone rubber case for oh it’s a rubber case cover So this is great for me dude.

No one’s gonna even know that I’m on my phone Funky fun protective case for your iPhone 5 and 5s Only 5 was that five years ago.

They still have these available Great Christmas stocking filler, that’s a big market that has been great.

That’s how low they are in the product chain is like well I mean a Christmas stocking stuffer anything like I think candy I think food if you put anything besides food in your stocking stuffer.

It should be a present yeah It should be like something good right kids don’t care about this kind of crap.

You know what I mean No one cares about this kind of crap.

What kind of crowd fingers? Yeah, like oh I mean like how many people do you actually see walking around phone cases that are just like so impractical You know I mean like you see you see I have literal ever know I see some girls have like the foam with like the bunny ears on it like really I Like we’re inches to the to the phone like you’re really doing that What are you trying to say to me right now with a bunny phone case like that I’m impractical But I look stylish that’s not stylish though, but it looks Hanako impracticality Can never be stylish.

That’s not true though in my eyes is true and It’s so many in front.

She’ll show me heels are impractical, but they’re stylish damn you’re right You got me tanner magic card I had the card That’s so heavy you, it’s so dirty It comes with a 5s, and I read a comment like being such a wuss when things are dirty It was like top-voted because it’s someone else’s fill.

All right.

It’s not just dirt.


You see what I’m saying It’s not be a suck that something’s dirty.

It’s literally someone else’s dirt, okay Oh, what is on my hand matter touch that thing bro, why? What It leaves residue don’t like it why is it dirty that was packaged wasn’t it was absolutely packaged That’s what’s so bizarre is that it’s like you guys can’t even see it.

It’s weird enough cameras Just don’t pick that up, but it’s so visibly dirty.

Yeah, it’s someone got it, and they’re like Did you really just get me this as a stocking stuffer? And then they’re like threw on the ground how to fit stomped on it a bit And then the parent was like I better return it So this again, you know what company does that the most I’ll put them on blast right now love, dude.

Oh Yeah, we’re don’t buy stuff at Lowe’s Literally more than half of the products I buy at Lowe’s I open up and there’s like human DNA on Like I bought a showerhead had been used there was hair on it and stuff And I’m like what the heck no what no joke dude bought a fridge okay? Dented right in the front a big den huge dead $3, 000 fridge.

Did you go to the same Lowe’s every time no, and they didn’t even want to return it.

They’re like Oh, sorry, you must have dented it after we delivered it.

I’m like the guy delivered it, and he was like that’s big That’s big dad don’t know how I got there and then just watch Don’t shop it was Connor used to work at Lowe’s and I saved him from it.


We took the best thing from Lowe’s Abalos You get that little bit Looking All right in spy X night Hawks go what should we name our company, dude? Real infrared night vision these never work.

He’s never worked.

What’s he doing down there? It’s like gonna pull it again or something like that I’m always shaken up by these look.

Yeah, like you’re yeah for sure you’re in the shipyard you’re looking at ships, dude You’re gonna take a couple hips out on these people yeah, that’s that’s what you use this forget about the dog dunno kill it Why are you staring at a dog with night-vision goggles unless you’re gonna attack it By its powers to do Wi-Fi sign you watch it before Danny board night.

Why here’s what? I’m saying dude when I was a kid.

I don’t remember ever having any desire to spy on my sister That’s just me that dude.

I think that’s a good thing yeah, that’s what I’m saying like gotta See what my sister’s doing is she doing her homework or eating food? There’s that 90 stereotype? They like all the boys wanted to spy on her wings and sisters and stuff like that mug this perv Say miss Duquette some with other spine moving This kids too old to be spying on a sister those kids like second she sees me popcorns That’s three of them now.

Let’s see if this even works Boom I am muck in where’s there where’s their company name? Oh? Distributed by monkey all right.

We’ve tried.

We’ve Tried a couple with these puppies in the past with no luck Absolutely zero luck.

They always are like super super narrow field of view So it’s like and they’re barely zoomed in so it’s like I can see you perfectly But the field of view is like this big So it’s not zoomed in and it’s a narrow field of view so really has zero purpose Yeah, it’s like having a wide-angle lens, but only being able to see a little part of it Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever both.

Let’s see how it works.

Just doesn’t look happy.

Oh, what? Maybe it’s meant for a child knows, but that does not fit my nose You see that that issue I want to be like what’s it on I mean you got it you got a generous nose, too Big no It definitely hurts Boom now I now it works Okay, so let’s do this thing now figure out how to work it It’s a little zoomed in but I can see your entire face, and that’s it so yeah So these are this is an infrared camera, but the screen oh my gosh.

I’m gonna have to show this to you, right This is how punched this is how punched in the screen is Okay, so it’s not it’s not like super zoomed in it’s almost the same focal length is this lens right here Right, but it’s cropped in so it’s only showing like this much so as the same So it gives the illusion of a zoom but not actually zooming somewhat works And that well because it you know it’s relatively light in here is having some issues Ir does a little it definitely does a little but this light doesn’t work.

It’s just even as a kid I don’t think I’d I think I’d be like I’m just gonna use my actual eyeballs So I’m gonna have to say this is attractive.

I’m disappointed I’m not no make sure you subscribe so you get more funny quips and gasps and tricks and goofs like this Regularly click that big ol subscribe button down below, so it goes like this so that am I right next product This dial is stinger USB emergency escape tool Life-saving rescue car charger, okay, so this thing is claiming to be everything you need ever not look at that They had to shatter a windshield to do that so that’s pretty cool.

That’s pretty cool Because you’re gonna have it accessible at all times because it’s a USB thing got enough functionality To have some good use here at the car goes Hey Powerful steel punch how much will you give me if I can do this on your body? No Not enough money good answer good answer never sell your body.


Is it worth it.

You’re worth it You see the pin that can’t You see that the pin.

That’s coming out right in the top there Let’s see if I can get it closer for you Yeah, you see that pin that comes out that thing punches out an Extremely fast speed and will shatter glass, but I’m gonna tell you about it.

How about I show you? Now here’s what’s up, okay? Remember don’t try this at home.

We’re trained professional idiots ready yes It works, that’s straight up, dude You see that oh wow, thank you really good Yeah works really well Whoa, I’m done, I’m scared of getting hurt also.

I’m scared of my wife.

I’m gonna say that’s a cashew.

That’s caching Doh Mika Gua Sha scraping massage tool handmade green reduce muscle soreness Reacts joints so here’s what this is I assume.

This is mild facial release the technical term Myofascial release I assume you put it on like pressure points and it relieves tension it essentially causes your muscles to Release from a state of spasming your muscles have this mild fascial tissue that tends to bunch up a lot And that’s why muscles get super super tight and that’s why athletes and people roll them out consistently now Let’s add the car, and I’ll show you how it feels Tanner I don’t know man.

I feel like this could be a really cool murdering tool.


I mean you sharpen it up I’m gonna kill you with style so I’m guessing you’re supposed to put this on like like your joint in your back So I’m like there, and yeah exactly stop didn’t turn around dawg.

Are you sure Amanda’s gonna be okay? a third massage a high five C do not Actually kind of work.

Yeah, I mean, it’s Myofascial release and this way I don’t have to actually touch you.

This is actually pretty impressive.

Yeah, see that’s working right yeah Let me go like real down You just let me do it do use let me just keep going he was just like I’m in it dude I’m into it out of the way That was a beating.

I thought you said it felt good There’s literally a connection all right You ready for this now What are you doing with this? I think you’re come here No, you don’t you shaving mirror man your face you never speak to me that way again I’m gonna say, it’s cashew.

I like the look of it.

I’ll figure out how to use it some way See that video right there that Well, there’s only one way to say it you’re supposed to Huff it you’re supposed to have it so if you have a hangover you Can get rid of it.

I’m not joking I think tanner actually tried it.

I did he did so like that video We’ll see you over there high-five.

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