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– Today, things that shipway faster than Amazon, from this list of stores.

(bouncy music) Hi, I’m the YouTubeDeal Guy, Matt Granite, honored to be back with you guys, if you’ve never seen me before, hi from mattsdailydeals.


I hunt down deals, Iadvicate for consumers and although this is a topic I wish I didn’t have to tackle right now from toiletries to handsanitization products, diapers, pet food, even electronics.

With everything goingon at Amazon right now, from possible warehouse strikes to their prioritizationof different products which means shippingdelays of up to two months, I’m going to show you how tonavigate through that madness.

Now for those of you that don’t know this, I host programming forAmazon in New York City during the year whenI actually have a job.

I am not speaking on behalf of the company with the information I am about to show although I am excitedto share this with you because it is timely.

Now on mattsdailydeals.

comyou’re gonna find lists of essentials and how to get them and everything that I show is in stock, I test the merchants that’swhy I’m here for you.

But let’s start with the mostcrucial product right now and that is what? Cleaning products right? Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, soap.

Let’s take mops for example.

If you were to search on amazon.

com, you’re looking atdelivery dates of at least Monday, April 20th and I am recording thisvideo on Monday, March 30th.

Let’s take a look at theVileda as an example, which is also called the O-Cedar depending on which Amazonstore you’re shopping from, $32.

99, arriving Monday April 27th.

Home Depot is not only restockingtheir cleaning supplies at a little bit of a faster pace, but I could order that sameeasy wring mop right now, in stock and availableboth in store and online.

Now you’re required to spend at least $45 to get the free delivery, but if you don’t want to getout and you can’t get out, that nominal delivery fee of a few dollars for something that’s in stock, that doesn’t require youto wait until April 27th, might be your better bet.

When it comes to power tools and leaf blowers and lawnmowers, I just want to give youan example of a store you may not even know exists right now and that store is Sears.

Just letting you know this because not only are they taking orders, but they’re shipping them really quickly.

Let’s take this Black+Deckerlawnmower as an example.

If I was to order right now on Amazon, Monday, April 20th is the ship date I get.

I punch the exact samething into sears.

com and yes, not only will itoffer me the same price once I add this to my cart, but I get a ship dateof Thursday, April 2nd.

Guys that’s 18 days faster than Amazon.

When it comes to electronics and TVs, every product seems togenerate a different ship date and Amazon may be the betterbet for some products.

But if you look at thistelevision as an example, the Samsung 55 inch TV that you can see on your screen right now, it’s really weird, it is noteven shipping from Amazon, but they’ll take the order, but it shows up as prime and then it shows up asavailable from these sellers.

And I’ve tried a bunchof different zip codes and it’s really not clearwhat’s going to happen when and who it’s shipping from and some of the items say new and there’s all of theseexpedited shipping fees attached.

The same product is availableon Best Buy right now, where their telling me with a whole set of zipcodes that I’ve checked, it will arrive this Thursday, April 2nd.

It is also available withstore pick up options in some areas where Best Buywill bring it out to the curb and put it into your car so you don’t even needto deal with anyone.

B&H is another greatalternative to Amazon.

They’ve got all sorts of deals on both Apple electronicpc products fully loaded, everything you need and they are shipping relativelyquickly, which is great.

With regards to shoes, it’s a lot of hit and miss on Amazon, but zappos.

com, which is owned by Amazon, offers an incrediblyquick turn around on shoes and I know this is a timewhere a lot of you are like, “I’m not shopping for shoes right now, ” well some of us need to.

My daughter’s feet aregrowing three seconds and she needs shoes for when we’re evenwalking around the park, social distancing, so thiswould be a great grab.

With regards to pet food, Amazon’s still shipping relatively quickly on many of it’s pet food products.

Different sizes of Blue Buffalo products will ship April 7th which is great, but if you can’t wait to April 7th, just want to show you an exampleof a website called Chewy, where many of their products will ship, as you guys can see here, free one to two day shipping.

Interesting and important to note if you’ve never heard ofthe website chewy.

com, they’ve got a great selection of food and medicine and pet supplies, as does the website partsmart.

com, which has curbside pickupavailable right now.

So if you do not wantto go into the store, but you need something delivered quickly, their curbside pickup isall tied to what’s going on and to keep you and your family safe, so this is new for a lot of zip codes.

For the many parents out there, something like diapers is brutal right now for certain sizes on Amazon and they’re doing their best I know, but I need stage 5 diapersin my household, pronto.

Not for me, for my daughter, for those of you wondering.

And I just can’t useAmazon for the service.


Same thing, cannot use Walmart.

If you guys are unfamiliarwith honest.

com, not only do they have a whole selection of well made products that ship quickly, but if I were lookingfor stage five diapers, not only could I use this donut print, but most of their productswill ship within 48 hours.

That could obviously change, but if you’ve nevershopped from honest.

com, that would be a great website to go to and then Buy Buy Baby has20% off one single item if you sign up to their email newsletter.

So that’s great to know BuyBuy Baby as an alternative where most of theirproducts are also in stock and shipping incredibly quicklygiven the circumstances.

When it comes to gaming, it’s a bit of a mess out there with so many people tryingto find different ways to entertain their familiesat home and in general.

Let’s use the PlayStation4 Slim as an example.

If you were to order thisfrom Amazon right now, it’s giving me a deliverydate of Monday, April 20th.

Target as an alternative, you might not have associatedgaming with Target, they not only have it in store on line, but at least in my localstore there is one available and if you want it deliveredto different zip codes, you could get as it earlyas Tuesday, April 7th.

That’s good to keep in mind, EB Games is mostly sellingrefurbished products right now, so I wouldn’t spend awhole lot of time there.

With regards to toys, guys Toys”R”Us is still in business, they do have a website although they’ve had all sorts of issues and they are shippingevery toy you can imagine quickly and online right now.

So if you are looking for toys, that would be a great place to search.

With regards to furniture, the shipping times are not terrible given how large a piece of furniture is.

But if you have extra peopleat your house right now or that unanticipated collegeson or daughter that’s back and turned their room into a home office and they need a couch to sleep on, an alternative to Amazon is Overstock.


com has got a greatspring blowout sale right now and they are shipping very quickly with many products in stock.

I think the big takeawaymessage is to go to stores that specialize in some of the products, but also think outside of the box.

That’s what I think we saw on Target and that’s definitely what we’ll see with regards to furniture.

For the pillow and type of decor items, if you’re spending a lotmore time at home right now like I am and you’re lookingat inexpensive ways to upgrade, World Market is a great alternative to what you might see elsewhere, they are shipping quickly and if you are looking forsomething like pillows or towels, Pur-Well, if you guys havenever been to their website, I feature a lot oftheir products, big fan.


99 will score you a pillowtoday from Pur-Well Living if that’s still in stock.

They also have sanitizationand beauty products, so if you are looking for alternatives and in stock products and quick shipping, I’ve tested every merchant yousee on your screen right now in one way or another.

Drop me a line if there’sanother subject of products that you want me to tackle or there’s an essentialyou simply can’t find, I’m here for you, I reallywant to advocate for you and I want to do it asquickly as possible.

I know it’s been a rough week, I’m thinking of you guys, I love you, I hope you stay safe andI hope you stay healthy and I will see you for my next upload.


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