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by srakute
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I mean that thing just really got to you you know it just hi I’m Mira and I’m Megan and today we’re gonna be trying out Amazon’s best-selling vibrator but not together you might remember us from a video where we tried asking on TV workout products so that makes

us qualify to test this vibrator because um those were basically vibrators you were just trying to use them that way no they were vibrators how do you feel about trying out this vibrator I’m excited to try it this one has such crazy reviews I’m like is it really

that much better what about you what’s your relationship with sex toys I’m nervous I’ve never tried out a vibrator that goes inside which okay I know it goes inside and it does the thing so you don’t break my body I mean I don’t know does that not want

it what is it I never I don’t you know I don’t do a lot of the inside vibrating I’m more of a most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation let’s look at the Amazon page I’m ready okay this is the Amazon page for the product it’s a clitoral sucking

vibrator Oh I’ve only ever had vibrators that had like little Wiggly ears this is gonna whoa this review has five stars in a titled wow just wow after reading them zon reviews and a little scared I’m scared that this is like not gonna be fun oh no no

I think it’s gonna be maybe too fun this might ruin sex for us honestly I don’t need to deal with other people right now so I would not mind let’s see it it’s very pretty like I really like this pink so it goes in like this it said

that you could separately vibrate this and separately vibrate this the sucky thing is a literal hole that your clit will just yeah literally that’s gonna be a while food but real question for you how do you say backwards piece up well we’re just gonna go get ourselves off

and then check in with you tomorrow buzz buzz all right I’m gonna turn it on for the first time it’s been charging for around 45 minutes and it’s fully charged one button that vibrates like this big boy so this is vibrating now very quickly you could never it’s

like imperceptible and there’s like a bunch of settings there’s a lot going on here is this suctioning I don’t know if I’m gonna use this part oh it is suctioning this part that’s cool it’s doing some pulsating thing also a lot of settings oh and this thing is

like so this I’m excited about this is gonna be cool Wow okay I’m turning the vlog off now bye I also forgot to mention I live with my parents their bedrooms right behind me I’m gonna try to keep it down wish me luck so how’d it go I

had a great night um he you he did you yeah did you die and come back twice after the first time I used the toy i straight-up laid in bed with my mouth open just speechless like I couldn’t believe that had even happened what was your reaction okay

I had my good time and I was like okay like I gotta like stop and then literally my immediate thought was I can’t wait to use this on other people what a gift I’m gonna spread the love everywhere everyone sleep with me I have so much to offer

okay but did you use both yeah okay I didn’t because you know I’ve got a confirm right here right now this body is not for phallic things I’m too gay for it I don’t know but the other part that little sucky part of the sex toy is unlike

any other thing I’ve experienced yeah it just doesn’t get tired those reviews me perfect sense to me after using the toy it was a good time I think I might have a good time tonight and tomorrow night and the day after gonna really just make me so happy

this is not sponsored no one is like paying us to make this video even this is legit just our opinion so if you’re looking for a good sex toy this might be it

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