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– Beyond Meat up 10% pre-market as the company had earnings last night, they look to grab some share now that meat supply in this countryis being threatened.

– Going against Beyond Meat is going against history.

– Hey everyone this is Klaus, and I just wanted to reupload this video from CNBC ’cause Jim Cramer came out and said some very interestingthings about Beyond Meat.

– This movement’s happening, and you gotta get on the bus or get left.

– If you don’t know Jim Cramer, he’s the host of “Mad Money” on CNBC.

But let me know down below what you think on his comments.

– There’s a guy named Dr.

Weil, and he’s the foremost nutritionist and epidemiologist up at Harvard.

Everybody’s foremost in this era, but this guy actuallywas predicting a pandemic basically because of the food chain.

And Beyond Meat is now an ethos.

I played a tape about how McDonald’s said it’s a bit of a hobby.

Ethan Brown did not go for that.

I think the more important thing is the Starbucks relationship.

I think they’re gonna, they could make a deal with Starbucks.

I mean this is howpowerful this concept is.

Those who are betting against this ’cause it has too much sodium, go check the sausages, they don’t.

I really believe that what’s happening, a lot like Zoom, when itcomes to staying at home.

The Tyson story, whichobviously is abysmal.

Plus a sense that maybe the wet markets are part of the problemwith the food chain.

It’s all going Beyond Meat’s way.

And what is Beyond Meat doing? They’re cutting prices, so theprice of meat’s gonna go up for the regular meat, andthe protein that skips the whole meat chapteris going to do well.

Beyond Meat is one of the most dangerous shorts in this market.

– We’ve reached a point wherethere’s so many livestock on the Earth’s surfacethat we’re running into challenges with keepingthat system working.

And that supply chain is now, as many in the industrythemselves have said, is under enormous pressure.

So I think we arereaching a tipping point.

– We’re going plant-based.

I think that the Tysonperformance was so abysmal.

That recognition thatthe meatpacking places somehow, no matter howmuch they follow the CDC and the rules, theycan’t seem to stay clean.

I think Beyond Meat, Iknow when I was at Costco, Beyond Meat is just a huge seller.

They’ve been hurt by food service, but there is a groundswell.

It’s not Zoom with 300 million, but I think that there are people who are getting appalled by what’s happening to meat packers.

And the more we read aboutit, the more we think, you know what, Beyond Meat is the way to be able to get protein, but skip that thingcalled the industrial cow.

I know my skeptical friend, and notice I use air quotes friend, my skeptical friend David Faber will say, Jim, it’s still a very small company.

Well David, so was Amazon, sowas Facebook, so was Alphabet.

– Really? That monumental is theopportunity for this company? – I think that this food, the total adjustable market for food, I mean for beef, for pork, for chicken, is monster.

And I think that this is, Ithink McDonald’s is dead wrong.

There’s no hobby here.

The hobby is gonna end up being meat.

Particularly as we hear more stories about the food chain.

I think the pandemic is saying, start eating plant-based.

Now you may say thatthat’s pie in the sky, and you know what, pound sand, it’s real.

The move is real.

– Is there a chance werun outta pea slurry or something like that though? I mean, is that in question? Or there’s an endless amount of peas? – Endless, David, endless.

Remember there’s aglitch in eating protein, and the glitch is that it goesthrough an industrial cow.


I used to have a longhorn, David.

I don’t want anything goingthrough that beast in my plate.

I’m getting fed up myself.

– [David] Have you.



– I might go vegan.

– Have you sworn off meat? Have you, are you going to do that? – I don’t know, I had a t-bone on Sunday.

It’s pretty good.

– Mm, tasted pretty good, didn’t it? – But I can swear offmeat because I’m tired of the idea that when you goto a meat packing facility the question is, how muchCOVID is in the place? I’m tired of COVID.

(whooshes) – Now let’s see what vegans eat.

Well of course we use a lotof vegetables and fruits.

We eat nutritious savoriesinstead of meat and fish.

– How many people canhonestly tell the difference? – And according to howfinely you shred it, if you shred it very, very finely, of course it would onlytake about five minutes.

– Go news! So welcome to five minute dahl.

– Hey guys, it’s Gareth, and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

– [Reporter] This year theplant based company Beyond Meat saw their stock surge approximately 163%.

Making it the most successful initial public offering of 2019.

(upbeat orchestral music) – Impossible Foods secondaryshares are so hot right now in the market that the private company is now being valued at about $5 billion.

– Yup, it tastes like a burger.

– It’s got a char on itjust like a burger would.

– This can’t not be meat.

This is impossible.

– Analysts predict thatalternatives to real meat will grow so much that by2040 60% of the world’s meat likely won’t even comefrom slaughtered animals.

– The KFC restaurant nearSunset Park is touting the Kentucky Fried Miracle.

Just five hours after itintroduced plant-based meatless chicken nuggets, they’d already sold out.

– That is really nice.

– It tastes like a chicken burger.

– I shoulda got two.

– Yeah, you should’ve.

– [Reporter] The adoptionof plant-based is getting more and more mainstream by the day.

– [Reporter] Clearly thisplant-based trend is real, it’s here, there’s real serious demand.

The demand for thisproduct is not coming from vegans or vegetarians, thedemand for this product is coming from people who eat meat.

– [Man] It’s past time thatwe mobilize the resources that are necessary to create the next global agricultural revolution.


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