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On incredibly short notice my wife Sam and I were invited deep into the Amazon of Brazil a trip that a bit on my bucket List for as long as I can remember to the upper reaches of the Rio Negro River where the water turns black and The peacock bass grow big we were going to spend nine days aboard the Rio Negro Queen documenting and experiencing Truly one of the most remote places on earth Guys we are headed as summer pretty crazy.

This trip came up like incredibly last-minute.

I feel like I was pretty spontaneous person This was on a completely different level Like anything a week ago.

We booked flights to Manaus to Brazil and we are heading out with Captain peacock We’re gonna Street with Captain peacock Salah vote I don’t even know captain caucus all about but I think it’s going to be a trip of a lifetime And I am just so happy that I was able come along.

So next stop Manaus.

We’re currently in Miami Sam.

It’s cool time Ain’t coming for free Thank you you to wear that the whole trip Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds using soap and water Welcome to my mouth where to next You’re waiting for it hi, I’m Jay.

My name is pussy nice to meet you Francisco We didn’t sleep too long I think I slept for I Turned my computer off at 4:00 And armor off at 5:30 so do the math.

All right, here we go to the full plane Got a lot going on this is her slow plane.

You’re about to head into the Amazon It was tough to believe that just a week ago Our flights weren’t even booked to Brazil and now Sam and I were on a flow plane headed to the middle of the Amazon The 2-hour flight was absolutely breathtaking and finally gave me perspective on the true vastness of the Amazon Upstream into the black water of the Rio Negro River was our final destination Know where we’d meet up with our home for the next nine days Rikka come out no Nothing will bite you my little videographer assistant Welcome to the Amazon Thank you for the flight sir.

Yeah, that was fine I’ve been some remote locations.

I’ve never felt this remote before Pictures did not do justice to the Rio Negro Queen this 165 foot yacht was called a floating hotel and I can see why it looked like a piece of artwork from the outside and on The inside it had every comfort and convenience You could ever hope for and to have that in the middle of the Amazon was something I never expected That’s okay We might see a Jaguar from our room this isn’t just a jane sam fishing trip We’re helping film some promo for this Lodge for Captain peacock.

And Yeah, so we’ll do a little bit of fishing but a lot of it will be some behind the scenes of filming in the Amazon Such a cool experience already and it’s like our one we’re headed to shore lunch We’re gonna need to put the guys.

This is just there’s so much going on this boats incredible You will get a full tour yet, but I am just amazed by everything they pack into this Okay, we’re rolling Eight – We’re gonna pack some fishing gear today Along with some camera gear.

We’ll see if we get an opportunity.

Look at this view from our room There you can see the boats on the beach over there guys are getting ready.

The birds are starting to sing and They – of how many nine Yeah, crazy, we got lots of time.

Yeah, so I might do some fishing But filming is the key but some might if we catch the fish The other people can’t come through yesterday.

We destroy lunch captured some super cool footage super unique short lunch setting Yeah, but today we’re just gonna follow some fishermen do a little filming and maybe one of us will catch our first peacock I’m not in too much of a rush Well, we’ll just kind of see getting footage is key.

So that’s that The Rio Negro River dwarfed any river system I’d ever been on before it is the largest tributary Running through the Amazon River as well as the largest black water river in the world accounting for over 40 percent of the water in the Amazon basin at over 2, 000 kilometers long this river is massive the further upstream you go the darker the water the direct translation of Rio Negro is black river and Peacocks thrive in this dark water and that is why it is home to some absolute Giants The world record is actually caught with Captain peacock back in 2010 and weighed in over 28 pounds Our goal for this day was not only film the other boats for us to hopefully catch our first peacocks ourselves You’re gonna get just crushed I’m telling you You’re wack.

I’m snakes.

You know, it’s a fish.

She’s getting the gear ready.

Look at this.

Our man knows what’s up the net tip over grip faith in my abilities Well, Sam You Had one on and it might have busted your back.

Huh? Don’t look at me.


I got hat marks How do I look look like a dork with a hammer on my head? Yes I’m throwing the fly Sam’s thrown the jig Surface baits is like the most popular but we’re getting hits always behind you.

Look at this.

Look at this.

Come on, eat it Come on.

Oh Come on What you Looking for my first peacock still you’re in here they start waiting behind it There’s a large very large bug Yep, we are hooked up Might be my first peacock.

Are we rolling Sam? I Got hit near the boat.

I don’t think it’s big but I think it’s a peacock We got our first peacock bass and it’s on the fly.

Oh They look cool Probably good I didn’t start out with the 20 pounder Nice well There we go.

First peacock in the Amazon on the fly With Captain peacock adventures amazing.

Alright, we’re gonna get a quick picture.

That’s kind.

We’re gonna put them back First fish on the board which feels great This is the fly that did it.

It looks a little wet and raggedy but that’s called a Whistler as I said time everybody My buddy Barry Austin, I used a 40-pound fluoro leader.

This is a 10 weight Orvis Helios, and Some Raphael but yeah 10 weight is what you want for these big fish That was obviously not a big fish But you can see how hard they fight so I can’t imagine what they get 15 or 20 pounder we do Yeah, this is a floating line with this It just things probably footer to under the surface and I fish it right by the boat.

So we round them We’ve seen a couple more had a couple chasing around the corner.

So this is definitely fish here area Sounds next Oh, come on, come on, ah, I can’t keep up to him Good good good Oh There’s a bunch with them Sam cast your hair chicken cash your hair Jake oh He’s gone There’s a bunch in there.

Sam’s on again.

GoPro is dead.

We’re netting this one Hey, Sam, gotta get on the board It’s a pretty one though.

All right Sam’s first peacock Yeah a little bit higher Yeah, that is beautiful.

One second.

I’m gonna just straighten it up a bit Sam thought that it was bleeding by the gills, but that’s just how red there that’s amazing We’ll take a quick picture and then we’ll put it back Jay Why are you casting into oblivion? Okay.

Well, we just made it out of that back bay and I was like, oh man, there’s only small fish here and Then as we’re leaving the bay I just hear the biggest explosion ever and like a 15 to 20 pound peacock is just going airborne chasing bait It was absolutely insane how ferociously that fish was hunting.

I Can’t see I’ve seen anything like that in fresh water before it was just like yeah frantic for about 30 seconds We haven’t seen him since he was hunting he or she but man that was a big fish I’m using the wood chopper.

I was using the fly rod but just for covering water Tried and tested Well, it is d3, we’re going fishing we did yesterday we caught our first peacocks Today we’re matching as you can see my outfits Hopefully we can catch a good one today The one book caught 40 yesterday.

We we and the boat that we followed to film had a little bit of a slower day, but They’re still catching fish.

We caught fish.

We saw a monster as I said and Yeah, we’re just loving life on the yacht it’s a little cloudier Taylor Rainier don’t know what that means for fishing but here we go That’s what I’m using right there Sam’s gonna be probably cast in the hair jig or the top water.

We’ll see See how she can handle it Caiman oh Yeah, yeah, oh Look I came in.

Oh We’re on time today Nice alright number one I think today’s gonna be really good, just Based on what was going on right now Good.


Awesome Yeah This wind is super what is that? What is this? What you’re gay chuckling Bakura Zach Wanda check Kunda you just Wow, that’s a crazy looking fish 39 hour one for Amazon.

We’ve got two species First piranha Well, I kind of wonder what my finger just mouth what I want There we go First piranha the teeth don’t actually look that bad right now, but I saw the skin pull back and they’re actually crazy Very cool.

All right Hey time, we’ve made a move can you describe what we’ve what we’re doing? Oh Sure as you can see behind me here There’s some brush a little sand island.

We haven’t stopped driving yet.

So I don’t know where it’s gonna take I’m having a pop.

It’s 9 a.

m We just cache at that point so many times this is by far the biggest one yet Alright guys first like it’s not that much bigger than the other ones but the bars on the side are just incredible and At that top water shake.

That was my first one on the woodchopper.

So yeah That tail look at the gills a couple orange there Anyways, we’re gonna get a quick release on this really shot and we’re gonna get back to Caston This is our guide nachos wood chopper, and this is a keep talking motor But this is the number one big fish bait around here big prop on the back which turns up so much water They put like extra strong hooks on these but you can see some of those are tooth marks some of those are just where from the hooks but this this lure could tell some stories and That explosion on the water is why? Peacock bass fishing is so incredible and that was like a four five pound fish I just can’t imagine when twice the size but we casted that point probably 50 times Which I’m not used to I’d given up Hope doctor said just keep going keep going and I was just like started casting off to the other side the other side He’s like keep casting there and the whole so Always trust your guides always trust your guide alright Come on peacock Before my wife dies Of heatstroke, oh My goodness, come on DS y’all ready push the lure Caston He popped that lure at us so far get in there Sam oh The good one Yeah, yeah Salmon’s hooked up That’s a big one Man, it just popped my lure at me like ten feet talk to me, so Yeah You can hold them with iboga if you want.


There we go Hold a little bit higher Yeah One last look at that monster look at the colors on that and that’s only an eight Pounder they get so much bigger.

All right going over the side Yeah Nice On the hair jig on the jig Guys as I Kind of mentioned before top waters great top waters so much fun and a very effective technique But having a throwback bait is so key and Sam through with that jig I think was the first cast maybe second cast of the jig and that fish came and killed it Just instantly if you would have seen how deep was down the fish’s throat.

It was hunting So top water scrape, but just always have a second bait ready I’m not a peacock expert but this is just what I’ve seen largemouth fishing or you know Pike fishing if they’re aggressive the first time I hit the top but probably had something down below the second time anyways It’s good Good Sam and I had such a great day on the river fishing with our guide nacho And while we realized that the fish do get a lot bigger To have that big fish hit at my top water and then Sam hook up on it with a jig shortly after and the fight That ensued that was all we needed that made the trip for me and I knew we had more days But if we didn’t catch a bigger one, I was completely content You’ll love the heat is this place too hot for you you guys Brazil this trip.

This is the hottest place I’ve ever been and like this Sun Is just relentless We’re basically covered everywhere we’ve been wearing SPF 60 on everything.

Would you rather be ice fishing? No, definitely not no complaints, but if you do decide to come here just be prepared for like Long sleeves going.

Hey Where do you guys a tour of the of the vessel now of the the Queen we call it? Everyone calls it the Queen for maybe a tour we got to shoot the Presidential Suite which no one is staying in right now, which is like the ball and sweet and I think you can see a room right there Yes This is temperature, this is just like so good Alright first off in the tour.

This is the Presidential Suite guys this is uh This is as good as it gets right here You’ve got a Jacuzzi tub.

You’ve got a shower Massive bed a TV that drops down and stores away Storage for all of your apparel Mini-fridge and then watch them two sinks and the shower this is this is like the nicest Insane insane look at that view.

Look at this view guys.

That is the Presidential Suite.

We are gonna photograph it Slow-mo slow-mo so they got some for the website.

But yeah Wow what? Other place put it down right here We have a very large peacock bass and Leonardo the owner who are gonna be in a couple days Nice letter honoree Texan.

I think this company also holds the world record Well, I caught a nice fish today how big 19 yeah All right, let’s keep going It’s a dining room, this is nice so nice Every dinner has been a little different we’ve done one.

That was like a six-course meal Some that are buffet.

This is where we eat breakfast as well and sing The kitchen yes is where the magic happens.

Even Michelin star chef here.

This is where the beat starts and ends.

Yeah Every day 6 a.


There’s a ton of anglers out here getting in their boat set it up Yeah, they spared no expense on the gear here It’s a Sheldon Sheldon fair, right Sheldon’s a manager.

We’re doing a tour right now and we’ll walk your video.

Alright Sam.

What’s next? To the up upstairs Okay.

Now we are upstairs.

Alright Sam.

What’s first? Erwin go meet the crew go meet the crew This is the chill hangout area if you want air conditioning, this is your place Oh, and there’s TV if you like to watch TV period the gym This is insane, I have to admit I haven’t hit the gym yet, but look at this view I Don’t think anyone’s ever had a better view working out.

This is where the massage happens There’s someone more qualified than me that will give her massage Okay, that’s enough.

Let’s keep going incredible What fishing boat doesn’t have a masseuse? I don’t know and this is the loft the cushions are about to be put out for the evening time, but look at this guy’s and Here’s the pool Sam, do you want to jump in to end the tour that nice? Looks like things are almost set.

This is gonna be quite the night Welcome back to another episode Where we know what’s going on? I don’t even know what that is That is incredible we have been swell we are parts at the beach We’ve been here all day actually And we are at a luau And we’re about to have dinner.

There’s the bar.

There’s the table All right quick update for you guys it is now day Five, maybe we got to get going.

We’re going to a local village we have now had a changeover there’s a new group in camp and This is something incredibly cool.

The Captain peacock does is they invite doctors and dentists kind of stay with them and then they go and visit the local villages and they give them help if They need help and in return those doctors or dentists, whatever Whoever they are they get a discount on the trips they to come on this trip of a lifetime and get to do some good work and Probably do some fishing.

This group’s little bit different.

I don’t think they’re gonna be fishing as much I don’t know what’s gonna happen the next couple days, but we’re headed to the village and hopefully ensure some footage.

We’ll see See you guys in a bit Well, I thought Sam’s big peacock was gonna be the highlight of the trip for me I was completely wrong visiting the local village and the work that followed afterwards was hands-down my favorite part of the trip Captain peacock rents and thing called the mriya foundation Marija stands for medical assistance in the rivers of the amazon While Captain peacock operates their business on these remote reaches of the river It’s incredible to see that the locals aren’t overlooked while most people in these remote villages have the water and food They need to survive.

They don’t all have the medical care They need after turn the local village the crew set up stations both in the town center is well onboard the Rio Negro Queen Here they had dentists optometrists and nurses along on the trip just in that one evening cavities were filled people received their first set of glasses and locals had any checkups They needed Seeing Leo incorporate his faith and generosity through the mriya Foundation was so incredible the respect between the crew and the locals was a very special thing to see We are back in the jungle, we’ve been driving for two and half hours this is insane Alright there’s a bit of a drive but we’re back out here it is day Probably day five or day six.

We got pretty drone shots of lodge We got amazing scenery shots we got We got everything that a good promo video needs except a big fish So we have fish on film but we don’t have the grande peacock bass.

So that’s what we’re doing today I’m with a Bulova and our guide champion and we’re gonna catch a 20-pounder Yeah Hook up a little guy We’re on the board a little guy on the jig.

I Think this is called the spotted baby that jig What got it done? And you’re the third line through sometimes you got to do something a little different Well a couple fish on this point Like how orange the skills are amazing And we’re catching them these fish just look amazing going back we got more fish on Yep, what is that? Jeez? Wow, look at that crazy One more week stay over there Old man, do they pull hard geez, I can’t imagine a big one There we go, that might be my biggest pretty close I think oh Ho casting oh oh Come on, oh, he’s on come on that’s got to be a good one gotta be a good one.

Oh Good I Love my head captain capture that possum decently, but there is just a feeding frenzy They both got hooked up instantly I don’t if is the same fish, but it was just wild I put the rod down and Grabbed the camera and didn’t get any jumps or strikes, but that was our biggest one yet.

So things are things are looking up As we had our best fishing day of the trip I could see why anglers from all over the world were drawn to this phenomenal sport fish the way these fish would destroy top water Bait and then go airborne was as good as it gets All right, Sam, this might be our last the efficient I’m chopping the wood Sam’s gripping a hair jig they’re still looking for that elusive 10 plus pounder You just had it’s just bad luck.

Sometimes that happens Guy was out yesterday is the first fish ever 19 pounds peacock That’s just how it goes Yes Oh, come on Yeah Well, I waited and he ate it there oh I was good Oh Fans on What you got Sam nice and one just crushed you Oh, mr Sam’s on the board.

We’ll get a photo Sam Beautiful that’s a called the three bar you know, why Was your key to success didn’t have one sorry raise your hand if you miss ice fishing oh Oh Yeah Oh It’s on Oh Some good jumps out of this one.

Geez that Was crazy I think there’s a fish.

Oh, I thought I saw a fish following The fat one Beautiful peacock.

That one was so shallow.

So cooled, you know type this this out Might have been on a bed All right going back Life is good.

We’re going for Shore lunch And I don’t know there may be some more fishing there, maybe not but there’s gonna be some more adventures So don’t think this is over just yet One of the biggest advantages of being on a floating hotel is that you could move to wherever the fish were Every day while we were fishing the Rio Negro Queen would move to a new section of river and we would meet up with them At the end of the day while our fishing was done for the trip And the ship was headed back to the port in Manaus Because of that we were able to witness the ship with all of its boats and tow crews during the daytime What a cool sight to see Well We’re not on the Rio Negro Queen anymore We we made it back to port to Manaus and we’ve one last day and we are experiencing Some of the local attractions that the Captain peacock lined up for us so this is going to be just a mixture of everything today some wildlife some culture some history and And some dolphins, here we go Swimming with dolphins was incredible and now we’re going on where since it’s just through some channels and wildlife crews.

Yeah When don’t reduce to low we cannot to cross indeed air is dry.

Oh, okay.

Yeah Alright so we toured the town What’s what’s the Brazilian name for arapaima? So what that what’s the Portuguese name for arapaima? pirarucu PR aku Veera LaRue poopy Naraku ruku Veera business fish Ruku ready? Perfect.

Red red fish.

Look at this little attack fish No Okay, Sam, you gotta try no you sure the one when I can get a shot all right Sam See you’re you can catch an arapaima That wasn’t that was crazy Crazy, I’d like to sneak a hook in here and catch one, but I probably get in trouble We are headed next to the meeting of the waters that it’s like a legendary spot where? The amazon and the rio grande rivers meet pretty cool because the waters don’t mix the one is very dark and muddy The one is blue ish.

So you’ll see it shortly.

Here we go Our last day in Manaus was the perfect way to end our trip we got a swim with dolphins feet arapaima See all sorts a wildlife and experience more of the local culture this trip will definitely rank at the top of my list and I’m already counting the months until Sam and I can come back to the Amazon You.

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