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by srakute
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What’s going on everybody and welcome to theunofficial first week of extended wait for New World.

As you all probably know, with the currentsituation that we’re in, we don’t have a whole lot of new topics to cover for the game atthe moment.

But that is still okay because despite that, we still have the two most powerful tools forpassing time until the game is finally ready to arrive.

The first one would have to be past informationwe can talk about, especially the details that we never touched on but were right therein plain sight for us all along.

And the second is our imagination.

Which allows us to speculate and theorycrafton future events.

Today’s video isgoing to make much more use of our imaginations specifically, and that is because right now, we’re going to be talking about predictions and a discussion about the future of Amazon’sNew World.

This topic will include what we might be ableto expect from their expansions, storyline of the island, and content both on the PVPand PVE side.

And on top of that we can also talk aboutwhat they’ve already confirmed they will work on later down the line.

Now this conversation might sound like it’spremature considering the game isn’t even out yet, but who knows.

Hopefully later on down the line we can comeback and check how right or wrong discussions like thiswere, and use it to inspire future suggestions for the game.

So with that out of the way, let’s talk aboutwhat we know currently.

Starting with the storyline.

We know that New World takes place on a mysteriousisland called Aeternum that contains a powerful resource called Azoth, that’s said to grantthe power of immortality.

Over the months we’ve seen multiple instancesof how this resource can create things of great beauty, and how itentwines itself with the nature around it to create what are known as the guardiansand wildlife of the island.

On the other side of this we know that thisresource also has the capabilities to corrupt both the beings of the island and the environmentitself.

The 4 factions that are housed on Aeternumare known as the following – The Angry Earth, The Lost, The Ancients, And The Corrupted.

We’ve already talked about what defines eachof these factions so we wont dive into it again but what I would like to point out isthat there have been some curiosities surrounding at least two of these factions when it comesto how they appeared and who they are really up against.

The first curiosity are the Ancients.

We know from what they’ve told us about themthat they are actually all gone and that what is left of these Ancients are known as Guardians.

Those are the skeletal creatures that areseen in multiple screenshots to be wearing the outfits of the ancients or regular skeletonsthat are found near these peculiar statues with a split down the middle.

Now what we don’t know is why exactly theyare here on the island or what happened to cause the people known as Ancients to disappear.

I feel like it has something to do with theCorrupted itself and I’ve also talked about this in more depth on my story-related videofor the game, but before the island starts to fall prey to corruption like it’sdemonstrated in the trailer, it seems that the island is relatively peaceful and we seeno signs of disturbance.

These ancients, or the guardians of them mayhave arisen when these corrupted caused the people to go extinct, it could’ve been anotherway for the island to rise up and fight for itself.

Using the power of azoth to imbue these corpsesto rise and make them even more powerful than thelost, and maybe even self aware to some degree.

We can even see in some snippets of them thatthey harness a light blue glow as opposed to the red one we’d see from corrupted, orno glow at all from the lost.

It’s for this reason that I believe them tobe much more powerful than just a simple ghoul fromthe lost, and this also seems to be supported by the tweet they had where they said – eventhough the ancients are gone, their secrets are still guarded.

And since the guardians seem to be the reincarnatedversions of these ancients, perhaps that knowledge is still retained even in their deceased form.

– And then, there’s the corrupted.

With these guysthey don’t seem as complex or difficult to understand, they appear to be more of a ravenoushorde that seeks to conquer all in it’s path on Aeternum.

When we watch the trailer we see the processthat someone may go through to become a corrupted when that explorer and his men get taken outby the diablo looking creature.

And unlike the lost, these corrupted alsoseem to have some form of dark power to compare against the Ancients.

What I want to know though, and I’m hopingAmazon Games expands on in the future, is where these corruptedcome from to start with.

And if they are truly as mindless as theyseem.

I wonder about this because of her – the infamousIsabella.

It all comes back to her because unlike theseother guys who just seem to just know how to attack, attack, attack.

She’s just standing there menacingly likeshe’s planning her world domination.

This is a character that I am crossing myfingerrsss and toes that they really expand on.

And this is something we might even see infuture expansions, but everything about her just screams layers.

I would love to see her backstory, her planof attack on us and this island, amazon could really expand on this character as startingtheir own story and already they have a good foundation for this sort of thing with whatwe know so far from the lore.

But it’ll need some interesting charactersto support it.

And judging from the concept art of Isabellathat I was able to obtain, I’m sure she could have a big arc all on her own.

Along with this, one thing I hope we see andthink we should see if the game takes off, is more characterswith depth to them that add to the story and the atmosphere of the game world as a whole.

And I predict that maybe even in future expansions, they might team us up with the Ancients to go up against her.

We still don’t know where exactly we comefrom or what it’s called, who owns that place and what kind of people may be there.

And this seems like it could be somethingthey could potentially save for the future, even for expansions like the PCGamer articlementioned when they had the press event in Feburary.

And of course if we’re talking aboutother islands and map expansions, what better way to do that than with a naval system orhaving some form of naval mechanics involved.

This was something they mentioned as somethingthat might happen later down the line alongside naval combat, if the players want it.

But it doesn’t directly mention a quote fromany of the game staff so that is something we’ll have to get confirmation onin the future.

And when it comes to expansions, aside fromthe storyline and it’s characters we could potentially see even cooler aspects in thegame’s future.

And I’m talking of course, about the content.

Now first let’s talk about what content wehave so far and what kind of doors it might open up.

ForPVE we have stuff like the invasions, corrupted breaches, and the arenas, let’s focus on those3 specifically for now.

And for the PVP side we have the opt in openworld territory system and the territory war, let’s stick on those 2 for the PVP side.

Now for corrupted breaches, these are classifiedas dynamic events.

They sprawl up on the map and corruptedcome pouring out of them and we as the players have the opportunity to travel to them andpurge them of the evil creatures.

Dynamic Events quickly grew to be one of mymost favorite features in games after I came across ones like Rift, Defiance, Elder ScrollsOnline and especially, Guild Wars 2.

I believe that these kinds of events can reallyexpand on what you can do in the game and add even more replay-ability and enjoymentto it.

Now what I’d like to see come from New Worldin it’s future and what we might see, is to expand heavily on this.

Just think about what if we saw things likeGiant World boss dynamic events or points of interest on the open world map we can goto and complete objectives like repairing fortifications or buildings to keep corruptedaway, or healing soldiers and innocents that may have fallen in battle.

And I’m still all over the idea of NPC caravansor even mega-dynamic events that are built up by doing the lesser ones, and corruptedbreaches and arenas can fit perfectly into that.

On the instanced PVE side because of whatwe know about the arena system we know that the engine seems capable of creating partybased instanced content at points on the map, so that opens the door to featureswe would see in other games like hellgates in Albion or the semi-controversial topicof dungeons.

I say that mainly because I know that in anopen world game that resembles a sandbox having dungeons may not be the preferred method ofcontent and I would imagine that to be related to looking forgroup finders.

Which I can certainly understand but whatI’m suggesting is how about we see specific points of interest on the map that we canadvertise in chat for, and take a group of 5 players to so that we can jump right inand engage in that content in either dungeon or raid form just like we would for an arena.

I think that would sort of thing would bereally cool but also that it will be important for them to have enough open world contentto supplement that so we aren’t just cycling in and out of these instanced and open worlddynamic events all day.

And that’s where grinding areas and questingwill come into play.

Which is something I do believethat they will and should expand on to give players more options for progression, andon the topic of NPCs themselves they did mention in the french-based media article that theywould still be adding stuff like that to the game.

To expand on that a bit more, they also mentionin that same article that they do have a roadmap plan so it could bethat they are already planning to implement stuff like this despite the delay in the game’srelease.

In the post specifically it mentions theyhave a roadmap planned for several months and content planned for up to a total of 12months.

This could potentially include more plansfor mechanics similar to the ones we’ve talked about or even plansfor a future expansion itself.

We’ll have to see over time if they give usmore information as to what they have planned but it does seem like they currently havea great foundation to build this game up from.

Now, along with the PVE side we do have anothervery important side of the game that players will be getting more familiar with duringthe beta and launch phase.

And that’s the PVP.

Currently we know that New World featuresPVP based faction missions, open world opt in PVP, as well as territory wars.

Now one thing I’ve talked about in a previousvideo is that maybe the territory war system as it works right now, it may not be enoughto satisfy players that focus specifically on the PVP based aspects of games.

If you’ve played other games in the genrethat feature PVP based modes or environments, you may have seen a good amount of playersthat only engage solely in that specific PVP content.

There’s various different types of MMO basedplayers but those ones might start doing it from the moment they login to the game allthe way until they log out for the day.

So like I’ve expanded on in the potentialissues that may arise video, maybe there’s some other types of PVP based contentwe’ll see in the future along with what they’ve already confirmed to be working on.

A really good start to this and just aboutany PVP content in games is a duel system.

And it just so happens that Amazon has statedin that same french article that this is a highly demanded feature by the players.

And even though it’s not planned for the game’slaunch, it is something that they’re working on.

Along with this I have suggested in the pastthat it would be nice to see different aspects like Leader-boards for both PVE and PVP basedrankings.

A good system that I’ve seen for this is onelike Ascent: Infinite Realm’s Thailand based one where you would get rewards based on whichof the top ranking brackets you were apart of.

Which could provide a nice incentive for playersto keep engaging even in opt in PVP or the PVP missions themselves.

In addition to this I have also suggestedthe possibility of instanced arenas or battlegrounds to sort of alleviate people having to relysolely on the territory wars and PVP missions or opt in PVP to get their fill of action.

But what I didn’t talk about and probablyshould have, is instead of having it be instanced, it could also be completely open world based.

And I think this could be something that couldtie in very nicely to the faction system of Aeternum.

For example, right now there are gamers thatdon’t fully understand the point of the faction system right now or feel that it could justas easily be yanked out of the game and we would be just fine with making alliances withinour companies.

But I don’tthink something like that would happen with the new vision that is laid out for the game.

But what could be done is to add more ontothe system so that it does make sense and gives people more incentive to take part init.

What if we had open world based points ofinterest on the map that acted as capture points that we could fight over at any givenpart of the day.

I think something like this could even tieinto the territory wars where maybe instead of just doing PVP based missions to get influence, we had to do these PVP missions and also capture these points of interest for our faction andhold them for a certain amount of time.

I know I’ve overused this example at thispoint but let’s take Elder Scrolls Online’s Cyrodiil campaigns for example, or even Guild Wars 2 World vs World.

I think a lot of what made both of those piecesof content as good as they were for a lot of people in those games was because it wasthis constant war that you could be apart of, and it felt like you were fighting fora unified objective that made sense.

In Elder Scrolls Online it’d be to captureall the forts to get emperor for your faction, and for guild wars 2 it would be to overtakethe other servers in the war and win the campaign.

And one important thing to point out on ElderScrolls part, is that along with these fort captures it did also give you the opportunityto do PVP based missions.

Everyone was flaggedby default in Cyrodiil but you would see quests like going to scout out resource camps orforts themselves, maybe you’d get a quest one day to take down a specific fort for yourfaction and this incentivized players to start groups, and they might have had one to capturean elder scroll but that one is a little hazy for me.

It’s been a while since I’ve played in it.

But the point is that Amazon’s New World couldadd in these mini-points of interest to capture and fight over and it wouldn’t make a bigdifference at all.

And perhaps that’s something they’re alreadyplanning to do.

It could even be where we get guaranteed rewardseverytime we capture one to keep people doing that sort of thing all day long.

Let me knowwhat you guys think about something like that potentially working, I think if the playerbasedoesn’t like the idea of instanced PVP in the future, maybe that could be used as analternative and give more incentive to opt in.

And I predict that they could potentiallybe planning something along this line of thinking as we speak.

Now after these topics we need to jump rightonto some details that I didn’t really touch on when I covered those articles in the pressevent.

The first one is the cash shop.

And of course this one is always a legendaryone for making just about anyone nervous to talk about when discussing games.

We’ve seen quite a few times where games thatcould be classified as really really good ended upgetting ruined by these, whether it was due to heavy convenience micro-transactions orflat out pay to win.

I wont name any names but over the years we’vehad more than a few examples of this.

And of course we know that New World willalso feature a cash shop however, luckily in a previous french-based articlefrom that very same website, Scott Lane had confirmed that they are only planning on doinga strictly cosmetic cash shop.

Along with our characters we’ll also be seeinghouse decorations that can be purchased inside it, and hopefully we wont have to get themajority of our furniture from the shop, as opposed to hunting it down or crafting itin the open world, but that should give players somedegree of relief.

And speaking of the housing system, they’vealso talked about how they are planning to add in features for those of you who liketo roleplay, or those of us that just want the opportunity to interact more with ourhomes after we decorate them.

This might include interactions like touchingitems, moving them, or even sit on chairs.

And in this very same quote he also mentionsa DYE system, along with emote based interactions like walking or strolling.

I already have a feeling there’s going tobe more than a few people that will get excited at the thought of dying their gear.

And rightly so because being able to customizeyour gear to make your character look unique compared to the rest, that’s always a plus.

Now the 2 last things we’ll need to talk aboutwhen it comes to what they’ve mentioned or what we might be able to expect, are boththe weapons and the map size.

Let’s start this off with the weapons, asthat’s probably the more exciting one at the moment, especially with a combat system likethis one.

As you guys have probably seen, in previousvideo I’ve made sure to point out whenever we see new additions to the weapon systemthat they’ve shown us in footage or screenshots.

So far we’ve actually got a surprising amountconfirmed so far.

We’ve got Two Handed Axes, The Warhammer, One Handed Swords, Shields, Bows, Muskets, Pistols, The Fire Staff, the Throwing Axe, 2Handed Spears, a Halberd even was showcased in a recent picture, and last but not least, the legendary Rapier.

We also know of the gauntlets that we coulduse in the previous alpha as well as the mention of healing staves and concept art we’ve seenlike the one handed maces, and we can’t forget the tease at a possible Greatsword.

That is actually incredible.

Say what you will or wont about this gamebut the fact that each of these weapons is supposedto get their own weapon skill trees with close to 30 skills & passives each, and having atleast 13 to 16 of them total already shown or probably planned to come, that’s a reallygood amount.

Not to mention they have mentioned that theywill always continue to add new types of weapons, armor, and equipment so that’s even more wemight have to look forward to later down the line.

And that might just include everyone’s favoritetopic, the magic system.

Like we talked about before when we saw thefirst dev diary and noticed how one of the characters was holding a 2 handedstaff, I pulled up a quote from the MMORPG.

com article that mentioned they had planned ongetting different schools of magic implemented into the game.

This opens up the door to all types of differentweapons and abilities we might come across in the game’s future.

And they could be saving this forwhat’s included in their big roadmap or even for expansions.

Seeing something like lightning magic, icemagic, earth magic, and even death magic would be amazing.

And I’m sure there’s going to be quite a fewof you out there that are going to be wishing for these weapon choices, along with dual-wieldingfor 1 handed weapons and or even daggers.

I strongly hope and predict that they’re alreadyworking on more ideas for these specific types of weapons.

And the personal favorite I’m waiting on isthat greatsword, I don’t know about you folks but when I play a 2Handed warrior, that ismy favorite designated weapon of choice.

Now the last thing we should talk about isthe map size.

Right now we know that they plan to have orgo for a map around 40KM squared for Aeternum, and that this could very well be subject toincrease as time goes on.

What they also said – at least during theMMORPG article, is that they are planning to have the server population sit at around1 and 2 thousand players roughly, now one thing I completely missed is that during oneof the french article interviews.

Scott Lane himself stated that the playernumbers could potentially rise somewhere up to 3000 as time goes on, but they would wantto stay below that and adapt accordingly.

Now I do predict that we wont start out anywhereover 2000 with the current map that we have butthe thought of us expanding to that size and potentially beyond does sound really niceat the first thought.

I would just hope that certain things gettaken into account to compensate for issues like mob & resource density like we talkedabout in the potential issues video.

But what better way to do this sortof thing than with expansions or content updates.

And if the naval system is something thatwould arrive later down the line with said expansions, if they’re planning for it andplayers want it.

Then they might even reach the heights ofdoubling or tripling the playable map size as a result.

I think it’d be really cool if later downthe line the story played out that we were able to finally build shipsand sail back to the quote unquote “Old World” and discover + explore where we came from.

While also being able to interact with it’sinhabitants.

Something like this might even introduce completelynew dangers or maybe, when we leave the island we might unfortunately take what plagues itwith us and bring that sort of thing back home too.

There’s got to be some reason we’re beingsent here to this resource-rich island with a material that grants actual immortality.

And that journey wouldmake perfect sense if it bit us and our previous leaders right in the butts.

So that’s essentially all we can talk aboutprediction wise until we get some more info, but OH.

I almost forgot, I don’t know if you guysnoticed but during the developer blog for the invasions, when it first came out I couldn’thelp but notice that there was no mention of the streamerspotlights or streamer army mechanics that was mentioned a while back in other articles.

This made me very curious as to whether twitchintegration would still play a bit part in the game’s features and I feel like I canpredict it will.

But at least we know now that it shouldn’ttake away from the content we’ve learned about so far, so it might just end up beingan extra layer of content we can interact with on top of what we already know.

Either way, I don’t think we’ve seen the lastof those mechanics either.

And receiving cosmetics for owning twitchprime is also mentioned in that cash shop quote so that also leads me to believe thatdrops might end up being a thing.

And if the recent beta for Valorant is provinganything, it’s that when you integrate twitch into your game and buildenough popularity around it, you’re going to get some massive results in return.

Because heck, even half the numbers valorantwas getting would bring wild amounts of success to the game, and that could even be why wehaven’t seen a whole lot of advertising for New World in terms of commercials or otherforms of promotion.

But that’s one thatI feel I can certainly predict that they have plans for.

But with that folks, let me know what youguys thought about these predictions and what you think we might see or you would like tosee in the game’s future itself.

Do you think if they expanded the map sizethat it would warrant the addition of ground mounts, or do you think that’s somethingthey might go for anyway in the future? And what about more types of gathering professionslike fishing or even treasure hunting.

Would that be something you would like tosee as well? Let us all know in the comments below.

And as always, thank you all very much forchecking out this video and I hope you all have a wonderful night or day, and farewell.


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