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what up? What up? I’m Chad wild clay andyou guys really liked my last weird spider-man toys video and I had a lot offun because I’m a huge spider-man fan so I put my spider-man shirt back onI’m excited for the new spider-man movie let’s look at some weird spider-man

toys let’s get into the next weird spider-mantoy which is the superhero cape and mask costume set boys girls birthdayHalloween play dress-up oh so you can use a prettier birthday orHalloween wow and wait a second since when has spider-man had a cape that’s asuperman thing and a batman thing

spider-man heads to my knowledge neverhad a cape in his life hmm yes pretty sure about that this looks socheap so you get like a red spider-man mask with like a little rubber band inthe back and then it looks like it looks like a bib you put on while

you’reeating so when your food spills on your shirt it just goes on your bed thatlooks like a spider-man bib more than a spider-man cape but let theirimagination run wild that they dress up yeah you definitely got to use yourimagination when using this because this looks nothing like spider-manand

you know what I’m just noticing now that the title actually doesn’t even saythe word spider-man in it and when I look at the description it says is yourchild a huge fan of a certain superhero question mark Oh what hero could that bewell now they can transfer into that

hero I can just see the poor kid gettingthis for like Christmas or their birthday or Halloween right now and likecheck out this awesome spider-man costume my mom got me wait a second thisis nothing likes better this is more like Robin or something all right wellwe got to order

this thing just so we can make fun of it let’s buy it oh mygosh look what came I am so excited to really use my imagination spider-manmask spider-man bib I mean spider-man capehere’s what I think it is guys grab my plate of food hereoh I spilt it all

over a good thing I got my spider bib on to catch all myfood Wow I’m gonna looks just like spider-man are you ready for the bigmoment spider-man okay that’s my face is alittle too big oh let’s turn this into a cape and nowbecause I have a cape I

must be able to like fly and stuff the costume was amajor disappointment I don’t even wanna call that a costume maybe I’llkeep it as it is yeah great bib I’ll go to a really fancy but I’ll have thegrey coupon please that’s an exceptional bib yes and the next

weirdspider-man toy is wait what was this huh oh they should give a thumbs up to thisvideo down there because it turns blue the thumbs up turns blue if you click itdown below okay I’ll wait for you guys to go do that right now oh thanks manyou are the

best alright the next weird spider-man toy iswhat the heck what is that is that a bed I don’t even know what I’m looking athere jump on it to bed oh it isn’t bad okay here’s the other picture where Icould see oh there’s a kid sleeping it oh wow

I mean he’s got some big feet insome big hands that’s for sure yeah I don’t know if I want to lay on top ofspider-man first of all it looks like spider-man’s really uncomfortable he’sjust like this like oh I can’t move because I’ll wake the kid up oh I

reallywant to get out of here though uh and does anyone else think it looks a littlebit terrifying I’d be scared that Spiderman might tryto eat me in his sleep maybe he’d like turns into venom and tries to eat methis kind of reminds me of Little Red Riding Hoodspider-man

is like actually some big giant monster in disguise I’m just alittle kid now my Spidey how large your hands are all larger to crush you withdon’t get in the bed kid don’t get in there the next weird spider-man toy we arelooking at is the Bell symbol wait that’s

not a spider-man toy but if youdo click on that bell well you’ll get here quick because you’re part of thenotification squad and you can hang out with me in the comments section afterevery upload I hang out with you guys and I usually do a livestream beforeevery video so

I like to chat with you guys and just hang out so put that Belland let’s get into the next weird spider-man toy which is Marvel ultimatespider-man squirter toys because Spidey loves to squirt squirt squirtSpidey’s sitting on top of venom looks like she’s taking a big poop on Venom’shead

ok there’s only one picture here I can’t really tell what’s going on likewhat’s so squirty about it you know ok there really is no description it justsays squirter toys includes two ages 3 and up hmm I think I see what’s going onhere because there’s all these toy manufacturers

making these squirter toysbut I think they’re just trying to make toys that are like squirtgunsbut yet aren’t gums so maybe parents will buy them more they’re not gums andI guess that’s a good idea maybe but then it sure makes for some really weirdtoys hey let’s buy this thing

see how it works oh look what else came here thesquirter toys this is one where we got spider-man on top of venomokay so spider-man’s by himself there I thought it was going to be a catch twovenom very glad he’s not cool so you pretty much give to toys

here that’spretty cool ah cool so it’s got little holes in his hands so you can fill thisguy up with water squeeze them and he’ll like shoot webs out like water out yovenom I’m going to squirt you new spin of me and I’m gonna squirt you squirtsquirt I just

don’t like that word squirt you know although I like the sodasquirt why don’t we go test these guys outsome actual waters these are the squirters Justin Oh finally we get toplay with some squirters yen and I’ve been wanting to squirt for so long it’shard dude wait so they

got little holes in the handshere really squirt out I’m glad they’re in the handyes let’s fill it up with some water house as squeeze there’s no opening it’sgoing plug maybe you’re supposed to hold it under like in the bathtubthe bathtub toys we’re learning learning about squirtinginappropriate spider-man is

time for your bath no I want a bath too as venomall right I have enough water Granum voice I’m going to ready for a squirtbattle uh-uh don’t spot on by him was a bit oh ohthat’s pretty good that’s pretty good where it’s pretty good yeah venom well Ican

squirt back oh yeah I think venom is a better spitter as a character yeah Ithink so probably a more powerful squirter butnow when it comes to the toys Oh get in your hand just no no he just squirted myhand they’re peeling out of their hands oh geez ha

ha ha goodbye bye goodbye Idon’t get the camera web and the next weird spider-man toy is thesolar-powered spider-man sitting on a toilet toy oh my gosh okay wait a secondand so the picture is you know there’s it’s spider-mansitting on a pink toilet but then on the box it

shows a picture of Superman soyeah what exactly is a toilet shaking toy please let me know in the commentsif you guys know what a toilet shaking toy is I mean I certainly like that it’ssolar powers you know energy efficient is clean environmental and I guess ifyou’re going to

be shaking on the toilet you better have as much energy aspossible right this toy was invented by Superman in collaboration with Al Gore the next weird spider-man toy is boxMarvel serious one spider-man spec robotic stunt set laughter mouth fullWonka thunks what is this I see spider-man heads bouncing

and flying allover the place on the box here slam one of your figures on the spider-man slamPauline and knock them down so there must be like a trampoline and you slamspider-man into the trampoline and he bounces into other bad guys maybebecause it seems like you’ve heard himself more

than hurtin the bad guy youknow the first review I see my kids didn’t play with this for 10 minutes mykids play with these for about five minutes before moving on and losing mostof them under the couch now when I find them I toss them in the garbage that

isnot a good review seriously a waste of time I like this review the cute littledee cap a tater head toy okay so I guess one way to enjoy your favorite superhero isto rip his bed off and then throw it on the ground oh and why is it calledbonkers

on because you’re barking their head making them go zonkey well I’ve gotto buy this thing and see how it works and find out what makes it so lucky whatdo we got here let’s take a peek oh look at that see if you can master thesestunts number one ultimate

strike topple the tower two versus atomic fount scoreand bounce score number three demolition crew one-shot maximum knockdown all youthis actually looks like it could be pretty fun okay so here’s everything theGreen Goblin probably Doctor Octopus get the Rhino all yeah iron spider mate weget here normal spider-man right

there and we got the symbiote spider-man orvenom let’s try the ultimate strike topple the tower the thing is extremelyhard to stack it’s very wobbly I’m not sure we’re going to even be able to getthis top guy on here without it it falls it just fell over oh manall

that work so all of these guys are really like top-heavy like you’ll noticethat if this guy here if I just let go helike goes up on his head very difficult to balance so Justin these are littleslam pies we got are what they’re called I don’tremember what they were

called I think they had a weirder name than that yeahso bonka zonka yeah I’m like these are Bonka zonks so you’re supposed to buildit like the slam pod here so let’s see if I can slams what’s the slam Spidey’shead into this and then knock these guys overthat’s the

game that’s one of the games okay ready dunk it upSpidey take off those bad guys how can Oh too hardwhy are my spideys jumping off the lesson it we treatment oh my gosh she bouncesbig-time doesn’t it come on Spidey oh right look at them dunk let’s knock itout

I guess that’s what that is and then there’s another game where you pop themon the slant pad into like one of these bends or something I don’t know how longyou gotta say Oh badonkadonk is that what you’re supposedto say yeah let’s just the thought is not at all

up oh yeah all that wantsready for one one big finale zonk Kazan epic Zonkready ready bizarre Kazaa oh not ones aren’t wrists way in there oh really getthat one channel okay I’ve had enough of this crazy wobbly bobbly something oranother slam pod toy into the next weird spider-man

toy and the next weird spider-man toy iswhat the heck what am I looking at here okay so it’s clearly Superman he’s gotthe S on the chest but it’s the body of spider mask all the webbing it even haslike the remnants of a spider on his chestso I’m guessing

what happened here was they had like way too many spider-mantoys they didn’t sell and they’re like okay we gotta sell these spider-man toyslet’s just paint over the top of them with Superman paid look at that likeeven on his feet you can tell that like spider webbing and then

so clearly theyripped off spider-man’s head as well and then just threw on a Superman head netbut that Superman it doesn’t even look like Superman either look up in the skyit’s a bird no it’s a plane no it’s suit no not Superman spider the superspider-man what world am i

living in yeah maybe having every superpower onearth just wasn’t enough for Superman he insisted on having spider-mansuperpowers as well and the next weird spider-man toy spider-man turned into acar and he’s got a mini spider-man pig on top so sniffing business or aspider-man slug on top without he doesn’t

have any legs or anything thisis weird man Tomica Disney motors Marvel some some oh there’s a some somethingagainst spider-man sometime I don’t even know what to say about this guys this isweird so spider-man turned into a car and he’s got a little slug on top ofthem whatever your

weight is like says goodfor children I can kind of see that but that it says good for teenagers I thinkany teenager who got this as a present would be very disappointed like what theheck mom why would I want this this is so weirdokay great description guys really sells

me marbles some some Tomica any funnyreviews here it’s got one five star review cute car good shipping even fromJapan to the US think so not really a review of the toy as much as like theshipping it kind of looks like one of those oddly shaped weenie toys again

orI understand these the car looks more like a beetle than a spider doesn’t it aVolkswagen Beetle so the container top must just be awiener shaped container filled with cocktail wieners so that misses thesesome some toys just keep making me hungry for those little wieners on astick but yeah

I’m looking more for a toy I can play with more than one I caneat so let’s not buy this one and the next weird spider-man toy is the superpowers what what is this remember when Spiderman was in the Kenner superpowersline nope I don’t remember that at all it

looks like it looks more like a womanto me blue gloves I don’t recall spider-man ever havingblue gloves and a black section here on his suit nope I don’t remember thatreally tiny way sir you know tied very tightly like more of a female outfitthere is that lipstick he’s wearing

black lipstick I’m not sure what’s uplicking it and what’s with the box it’s got a Superman and Batman oh and thenspider-man up in the corner and then Robin over there I kind of hidden awayso they’re mixing DC and Marvel on this boxer oh man someone was really confusedwhen

they made this toy that’s for sure yeah so it looks like we have a SpiderMan here with really bad taste of you would not approve of these color choicesright here I mean you’ve got kind of a consistent red and black see but thenyou throw on those blue gloves

throws the whole outfit off you know oh yeahand I never thought I’d see spider-man with a big ol Koopa bulge there no poopof spider-man for me please thank you moving on whoa okay those are some of the biggesthands I’ve ever seen on a spider-man wow it’s so that’s

more like Hulk hands onspider-man a huge big fist like that Playskool heroes superhero adventuresKapow spider-man action plush I see where theKapow comes from Kapow pulling action spider-man figure what’s wings aboutthem okay figure looks like the web slings superhero Liam I can see thatthank you for telling me that

more than 10,000 phrases when you move his legsokay so when you move his leg it’s not when you move his arms that’sinteresting foldable arms move up and down includes figure yeah I’d be prettydisappointed if I bought this and it did include the figure with it like oncethese would

have to type that that’s a real pretty big description shows alittle kid playing with it looks like he’s having a good time I’m too much toread though I’m not going to read all that now here’s the Spidey who appearsto have suffered some sort of allergic reaction and the

allergic reaction made his hands swell up but he just embraced it and so now his new superpower is superpower fist hands now I can compile with these big swollen hands kapow! all right listen let’s buy allergicspider-man Kapow kaboom oh yeah we got the oldallergic spider-man here said this

guy looks funny no once more might even yourfriendly neighborhood spider you got I sure AM waitI barely touched his legs they start talking what else you gotso it’s interesting the legs don’t actually move oh I’m getting it now soyou give it a swing like that what else okay

this is getting pretty cool now heput up his kabob swollen hands you give it a I actually like this thing this ispretty cool I I started having so much fun with them so quickly I forgot totake the cardboard off so I think it’s just off okay we got

that off now we canhave some fun I am ah buddy if you punch me one more time ah oh I got playoffs ohum you know it’s really kind of weird cuz his legs are like way too big forhis body so it’s not really proportionately looks more like the

Hulklike it’s huge muscles and the huge hands of course and spider-man doesn’twear a belt like this so let’s little bit off but we’llforgive them he’s trying out a new fashion accessory it’s cool the soundeffects are great I was pretty impressed of this guy that’s fun yeahthat’s action-packed she

did that I can get behind yes give me a brofist Justinoh yeah whoa what is this this even the spider-man toy monsters of legend hetotally looks like a little mini spider-man but like a gremlin crossedwith a spider oh it’s got jointed head and arms though so you can

move thosearms and the head all around but the legs legs are stuck in place you can’tmove those and what’s up with the box it’s got a skeleton holding a rose inhis teeth so romantic Wow weird toys again okay you know I love the weirdspider-man toys what can I

do let me know down below if you want to see me domore weird toys maybe of a different character type that down below and I’llbe looking for ideas from you guys and if you haven’t seen this video heredefinitely check it out it’s pretty cool if you’re not subscribed

click rightthere but I’m sure you guys already are because you’re super awesome people andthere’s another one here another video that’s pretty tight so I’ll see you guysreal soon with a brand new video

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