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by srakute
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– Hey guys, how’s it hanging? I moved.

(cat meows) Meow! Yeah, my new home is haunted, so that’s just Moo talking to the ghost.


(door shuts) That’s fucking spooky.

I’m glad she has friends.

So I have a bunch of shit that I bought on Amazon.

Some weird, some more normal things that I just needed to add to my new home.

As per usual, regardless of whether the products I’m opening are weird or not, we’re going to leavesome weird ass reviews.

So I ordered some wall decals.

(paper ripping) Ow.

There’s a giraffe, it’s unrealistic, yes, but it’s cute as hell.

(mellow music) Okay, this one is beautiful.

A lake.

I mean, I’m pretty surelike any sticker you just take the shit off andput it somewhere else, but let’s just see if thedirections say anything else.

Wipe down your wall withdry, lint-free cloth.

(laughs) Well.

– No.

– This is nerve-wracking.

Yuh-yuh, yes.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah.

(slow music) New set.

Okay, wow, that was easier.

Becoming a pro at this.

(laughs) This is a safety hazard because I am so tempted to just- (beeping) Let’s start with Gigi the giraffe.

This decal is stuck to more than just my wall, it’s stuck to my heart.

The only complaint I have is that Gigi, the name I have given my new giraffe, will not eat when I try to feed her! I fear she will die quicklywithout consumption of food or water.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Now for the lake decal.

This decal has singlehandedly ruined my life.

When it first arrived, I felt bliss! I thought, what a beautifuladdition to my home! The colors! The details! The life it brought tomy lifeless white wall! It was everything.

Last Wednesday I got homefrom an office party where I humiliated myself duringour annual dance competition.

Filled with shame, Idrank more than usual.

When I returned home that night, I saw the promising lake, the possibilities in the sky, the water looked so wet.

So I jumped.

I now have a concussion, a broken nose, one less eyeball and no job! The no job part was admittedly my fault, I’m such a bad dancer, but the rest was yours.

I will be suing you decal! Once I remember my name! (box ripping) Bring a Starry Night Indoors! Hell yeah, I will.

The name of the game here is really to make any of this stuffwork without reading the directions, so let’ssee if we can do that.

Let’s go to my bedroom.

It’s a work in progress.

One of the things Ilove about this room is that there are high ceilings.

So I feel like this isthe perfect place to play around with this projector.

I’m going to plug it in over here.

Start this bad boy.

(gasp) Wow, wow, wow.

Wow, wow, wow, wow.

(beeping) Wow.

This sky lite is sotight it makes me want to stay up all night.

Plug it in and watch those stars spin, orbiting my room, putthis thing in my tomb! I am now an astronaut in my own bed.

I knew I never should have listened to those mean things they said, “Your dreams won’t come true!” “There’s nothing you can do!” Well bitch, I’m in space.

Take that you (beep) face.

(box ripping) (laughs) I forgot I ordered this.

This next item is acat scratching pad that will allow Moo to take her Moo-sic (crickets chirping) career to the next level.


Oh I broke it.

I successfully broke it.

This is hard.

Really hard.

Okay, all right.

Excuse me, what? There’s no hole in herefor this to stick into.

Am I supposed to make it myself? (banging) And then I don’t even understand, how am I supposed to stick this in here? (beep) it.

(banging) Wait, is this.



I’m embarrassed, I’m really embarrassed.

I just pretty much (beep) destroyed the underside of it and it doesn’t looklike the picture because I was trying to use the bottom as the top.

I am an idiot.

All right here we go.

I think we should setthis up where DJ Moo would actually perform.

This is my dining room, the hub of entertainment.

(meowing) I know, look she’s already singing.

You ready to perform? She’s just getting herpre-performance stretch in.

Moo Moo, look.

Freaky, freaky, freaky, freaky.

I just want her to touch it.


She touched it.

(warbled noise) (beeping) My cat, Moo is an excellentsinger and pianist.

All things considered, I figured she’d pick up Djing quickly.

I bought her a gold platedchain that says DJ Moo to encourage her on this new path.

I even put together a partyof her closest friends for her to practice at.

When her kitty DJequipment came in the mail, we were both very disappointed, this “machinery” washarder to put together than it would be to book my caton a Taylor Swift tour.

She was humiliated at her party with “equipment” so shamefulshe couldn’t even touch it.

You call this a scratch table? More like a trash- table.

And now some thoughts from my cat.

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow! Moo do you want to hit send? This next item is definitelygoing to be the best item.

I’m very excited about it.

(box ripping) (screams) What this is, is a foot rest.

An ottoman, but it is also a sheep.

The umbilical cord seemsto still be attached.

Here’s the head.

We’ve got the instructionswhich you must read, before assembling! Well.

(sigh) I guess I’ll read the instructions.

This is what we’re making.

You can store shit in here.

Look at this.

(Velcro ripping) This is where I’m goingto put my drugs and other paraphernalia.

Yeah, leave a comment down below, let me know what youwould hide in your sheep.

This goes here.

Head goes here.

(laughs) She’s got a leg.

She’s got one leg up in the competition.

She’s finished.

She’s cute.

A little creepy, with no eyes.

It’s still cute.

Let’s take her to her designated location.

Good girl.

(mellow electronic music) (beeping) My new sheep ottoman wools my home.

That’s all I’ve got.

This next item is pretty normal.

Yeah, it’s a pretty normal item.

I wanted one and I bought it.

I got a whiteboard for my office.

Woo-hoo baby.

Now we play the game of “do I need to follow the directions”? ♪ Do I need to follow the directions ♪ ♪ Or can I just do whatever I please ♪ ♪ That’s the name of the game of ♪ ♪ Buying things ♪ Okay, I’ve decided to notput the whiteboard up yet because I don’t even have a desk.

As of right now, it’s toosoon to make any commitments.

(beeping) This whiteboard is pretty standard.

It does the job but becareful of what you make “the job” because I startedusing my whiteboard as a diary and turns out that it’s not the most discreet method of writing.

My mom found out that I eat shoes and is nowforcing me to go to SEAA, shoe eating addiction anonymous.

Because of this whiteboard I’ll never consume another heel.

Our next item is a mirror.

Another pretty normal item.

In the guest bathroom is one of the most hideous mirrors I’ve ever seen.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to do some redecorating, andI just bought a mirror.

Let’s go put this baby on.

Welcome to my guest bathroom.

Do you guys like my painting? It’s pretty damn cute.

Anyways this is the ugly mirror.

Say what you will, Ithink it’s (beep) ugly.

Oh no, oh no, it doesn’t fit! (groans) Oh man! This is the most hideousartwork I have ever laid my eyes on.

The girl on the the “art” workneeds a lot more work done.

A facial, teeth whitening, a new hairdo, a new outfit.

She could lose a few pounds too.

So ugly! Hideous! Putrid! Now whenever I go to the bathroom, I have to turn the lights off as to not be startled by this beast.

Money back please! This last item, I didn’t even want to buy.

I just kept seeing thisadvertised everywhere.

On Instagram, on Facebook, on Amazon.

So I just fucking threwmy hands in the air and I said fine! Fine.

It’s a burrito blanket.

Okay, this looks just like a tortilla.

(upbeat music) (beeping) This gave me a really bad stomach ache.

That was everything.

I hope you guys like this video.

If you enjoyed it, leavea comment down below.

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I’ll see you guys next Thursday.


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