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Making sure that the spellingof your business address is verified and accuratelyset up with UPS is extremely importantto have set up before you set up yourAmazon seller account Now, this is just one ofthe things you need to do And because of this, this is the reason why that many Amazon accountscould get suspended So if you don’t dothese things right here you could have suspensions, account’s gonna be deactivated or you can haveissues down the road So, in this video Hi, my nameis Beau Crabill You have no idea who I am, maybe you do You know, selling onAmazon every single day And what I wanna do in thisvideo is explain some things you need to be doing beforesetting up an Amazon seller account So one, like I just said, is makingsure the spelling of your address is perfectly correctwith the UPS How you can do this is, you can actually go to the ups.

com So just ups.

com I’ll put a link down belowas well for the address validator Is, you just type in You know, you could type inyour name or your company name There will be street address, the floor number, city, all that stuff Now, what it’sgonna populate out You’ll see what it is, like right here The one thing that you wannakinda look for is the little last digits ofthe zip code Because, you know, a zip code is typically people knowthe first 5 digits but there’s also those lastfew digits at the end that people don’t know If your addressis not validated not verified, or if you’respelling it wrong Then if you go into Amazon, Amazon’s partnered with the UPS And if your address isincorrect, they may just automatically flag your accountas not good and deactivated Also, what you want to do ishave two forms of ID ready to go So, passport and adriver’s license is fine If you don’t have a passport, I suggest going to usps.

com and I heard that actually Eventually, you’re gonnahave to need to get a passportanyway to travel So, the reasons for this isthat Amazon, they are a bit of a I don’t wanna say hassle, but theymake you jump through some hoops when you first get your accountset up, especially recently You know, as I’m makingthis video in 2020 is, Amazon has suspendeda lot of sellers recently And it’s because, the main I think the reason why, my theory behind it I don’t think there’s many, much evidence behind this because I don’t think it wouldbe illegal to get that evidence But there’s a lotof sellers in China and Russia, and also inAmerica who have set up fake accounts to messwith other sellers Now, this does not happenthat much in the online retail wholesale space thatI practice and preach about It happens a lot inthe private label space where things can geta little dirty and black at So, that happened a lotin late 2018, early 2019 It was just a huge mess So, what I believe is, now going on, is Amazon’s making sure that people are actually legitand they’re real people So because of that, the right address is one thing Having two forms of ID, passport and driver’s license Make sure it saysthe same thing on your driver’s licenseand passport Like, don’t have yournames spelled differently Having a credit card ordebit card for your business Now, you don’t have to set up anAmazon account under a business You can set it up yourselfjust as an individual But one thingI would caution is that if you plan to later bea business on Amazon keep that in mind Now, you can always, I’m not a tax attorney I don’t, I can’tgive legal advice I’m not, I can’tgive you legal advice I do have people insome of my trainings that are actuallylegal attorneys that can provide youwith this advice But if you’re gonna laterchange on to a business keep that in mind becausethere could be some hoops you haveto jump through And if you do decide to changeinto an LLC or into an S Corp If your EIN changes, or there’s a different part in the businessin a different address communicate withAmazon prior just so there’s a log ofcommunications saying, hey I’m about tochange my address Hey, I am now a new entity, can I update this, right? So it’s superimportant to do that So with that, havesome type of credit card Now, some people they don’t like to geta credit card, that’s fine It does make it a little harderoperating your Amazon business But you can technicallydo it with a debit card But Amazon likeshaving a credit card It’s just ’cause they sometimesmay have to charge your card so do keepthat in mind Some sort of utility bill So Amazon now, especially ifyou’re in a single-member LLC or sole proprietor, is you’re gonna have to havesome sort of utility bill for the addressthat you put on So again, Amazon, all they’re looking for is their Most of their like, thingsthat they try to get a hit on or like, try to suspend accounts, or whatever they try to make your business a hassle, is, they have robots running and algorithms that if there’sany discrepancies that like okay, if you’readdress is wrong or if your utility bill doesn’tmatch with your address or if your driver’s licensedoesn’t match with your address anything like that, then, you know, that can be a hassle So, some sort ofutility bill will be handy on the address thatyou have on your business Also, this isreally important When you’re ready toset up your Amazon account understand that you don’twanna be on a public WiFi Amazon has suspendeda lot of sellers recently because they’re changingWiFi, stuff like that So, Amazon won’t necessarilyalways give their rules of how peopleget suspended But what I have seen, this’ll be the safest thing to do is have one computer foryour Amazon business one IP address, and one WiFi So, the reason whyI actually decided to use and actually create up one of, my analyzer tool Which is now rebrandedto Supplier Scout the Crabill Analyzer Tool Is, I can operate my analyzer toolon any type of computer So before, there’s a couple oftools out there that are a lot worse That you’d have to like, download something You have to, I used to have a PC, and then I also had a Mac So, I was signing fromdifferent computers You know, I got my Amazonaccount suspended a long time ago because I was dropshipping, and arbitrage, and things like that But to keep itas safe as possible use one computer, one IP address, one WiFi If you have to sign into public WiFis I would suggest maybehaving a hotspot with you with yourcellphone carrier You can get a hotspot like, with Verizon or AT&T Typically like, hotel WiFis arepretty secured and are fine to use unless you’re usingthe public one behind it So like, if you go toa hotel and you’re like using your room WiFi, that’s fine But if you go into thepublic Starbucks WiFi or you go to somelocal place, or the mall I don’t suggestdoing that at all Also, the last thing iskeep your login secured I use a little thingcalled LastPass I believe they havea free version They may have somepaid versions as well I think I use a paid one But, oh yeah, so no, we haveour team that uses a paid one but I have a free one But anyway, there’sa thing called LastPass where if you have to sharelogins with your team or anything like that Actually, the first thing, what I would suggest doing is add any of your teammembers as secondary users So in your Amazon account, you can go log in you can do that, I’ll put somescreenshots up here as well You can go to users, you can add secondary users Secondary usersare fine, right? So also, if you’re managingsomeone else’s Amazon account You know, I work withbrands all the time and I managetheir accounts I’m like, please add meas a secondary user Like, show ’em a PDF, show ’emhow to do it, and go from there I don’t want themto share the logins I don’t want like, me tolog in from my computer I wanna be as asecondary user as my e-mail That’s totally fine, that’s legit inside Amazon But for some reason thatyou need to share your logins To a business partner, to an employee or whatever it may be, use LastPass Amazon does not like whenpasswords are being shared around If your password gets leakedand then someone logs in or even tries to log in, that’s not good at all I had someone tried to hackinto my Amazon account but they had the wronge-mail luckily, a few years ago I think it’s becauseI’m on YouTube But they were able to log in toa different account that I had and Anyway, so keep’em secured I use LastPass What LastPass does, it’s kinda cool Is, you can go to a website, and it will automatically populate those logins And you actually don’t have toshare the password with somebody It will just go, it’ll justshow the black little dots So you can do that Also have 2-factor authenticationon your Amazon account So, what youcan do in Amazon is you can have Amazon send youa code every time that you log in Now, if you’re using one computer, one IP address, one WiFi you can just hitsave this computer and it’s not gonnahave to do that again But for whatever reason if someone tries to log infrom somewhere else is you can have a 2-factorauthentication set up that can get sent to your phoneor an authentication app or Gmail, whatever it may be One good use ofthis is Google Voice So with Google Voice, you can get a number set up where if someone calls yourcurrent cellphone number it would say, hello, this isa Google Voice number And 206, whatever numberfrom Amazon is calling you Would you liketo pick up, right? Or it’ll say, hi This is someonefrom Amazon calling So then you can pick it upfrom your phone The person onthe other end thinks you’re talking fromyour Google Voice number which is just some numberthat’s not actually yours And then also, you can getGoogle Voice linked up to your Gmail So if someone sendsa voicemail to you or if Amazon textsyou that code then they will be able toget that code and log it in So the last thingI wanna talk about ‘Cause this is kind of all aboutmaking sure that there’s less friction inall of Amazon And, you know, I don’t like this to be a big of a dealdue to the fact that like selling on Amazonshould be very simple You get an accountset up, good But Amazon does suspenda lot more people recently And I believe it’s dueto the fact that people mess up on thesetypes of things I wouldn’t worry about Amazon suspending you But the only other thing thatyou should be worried of off of reducing issues with Amazon, is going too fast too quick So, if you opened upyour account and just sent a bunch ofinventory like, on the first day watch out Now, what I mean bytoo much inventory Like, if you go from doing nothingand then started doing thousands of dollars a day or like, tens of thousands ofdollars a week, that’s not good Or if you just send ina crazy amount of units and if you have mistakesat the beginning Amazon, they arevery wary of sellers who makemistakes at the beginning Now, all of this stuff, I believe, is actually very positive Because the more, harder it is tosell on Amazon, the more issues Amazon puts barriersbehind sellers, it’s good news I see it as good news becausepeople are not educated Like, the 99% of people who havenot watched my YouTube videos who have no ideawhat they’re doing they’re gonna quit And the people whoknow what they’re doing So like, you watch my videos, people in my trainings webinars I do, workshops, everything like that You’re more educated, so you can, you know not go throughthese issues But anyway, recap this I talked about issuesand things you wanna do for getting yourAmazon account set up If you have any otherquestions about that or any question aboutselling on Amazon comment them down below, and that’s about it So, I will see youin the next video.

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