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Hey, it’s Sandi! Welcome back toCutePolish.

Today, Juli will be testing out the Azure Dip Powder Nail StarterKit which is currently the top dip powder kit on Amazon! We’ll have a linkfor you guys to this dip powder kit in the description box below.

Ff you aren’tfamiliar with dip powder nails, essentially they’re easy to apply athome, however there are a lot of steps.

But it’s worth it because the manicureends up lasting for weeks until you’re ready to remove them! Also, dip powder is super strong so you can even add fake tips to your nails and thedip powder will keep them on.

Hey, it’s Juli! Now let’s jump right on into thevideo.

So when you get your Azure dip powder set, this is what its gonna looklike.

It comes in a pretty large box and now we’re gonna take out the contents and see what’s inside! So of course you get your little paperproducts like the instructions and the store you get it from on Amazon and theinstructions on this are very thorough and I like that they have pictures foreach step.

You get two nail files.

One is pretty coarse for buffing down layers ofthe dip powder and the other is smooth.

And you get a cuticle oil, a woodencuticle stick, a brush to clean off the excess powder.



which I really like.

You get one clear base dip powder and three colours as well as the five stepliquids.

So as you can see, you really get everything you need for a complete dipmanicure! Okay, so the first step in the instructions is to apply step one whichis bond and this is pretty much a dehydrator.

Next I’m going to go aheadand just remove all of the seals from the powder while that’s drying on mynails and I really like that all of these did come with a protective seal sothat I know that they haven’t been used.

Next I’ll be applying the step twoliquid which is a base to my nails.

Because in the past this has driedreally fast for me, I did this one nail at a time.

So I applied it and then Idipped it into the clear base powder.

So normally in the past when I have donethis, the base liquid dries super duper fast, which is why I do it so quick! Butthis base actually has a little bit of a drying time so I noticed that it tookmaybe thirty seconds to fully dry.

So I wouldwait a little bit and then dip it into the powder.

So I would apply it, maybewait 15 seconds, and then dip it in.

Otherwise I noticed that when I woulddust off the powder, which I also suggest waiting a little bit before you dust offthe excess with the brush, I would actually dent the dip powder which I’venever had happened before.

But I kind of like that the base does take a littlebit longer to dry than other dip powder kits I’ve tried.

I also notice that thebase powder applied very evenly and it stuck to all the parts of the baseliquid that I applied.

So I’m getting a little bit behind, but next I applied thebase liquid again and then I dipped it into the color powder.

So first I’m doingthe pink and I did that on my index and pinky now and next I’m going to dip itinto the purple powder and make sure as the instructions say if you get any ofthat base liquid on your skin to remove it before dipping into the powder andthe instructions also say to dip your finger into the dip powder at a45-degree angle and then pull it out.

I like to tap off the excess powder again, wait 30 seconds, and then dust off the excess that’s on the skin and the nailwith the brush.

So the pink powder and the purple powder looked to be almostopaque after the first coat but with the glitter I could tell that it was likedefinitely going to be a full coverage glitter! And unfortunately, as you can seehere, this is where I noticed that I had to wait for the powder to dry a littlebefore dusting with excess because as you can see it picked up some of theliquid and the powder and it got stuck to the brush and I never was able tofully remove it.

The instructions say to go back in with one more coat repeatingthose steps so that is what I did.

After I applied two coats of the dippowder, I gave it a thorough dusting and then Iapplied the activator liquid.

The instructions say to let this dry for twominutes and then that you can move on to filing.

So next I used the coarse gritfile that came in the kit to file down the bulk of the powder and then Iswitched over to the softer grit one to just smooth out the surface.

As you cansee here as I was filing and a little bit of the powder chipped off.

I’m not sure ifthis is because I applied to the base liquid unevenly and it picked up sparsely in that area, but that did happen on the pink colorednail.

I also found it very odd that the instructions didn’t say to dip yournails back into the clear base powder after you applied the color ones.

Ilooked everywhere on the instructions and it definitely did not say to do that.

In the past that’s what I have done to seal in the color so that when I’mfiling it, I don’t accidentally file the color powder.

And then once I was happywith the filing and everything was smoothed down, the instructions say toapply one layer of the top coat and allow two minutes to dry and then apply asecond layer of the top coat.

For me, every time I’ve used dip powder kits, thetop coat isn’t really like a top coat.

It smells like nail glue and it does drywith a sheen but it’s not like a glossy top coat.

So I’m never fully satisfiedwith the shine of the top coats for these kit.

But this one was pretty nice!If I were to apply like a gel topcoat over top, I think it would look extra shiny and really pretty! So overall I think this kit is great forbeginners and you really do get everything you need for a complete dipmanicure.

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Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see younext time!.

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