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– Today I have Easter’stop deal at under 30 bucks from mattsdailydeals.

com, a $130 cooling bamboomattress topper for $29.


Hey guys, hope you’re having as good of a weekend as possible.

I know that our lives have taken a turn that none of us necessarily anticipated, but I hope you had a happy Passover, if you’re celebrating that.

Happy Easter.

And my job right now as I advocate for you is to find you deals andessentials as they drop.

And I’ve handled allthe very serious topics, and then I’ve handled the entertainment and the lighthearted topics.

Like yesterday I did a breakdown of the top streaming services.

And we’re talking games at home, but also things like toilet paper and face coverings and I’m making sure that you guys do get hooked up.

Before we get to today’s deal I’ve learned that it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to many ofthe products that I feature.

Last week I mentioned acompany called Harry Rosen, which had an almost 80% off shirt sale, and they were liquidating their stock so they could convert theirtextile factory to make masks.

And then I believe nextweek there’s a company tat makes beauty products.

They’re switching overto make hand sanitizer, so they’re giving away beautyproducts for about a dollar, and we wanna help those retailers.

They’re actually lookingto liquidate their stock, which brings us to today’s top deal.

Now this is on mattsdailydeals.

com, a reminder, I do use affiliate links, which means I benefitmonetarily if you’re kind enough to use one of my links.

In addition to all of the essentials and the topics that I’vebeen covering all week on YouTube and national television.

You are going to find the bamboo mattresstopper right here, $29.


You click here and youare gonna be transferred over to an Amazon listing.

Now this is an amazing deal.

I don’t think I need to explain to you why a $30 mattress topper is a great deal.

This listing just went live, and I’m actually using a couple of my friends’ Amazon zip codes to try and chart the differentshipping times on Amazon.

This is a cooling mattress topper.

And this will actually helpregulate your body temperature so you get a deeper sleep.

Your body needs to drop one or two degrees to enter that deeper state of REM sleep.

Whenever I’m discussingthings as a sleep advocate, which I do time to timefrom different sources.

People will always tell you if you make a quick change to your pillowor your mattress topper, you’re not over cranking that thermostat to have that hot summernight a thing of the past, where your whole AC systemis overcompensating.

You can sometimes justlower your body temperature with something like a breathablebamboo mattress topper.

Now this is a softmicrofiber mattress pad.

I wanna tell you twoquick things about this.

You guys might not remember.

If you are a regular subscriber you might.

A year ago I featured thison my YouTube channel, I believe, and I showed how this was not only able tosustain cool temperatures during really hot sunlightin the guest room, and I have this clip.

This is one of my favorite tests for this cool memory topper.

I removed the blinds from our guest room, and with six hours of direct sun exposure now hitting this mattress topper.

I am telling you, it is notonly still cool to the touch, but none of that heat’sbeen able to permeate.

In fact, oho, wooooo.

This is not only still cool, this is a great way to bring some support to your back, the rest of your mattress, and my favorite deal today.

But at that point at $99that was an amazing deal.

I would have never imaginedin my wildest dreams, my deal dreams, that thiswould in fact be a $29.

99 deal.

So if you are interested, this is great.

I know that some of ushave a more full household than we were anticipating.

If you have kids home from college, if you are taking care of seniors or different members of your family, despite the self isolationand social distancing, I know that a lot of ourhomes are very full right now, this would be a great product, where if you have a brand new mattress and you want to protect it and preserve it’s life, that’s great.

And then if you have an older mattress that isn’t so comfortable to sleep on, this would also be agreat product to consider.

It gives a little bit ofnew life into a mattress, gives you a little bit moreback, neck, and shoulder support for side, back sleepers it’s great, but it’s just a littlebit more comfortable, more reminiscent of thosefive star hotel mattresses that we cannot sleep on right now.

I wanna wish you guys asafe, healthy weekend.

I have so many other dealsthat I’m excited to hunt down.

If you like what you sawplease feel free to subscribe with your notifications turned on.

A reminder I have you coveredat mattsdailydeals.

com and in general, and I love you.

Thanks so much for watching.

And again, I am honored to bea part of your schedule as, as different as these times happen to be.

All right, Happy Easter.

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