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IPTV Brazin

by srakute
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We are in a kind of paradise We are officially in The Amazon you chew it chew it eunsuk do It Good morning.

It is 5:00 a.


In the Amazon We got our boots on We’re ready to go out the boat Forever boots Comida time for me that breakfast Trip no, my name is at all.

I’m from Brazil.

This fruit is called why about Brazil era? It’s a very sour fruit and this one is cherry trailer with raging efforts from from Amazon basin It’s so good though.

Like you want to keep eating it tastes like mango street.

Yeah, that’s a mystery I know she got the whole crew down here Fabrizio some professional foodie vegan the Amazon didn’t give us enough spots to shoot on the river But we did find a really cute spot here in this property.

So we’re About to go and knock out a yoga video That’s a wrap on a sweaty shoot I sweat so much just like I’m doing the toss getting bit by ants and God knows what kind of Amazonian insects Lunchtime now, okay second Cheryl today That’s not vegan Here we have some chunka just jungle spaghetti also known as parts of pump I Am ascending Hole number two There’s some violent trees here the trees are the roots absorb the water from the from the rain and from the ground and Inside it has small little holes in filters to water to make it pin so you can’t drink it But also there are a lot of different types of this like I’m telling you that they are very toxic you could guys The bullet on the largest ant we have in the world so they sting you they have a sting like scorpion We found the village stone We have now entered a village inside the Amazon Their way of life is just while wearing eye opening They’re all very happy and very kinda saying hello to these White tourists that we are walking through their village, so it’s really cool Hello what uh The name of that village is over on o ra n I’m just so beat.

I need like 10 minutes to just have a siesta And this is our little honeymoon suite It’s wet hey we just notice where the plaid game today her matching again Alright, so we’re ready to go.

Hit the canoe Basically, it’s always been a dream of ours to canoe down.

The Amazon River.

The dream is about to come true So let’s go see how this works This is truly unbelievable Here peaceful surreal I don’t know waiting for anaconda to show up They say that the Amazon is infinite In its nature and its biodiversity There’s 8, 000 different species of fish and only 4, 000 have been discovered Tarzan and Jane, that’s our new names for today My goodness, what a wonderful experience Just just the stillness and the peace, you know, truly Makes you realize that we were just a little part of all of this It’s really cool So exhausted Poor Go look for some ancient trees to shoot some yoga videos at and Maybe find the river dolphins and go for a swim near them Probably not with them, but definitely near them like a bird on a tree I’m just sitting here.

I Got time You got a broken propeller here to see From up here The world’s a smart we can sit together It’s so beautiful you and me We meant to be In the great outdoors In the Amazon so far we’ve heard about trees that acted the lungs of the world by purifying 80% of our oxygen On the planet and we also have learned about trees that kill people if you cut them poison gas shoots Oh blinds you From a distance Find the dolphin Sorry you guys I Was hoping the Dolphins birdie There’s a legend that for the male dolphin you underwear under the water Got a machete this to hide off the dolphins not taking you Driving through the Amazon in the dark Well, we’ve managed to get stuck She’s like the Blair Witch Project Think we might be good Crazy Arrey to think that you’re stuck in weaves with alligators around you and crazy little green frogs But who jump on your hair? We’re in the middle of the Amazon we might be lost.

I think we were looking at Caymans I don’t know not information Snuck in the weeds stranded by caiman Where the sawmill Well, it’s dinnertime we got beans and yuca fries and Sir buddy Paul Goes after dinner.

Hey, do you guys want to go on like a little? Like walk around at night for like okay, we’ve already had a night Boat ride by why not.

Apparently we ran shows right now Obviously, this was not that excited So we walk out of the main lodge and the closest tree he walks up to Inspecting goes oh, look at this a giant Deadliest tarantula.

It’s just Shawn.

We walked to like two trees later He points up he’s like look there’s the deadliest frog not tonight.

Yeah Filo Medusa Villa Medusa be color.

That’s the scientific name.

So this is the This is a giant monkey fuck.

Holy addition to Campbell.

He’s right here Well, the Amazon sure does kicker butts What incredible day though.

Thank you mother Now we’re gonna rest our tired eyes for another day tomorrow Good night.

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