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by srakute
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Fun fact when I was kid couldn’t Browns my aunts, so instead of saying bananas I said, well I am oh God I’m sorry.

I just nailed my bars in the freaking door.

Yo, look at this rally has these monster cans That’s actually the tour water only give it a seat so rally is officially a monster athlete pro athlete so we have the rest of the scoot that obviously you guys might have seen in the last video which if you didn’t See the last video click that card right up on one of these sides I always forget but we got to finish up the build.

I have the black vinyl grips right here This is the blue sparkle vinyl grip tape which will actually match the deck wherever it is O’Reilly picked it up right there So I actually match that blue really well But everything else is black black bars black clamp black everything else use my official scooter mechanic be a good boy The bottom piece you are on Jesus good boy Okay bars are cut grips are on and barns are officially installed got the black bottle grips on here as I told you guys earlier now we got to take the older grip tape off and we’re putting the blue buy ogre tape on so this is going to be fun New scoot is officially built up ready to rise quickly.

Let’s check for you guys We have the AOS G for original deck and burnt pipe on my signature We have the vital grip tape obviously just a normal break.

We have a black envy double clamp right here Also got the fullest Ned sticker on the black union bars by ng scooters we have another RW balloon sticker right here black vinyl grips metal bar ends We’ve got an envy sealed headset hiding up in there SLB bc v fork in black black on black Lambo wheels and envy a back nine bearing so this group is all blacked out with the exception of the burnt pipe deck and honestly everybody is loving it so far because there’s only a little bit of color which is down there on the deck and of course on The grip tape but I’m loving this thing right now.

It rides really really well Of course, we’ve gotta get some clips on this thing.

Alright you guys we were out here at Kellogg skatepark We got steve-o with us and Stevo and I are gonna get a quick front and behind Back to back train thing on the 8th from the far from the 500 It’s gonna close to you sorry for another box and a 360 downside with out of the bank One thing I want to do right now is I want to try to get double throw bar mani and then mani down the bank to manual flair so a big mani line with a flair into bars drop it into the bag the bar Oh, Mr.

Mani, whoo Let’s try that again.

Shall we? My wheels are still making slight noises, but I need to tighten this back up a little bit.

They’ll stop after a little while I’m sure hopefully let’s get a quick kill whip into the bag now get the double bar to Manny step more panty.

Yeah, hold it Deceiving.

It’s a player.

Don’t go behind me, please Whoo, just out of the back nice.

It’s like the guy and cartoons like Oh, Mike All right, Steve I was gonna get a quick Flair downhill on the 5 I want to goes back with a flare bar Dropping it right now Flair downhill Danny.

I was actually prime.

Well done, sir.

Well done.

All right, my turn no footer snake See if we get this one first guy should be able to Almost lost my scoot though.

I will say that yo peeps Evo’s new bar app He actually made this completely on his own with his own sticker machine.

He’s got the zone logos guys Instagram.

I’m on there She’s got the art of logo kiss Tebow rights for the one and only He was one of the Ring Warner comm team riders and he’s been killing it lately like in that flared devil right there That was actually nice.

Okay, he’s showing off now.

Oh The 50 the 270 you can see fifty two fifty fifty four fifty in.

Oh no Bravo ground to Fold it’s great pulse Ned post ed.

Ah Yes, mate give me a line on the hip knee and hip hook Anyway, the big guy.

I don’t know yet now.

Hit me.

No, tell me what line like give me aligned you align All right always screws it up every gets that confuse all the time If you’re gonna have to do a quad with Flair finger with Y with on the hip one, two, three four gotta get the flare on the eight and then all I do he’ll think I Like he laughing whoops a little bit more than I like normal fingers, which is weird But normal finger rubs feel way better when I hit them and actually start whipping I’ll call weird one for you weird one.

I want to see double to bar all the way there Hand plant on the eighth and then back yonder hip.

Oh Dude this clip actually might look freaking bananas.

The only bar that opens dead.

Yeah, that’s fine 25 miles could couldn’t browse my aunt’s so instead of saying bananas.

I said what I am God Hey, I just ran straight into the frickin wall Hopefully I wasn’t too close I feel like I was too close to the bar devil But we’re gonna find out we got but I almost hit me directly in the face.

What’s our status fuckin misses? So far scoot is running awesome, I’m loving the entire scooter right now, I’m gonna do this thing that I do right over here I’ve never seen anybody do it other than me But I know steve-o could do it and just jump over the box like one side to the other pulls Ned.

I Think she was gonna first try.

What do you guys think? Click that card? Let us know just evil have to jump over the box first go here He goes drop it in turn it around on the 8 foot quarter pipe coming right back on the hip ramp looking at it Oh goodness.

He’s going fast enough Chuck your scooter.

Shall I go first ajaccio halt Quick invert on the way there Luis do one anymore.

I did not do the bar sick.

I Didn’t go fast enough you I still made it.

Thank God Yo, you see me almost lose every single one of my teeth.

Your dad wouldn’t even pissed Your dad was like I did all this work for nothing so I can go for steve-o come right on through You almost didn’t make it – you know, I was actually mad close All right.

Let’s get a quick handplant on the 8th with this scooter.

I haven’t done that on this scoot in the scutes bars They feel like they’re a little bit taller.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure go get a quick hand plant And if I can land this first try Steve will have to get a line on the scooter deal Yeah, that was legit Hey your scooter.

Sounds like me Let’s see funny flat Drop it in and see what Steve’s got on the apron quarter who actually was it’s nice Aaron so good That was a good air.

Let me see a big boy air.

I’m gonna get over there with the fish I ain’t right You guys came here for this to be a part of the video and we will get tonight here in just a second but For those you guys I have not been to the skate park which is probably about 95% of you This quarter is an eight-foot-tall quarter and it actually has a little bit of fur on it So it’s very difficult to air but we’re gonna see how high Stevo can get right now I’m calling like 5 feet but he’s coming right now.

So we got to turn around get a steve-o drop it in Oh Got the barn end a little I saw it Yeah, let me get a whip that high or a floor Couture Ian Wanted to or briga Tori t-bog that was none of those but I’ll take it.

I still like tee box but okay coming in on the hip jumping the gap dropping in up on the corner you almost died How did you feel I know you ride a completely different scooter one in ten I give it honestly I like a 9 9 The only reason I give it a 9 instead of a tennis because the bars are a little too narrow for me But yeah, I like baby bars.

If I would sum it up as a whole scooters, probably a 10.

All right, I’ll take that He says it’s super fast.

These are like brand new wheels, and they are 120 s the bigger the wheel Usually the faster it is obviously that depends on the urethane and things like that on the wheels, but I love these wheels They’re good.

They’re smooth.

They last a long time and that’s good for me You didn’t pay you didn’t fall mask you just saying floating looks a lot like fun right now So let’s guess he goes back on air in the eighth drop it really quick Oh and a bacon coming up on the hip.

This should get it quick.

We’re gonna get it.

Steve is back Oh the over grab Burt It’s funny cause like when I jump right here just do a bar spin.

I’ll maybe the height of this kid’s entire life ladies gentlemen We got Noah right here and no and I are gonna make a deal and you can’t turn it down because you have air paws And that means you’re really cool.

So I’m gonna do 270 down side triple First go if I land it you have to trip up the hip doesn’t have to be downside agree Either way you want but it alright deal and you have to you have to go until you land it.

Okay? Okay, cool.

If you want it first try I’ll do down side triple come back in triple Ooh see but watch your legs before I chop them off dropping it and gotta get that 270 down side triple wants, you know I do this.

Oh Dang it, I’m gonna do it.

Anyway, I’m gonna try to get that to semi triple.

You’re gonna do it Anyway, wait right now, even though I screwed over my end of the bed.

He’s still gonna do it I’m talking about I like draw up a name for round Q on the tooth somebody dance at your boy.

Hey, watch out Oh god.

Oh, no, you’re good.

They’re mine Dang, it come fly bit poor.

I’m proving it right now, bro How about this? If I if I do two seven downs that triple I’m gonna whip front scoop on the eight.

Then you have to do it in the line.

Okay, I do.

Oh My god a suck Whoa, I’m not in that bad condition.

Thank goodness.

Partially then break.

Don’t Boop it right fourth.

Try come on, four or five Yes, okay I Almost didn’t land away Fred scoot though.

You see that? I almost sucked Noah coming in right now.

He’s got the shot.

Come on, Noah Whoa, okay one more for a three more technically my bet Yes, Noah, I would give you a high-five my hands are really dirty Okay, so you guys came here to see the cheapest Amazon schooner and see how it does here at the skate park So this scooter, I believe I believe is like 30 or 40 bucks But I know it was like the cheapest halfway decent scoop.

All the other ones are like $20 We’re like the three wheel ones or they were plastic.

This is the cheapest scoot that I could find that is decent So let’s open this thing up really quick, and we got a lot of tape Funny enough I don’t even know like what the scooter is cold.

All I know is it’s from bravo’s sports.

Oh Here we go.

It’s colorful.

I know that yeah, I remember Your house they’re not coming out The Kr2 performance freestyle scooter ladies and gentlemen, look at this urethane wheels, no need for that concrete stuff rugged construction Built-in foot brake no need for a handbrake who needs those Guys cut the whole box and even cut the tape at all more tape.

Are you serious? You put it inside of a massive box Oh God Okay, do this box is all bad in boxes.

Not not really good construction on the box boys.

The box might need a hand brake Yo, look at those full course, bro.

Yo, check this out these match your helmet.

Oh, that’s not good.

This is freaking unrealistically tight Yo, that’s surprising, alright, here’s our bars like a little rat bar.

Alright we need that tool though I don’t think it gave it to us.

So Where did that come from like they send you this? Oh, I was wrong.

It’s gonna be safe Right.

Is this safe? Good to see we don’t know yet I think this one will definitely be flare able as long as we can make these bars spinning.

It’s not good boys No bars fins will be done We see that top one.

It’s been maybe had like a really big crescent wrench or anything or Oh pliers like big pliers It’s not good.

Just not good at all.

Just oh I got it.


Yeah Boris means for days I’m gonna clawed with this BZ the perks of working at a scooter shop for five years And you actually know how things work.

You know, how confused I was back in the day like I think does this thing work? I just tighten the top one all the way and then the bottom one was just like kind of moving around like much my headset Was literally like this all the time Raven Warner 2010 look at that fork though kind of halfway decent.

The wheels are plastic cores They’re not metal, but they’re a full core.

They should be okay Ideally, of course they would be okay, but we’re gonna find out I’m really curious to see how that your thing goes Cuz dang is soft.

Yeah, they got a speed button.

Yeah, every quiet.

Here we go Alright so these bars really quick, I press that button in trying to cut my finger off Yo, who needs a clamp boys me a clamp.

We got a button Didn’t like that, I didn’t like that noise.


We’re in where should we start first trick? No What’s our first trick Bry Bry? 180? Yeah, okay 180 right.

We’ll do it on the five.

We’ll start off with that.

Oh That’s your presentation.

I’m gonna give this like a seven like what let me rephrase that Mike my confidence in it It’s probably like a seven because I think it’s actually gonna do pretty well.

I don’t think we’re gonna snap it too fast Hopefully hopefully we don’t snap it at all.

But here we go.

We’ll start it off 180 bribe with the cheapest Amazon scooter Oh My god, so freaking light though Oh God France cute I knew Rescue or should we do that? I’m scared already.

We’ll do as the other Bank Oh mini Bank this one Okay rescuer this minivan comes, huh? I’m afraid can hit me in the shin.

Oh My god, dude, how is it the whole confidence thing? I’m confident in the deck the wheels.

Not so much dude.

They’re moving now We understand that this scooter is not supposed to do like red scooter flips or any kind of scooter flip at all for that matter But the wheels shouldn’t come lose that do you see that? I Have ever done by far we’ve done the bride.

We’ve done the front scoot this to scooter flips so no more scooter flips for me, but We gotta flip you guys know we gotta flip but we’re gonna back you or we gonna do Flair first Flair first we’ve already done breath upon the five.

So do this play on the eight deal deal wheels, bro, not good.

Oh my god 1000% Oh my god Dude you were so balled up on that Because this thing is tiny it’s like flaring a technic so don’t trip whoop we done frisk you.

We’re done flare We’ve done Bry now what? Flare bride shut up.

Oh, we got grind.

We got grind something Invert, no every done invert No one on the scooter, but I’ve done too many of them The tails are so hard.

Yeah, I want to do another trick.

It’s kind of a weird one well, I’m really interested to see other wheels take it and it’s firecracker the 700 so far I like for 40 bucks I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s not doing too bad for 40 bucks so far It’s very good or do you want to go steve-o right now? You’re up dude.

You knew this was happening, dude I’m not done.

It is the size of your little better scooter.

I think I’m gonna try a dry.

Whip on the 5 All right, err err, okay Pull its net So whip dude the whip part is terrifying first go butter Everybody here knows I hate key closes so I’m not gonna do it but Stevo is gonna do a Kicky on the hip you said right hip we’re doing hip dropping in 180 on the 8 This should be a first go on for Stevo.

Yeah, he’s too good at those Maybe you should ride a scooter like this Devo forget that other thing you got it.

Does who you already do? Yes, man, we called out the back he had to get it back in there I want to get you back on flipping the hip What the heck oh my gosh, oh he’s gonna fakie Okay know what you got was the next one hey real I thought about that was like okay, nevermind.

I want to kick let’s kick with something but ya Know I just run just run right here jump in and lay on your butt like that Yes, no like jump like this dude there’s just a flat dropping in right now going for the kick goes kick goes one joke That’s frickin gnarly.

It’s NAT.

No, it’s in perfect condition.

What am I talking about? Yeah, it’s a we time I was just really boy.

Isn’t that isn’t that the new NBA OSU five? Oh My god, well, it’s net drop it in second go for kicky.


Oh You actually freaking did it yes, this is like pushed farther over is it let’s see Oh rip the ant less on in you guys probably can’t see all that well But the bearing on this side is like pushing out a little bit You can probably see it a little bit compared to this side.

So this sides like sinking in but all in all so far It’s it’s still doing okay.

I think we still need to get a couple more socially fast in this thing.

No No, I did you want to get something? I think you should hit the 7th there.

Oh, I can’t.

Yes you can you can I Want see oh no, how about something like a 360 something there’s 60 bar to bar.

Yeah I’ll take that Oh steve-o coming in with my scoot right now Huge steve-o’s arrows on my scooter.

So good.

First go three bar from Noah What was that dude come on you can do better than that bro get a Noah three bar coming right now from Noah Hanson.

Oh My gosh, I mean hey are we telling that I love dude? All right, we’ll give it to him.

We gotta go can’t get one more trick.

Yes, one more trick.

What am I doing, dude? What am I doing on the on the amazon scooter right now cheapest amazon scooter we can get flip whip I’ll try dude.

I’ll try this one.

I’m not excited for whatsoever.

But let me see it not good.

Not good.

Not good Not good, not good.

Not good.

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