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by srakute
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– [TREY] What’s up lit squad?!? My Squirtle Squad! Fam.



lit lit.



gang! Let’s open some bootleg Pokémon cards! Let’s open these bad babies up! So, today I have an Amazon mystery 100 Pokémon cards collection that I got off of Amazon.

I mean, if you couldn’t tell from the way I said that.



uh, this pack specifically was advertised as coming with a really cool Mew card! And, I think Mew is pretty cool, so.



I hope that the card enclosed is also pretty cool! Also, remember kids: keep your [REDACTED] out of the shot so that Susan Wojcicki doesn’t go and eat your soul.

(opens package in silence) Oh boy! So, we have here what seems to be – if the camera will focus – just a, uh.



a bunch of BS cards.

It’s just 2.



really shoddily packaged stacks of cards that are very poorly packaged.

They’re sealed with friggin tape! Can you see this? Hol’ up! That’s just freakin’ Scotch taped shut! Taped together! Well, alright, let’s bust into it.

(Opens cards with gusto) Oh god.



I’ll just that plastic piece that flew off to the side for a bit.


Alright! Okay.

We’ll start with this stack.

(Adjusts camera with chutzpah) We’ll just start by going through the stack, and I don’t think there are any rarities at all.

So, let’s just go through it! We got a Morellul, and we have this old ass Poliwhirl, or is this from Evolutions? Honestly, nah, this looks too new.

This is 100% from Evolutions.

So we have a very new-ish Poliwhirl there, a Maintenance – that also looks like it’s from Evolutions.

Honestly, these all look like they’re from Evolutions.

Poliwhirl, Diglett, Caterpie, Poliwag, (Angrily moves cards) Pikachu – yeah, all of these cards are just Evolutions garbage.

Uh, it’s all just repackaged (or, most likely bootleg, seeing how Amazon is) and they’re all from Evolutions packs.

There’s Staryu, a Steel Energy.



what a STEEL this was! This was a STEEL of a buy! There’s another Poliwhirl, another Full Heal, and – oh, a Porygon! Ooooh, look at that low-resolution! It’s like when you’re watching YouTube when you have slow internet! Y’know, when you’re trying to watch a YouTube video! (Tosses away) Here’s Sealeo! I wish that these packs were properly Sealeo’d! That was a garbage joke.

Don’t copy my joke-making abilities! There’s Natu, because I’m a Natu-ral at all these puns! There’s Trapinch, Spheal, a Passimian, (Tries and fails to think of a pun) Rowlet! Bruh! Bruh! I didn’t have a Rowlet card yet! This.



this makes it worth it in my eyes! For those that don’t know, Rowlet is my all-time favourite Pokémon ever! So, I’m happy about that! This was a good purchase! Well, now that I’m looking at it this way, anyways.

There’s Dusclops, Larvesta, really nothing else of really any value in here, Piplup, another STEEL energy because the Amazon seller wants to STEEL your money, and a Cosmog! Get in the bag, Nebby! (Yeets the card) Aw damn, that thing is freakin’ gone now.

I’m never getting that back.

That slid right down the crack between the desk and the wall.

(Note from James: Well that sucks!) There’s Ponyta, Crabrawler, and.



can we see this? That’s a Carvanha! Water energy, Throh, Tangrowth, Lillie’s Full Force, another Ponyta, Sunkern, another Cosmog, Psyduck having a mental breakdown like me right now!(Note from James: Same, dude.

Quarantine sucks.

) This is me when I realized how bootleg this was! Y’know, when I opened up the Amazon package and saw the repackaged garbage! This Psyduck is basically me right now.

Trapinch, trash, Rotom, Type: Null, Heracross, Togedemaru, and, last but not least, an Electric Energy! Woooooooow.

That’s a good pull! /s (Crazy Music Kicks In) Yeah, we got the Electric Energy! Bruh! YES! Yet, we still haven’t seen that advertised Mew card! Maybe it’s in the next stack, though.

Boom, Foongus! Oh, Mewtwo! Well, we’re gettin’ close! However, I don’t care! There’s Onix, Wailmer, Palpitoad, Kricketot – which makes me think that this is mostly just the Diamond/Pearl set.

That’s when I started playing the game, I think.

I have all of Base Set.

Well, just from.



I dunno.

Unidentified Fossil, Rapidash, Eevee, Duskull! Now, one thing that I do think I should say now is that I am liking looking at these old cards.

Some of these are a nice blast from the past! Now, Tympole, Flabébé, icy Alolan Sandshrew, and I don’t get why he’s an ice cube now! I don’t know! I remember something weird explaining the existence of one of the Alolan forms.

I can’t remember which one it was.

It was like.



yes! For the Alolan Vulpix or whatever, the Pokémon Company had, like, this website that was promoting it or whatever where they tried to justify the, um.



what typing it changed to and the reasoning for that one was that there was an abundance of Grass-types in Alola! That’s what made Vulpix become an Ice-type! And I was like “Are you freakin’ serious?” It’s already a Fire-type, you geniuses! Bruh! Now, Hakamo-o, Golett, Dewpider, Helioptile – this one just doesn’t look coloured in.

This one just looks like a kid got a hold of a yellow marker and went to town on this card! Carvanha, Tepig, a Fighting energy, and Dragonium Z? What? Araquanid, Fairy energy, and Dartrix! We’re going to go add that to the Rowlet pile! I’ve got that going up over here! (Dramatic unfocused zooms) I’ve got a nice Rowlet pile going! So, back to the cards! Another Lillie’s Full Force, Trapinch, Sneasel, Spheal, and let’s move this thing, Alolan Meowth, Ralts, a Water energy, Pyroar, Hakamo-o – and we’re getting close to the end.

We’re nearly through this stack and I’m still not seeing that advertised Mew card! but, ope, we could’ve missed it there! That last card flip was bad.

Duskull again though, another Tympole, another Flabébé, another STEEL yo’ money, Clay, Prinplup, and Beastite? Finally: Stufful!(Note from James: That blows, man.

) So, no goddam Mew card! None at all! Nothing in that! That was a lie! And this is an Amazon Prime offering! Amazon! They’re just ripping off their customers! There was no “Mew Promo” at all in that! All I got in that which was close – well, the best pull that I got and the closest thing to Mew was just a regular Mewtwo pull! It was from Evolutions! So, not even, like, a Base Set Mewtwo! This card doesn’t even have any sort of value! It’s just a regular ass Mewtwo pull! No one freakin’ cares! I want a MEW Promo! I want the one you’d get back when you’d go to the movies! Y’know, back in, uh, 1996 or whenever the 1st film was.

(Note from James: It was 1998.

) I don’t even know.

I watched that movie on a plane, so do you think I even care? The best pulls for me were definitely these Rowlet and Dartrix cards, though.

I wish we got at least the third form, Decidueye.

Y’know, the final evolution.

It’s the big owl thing.

Decidueye! I wish we got that, too.

That would’ve made this a bit better.

But, at least I pulled 2 cards from a Pokémon line that I enjoy.

So, thanks guys for watching this video! I hope you enjoyed it! And, uh, I’ll see you in my next video on the Master Trainer channel! So, be sure to Like, Subscribe, and do all of the things that you do if you enjoyed the video! I’ll see you later! Bye bye!.

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