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it tastes like plastic What’s going on guys? I am your white host Matthias I’m white am I lying? I’m white.

Did you find that offensive? (Yes!) You found it offensive that I’m white? (Yes.

) Alright guys, today We’re doing ten strange things we found on Amazon [Brian] found on Amazon (Clarify so if its a dud *laughing*) Cuz if its a dud *stutter* he – I haven’t seen any of these This is my genuine reaction to all of these things I’m gonna let you guys know whether we should buy it or pass Make sure you click that bell icon to get notified when I upload Videos because I will be commenting back within the first 30 minutes of every video I upload from here on out So you better click that bell icon so you don’t miss that sweet Sweet video and sometimes I livestream beforehand – not every single time, but most times I do Darth Vader episode V V? Why would I just say V, dude? Episode 5 FX lightsaber.

I thought Darth Vader always has the same lightsaber? I’m tripping then.

Motion sensor controlled sound effects power up/power down/idle/movement and clash sturdy polycarbonate blade Holy poop muffin! Twelve hundred and fifty seven dollars (With free shipping) Oh free shipping though Oh yeah, yeah, free shipping.

*stutter* I – here’s what I don’t understand How is it different than the ones that are like a hundred fifty dollars like this one right here see this one It’s the same thing.

It’s literally the same thing like does all the same things real metal/display stand, but this one.



Literally 10 times the cost you can get a really dope looking one for a hundred fifty dollars, trust me.

Oh J-Fred(??) Customized – built for me.

This particular lightsaber, alright.




I havent finished building it.

That’s why the blade not coming out.

Oh! It kinda looks like a lightsaber right now dude o.

o Isn’t an actual blade? It’s just a replica lightsaber is it real is it real you mean like in [a] real [laser] form in the Hills and slice everything into Really? [I] got shook dude alright.

I’m a collector of master replicas, and I have all of them And [I] bought that one for me But the first one [lights] broken and died But another so but so beware of durability this lightsaber is easy to hold The sounds are very good and noisy makes me feel like [God] [back] [later] Oh, wow.

He’s a lot older than I thought he was going to be That [are] going to be like the kids.

[I] were to pass.

Sorry guys were in the past You know I want more than nothing to have 11 by the way guys if you’re part of that notification squad [ie] if you click that [belt] give this video like right now to prove A hit today [was] that will stop my friend with diet [up] here in the notification squad.

Oh really [Icu]? [be] cast last [additions] magnetic putty [soil] black You know what the heck is perverted, [Wantin] to be capped store stretches carrot bounce it Oh, it’s like absorbing the metal mere a powerful magnet it comes alive Color super Magnetic strange attractor black wow that’s a very descriptive color super magnetic strange attractor black this slightly Stiffer [putty] has a mind of its own Who’s writing these descriptions to strip? the butter Zone, [oh] You’re just restore this product doesn’t even move [when] in a blob we had formed a very thin neck To get it to move at all Don’t drop the man magnet on the blog or it will suck it in and good luck getting the magnet out mess It is certainly magnetic but [I] was expecting something a bit more responsive and pliable not quite as Exciting as the picture seems didn’t seem as exciting as the picture all [our] siding [wow] Whatever dude.

I might add to cart let’s check the sound add to cart Oh my gosh, no kidding.

[you’d] never be able to get [it] ok so the putty is encased in this thing, and it’s definitely Magnetic [okay], how do I open the submenu? It’s like all supers goopy and stuff [look] let’s see if we can Coax it out kinda Really [doesn’t] [go] that close to it [oh] Looks like a black blood you find his feet.

[oh] I don’t know.

What is staining aspect of it, but it’s definitely staining.

[we] have to take freaking Year for this to do anything literally take it within a tenth of an inch is going to be more entertaining.

Let’s just watch it it and [you] know [is] [I] don’t know if this is actually that entertaining Slowly slowly consuming it far too slow to watch and in That one review is right not nearly as exciting as it seems Past even though we bought it already, but you should pass [ok] here’s a pad because it’s no good bad attract sent That sent that attrAct bring back to your house quicker Why would you want that our best past everyone that I know that has bats wants to get rid of them really works have been? Selling for 12 years excellent results apply to bat house that box that nesting box What a strange thing to sell this is a attract that is simmilar [to] [box] sent Deer Hunters used to draw and Dear [Philip] We stumble onto like very very creepy area of [Amazon] you know the ones where like you buy something and Personally like to get your name and address to send it to you, and then just like murder you instead.

Just a joke [do] maybe this guy’s just some sweet bet nectar.

I don’t know you know a hundred customer reviews we certainly are hoping for the arrival as the mosquitoes of Terrible [ok] so people want all the bats to get them [out] [of] [the] [way] has attracted any back yet added some more drops But still nothing you’re certainly hoping for the arrival of the mosquitoes are terrible We are next to the Sam Houston forest rusev uses No back yet still waiting to be patient hopefully it won’t be too much longer the mosquitoes are eating us alive That [I] just put a house up in February and use this product one month later [I’ve] got too bad my brother has empty houses for two years after hanging up my success to use this and too excited He’s too fat anything this does [stink] But the best love it these have reviews so [I] mean if you got a mosquito problem I must say it’s a [buyer] if your personal lives in the city [just] go inside The ugly animals we can’t all be [painted] ugly animal preservation society That’s what I thought.

I was like come on [I] know how to read that’s not how you spell that this collection of 60 of the world’s most [ugly] and endangered animals features where imagery and explanatory text that is one ugly animal Wow, that ain’t no joke.

They are not lying.

That is the Blobfish, it’s so weird that like some animals to humans if you’re cute And some don’t blog bitch is our booty-ful and [Dorna] [Amite] What why is our blobfish on here and most booty Fuller then all? What I expected the book to be kid-friendly since writing rather [thought] our site you sent those sleeping but Also, the printed so faint that is very degree without a very bright light I don’t understand why they chose to make the print in the book so light It makes hard to reheat excellent short pieces [wish] it was more expensive Especially how the species evolved and fit into their environment of [trial] and [the] [car] oh You know what’s coming out of it smell like Wow, there’s a lot of [text] and [it] is it is very faint definitely very a not good choice of fun [I] I think maybe that is the creepy looking thing That bad creepy leaving us acute as a panda [not] as cute as the panda it does have a pretty big eyes.

That’s for sure That’s not so bad The nose is odd.

Yeah, that’s an ugly Bird Northern Bald ibis dragon wow [cook] strait giant wet us.

That is ugly dude.

If that they just that Oh, dude.

[I] booked it.

[I] would book it as I would literally get in my car and drive home [I’ll] be like that’s it for work today [this] lives up to its name if you guys like ugly things checked his boat out Turn into a ninja flip t-shirt cool karate thing fighter disguise funny shirt on the inside of the shirt There’s a screen printing you pull it out as if you’re flashing someone and then [your] ninja Ask me about my ninja disguised as me about my manager [Scott] Oh, yeah, let me just flash my stomach at you right now and also be slightly offensive [ok] first off There’s like an [Asian] phase screen printed on it second off your just flashing your chest [I] [can] see how that can offend some people may be needed for men that like really want to show off their chest [Frank] Lloyd [you’re] like.

Oh ask me about my new disguise baby [back] [I’ll] have you what you need and what would you what was it was the name disguise? boom said You any women happiness because I would like to see that, LOL [improve] my husband loves this shirt [has] a lot of fun with it.

Ok ok ask me about mine in disguise Someone [is] clearly [should] already asking them.

Just like boom Oh, he’s got a shirt underneath [all] right that’s polite of him [who] [is] expecting you about [he] [was] expecting people to [asking] but now when you wear the shirt you have to go around with an undershirt if you’re polite person the Iron-on eyes on the Inside of the shirt looks like it’s melted through looks like a big stain on the front of person.

I mean, it’s a funny idea But the the Crux of the problem is that you’re having to flash your bare chest goals So I’m going to pass that if you guys like seeing pictures with people and their shirts on Follow me on Instagram because I can guarantee you every picture.

I’m that I have on Instagram.

[I] have my shirt on Sorry ladies Microwave oven steam cleaner she easily cleaned the crud minutes angry Mom I steam cleaned and disinfected with vinegar and water.

Oh, I hate the smell of vinegar Why angry Mama though iterative still angry [mano] with water and vinegar? No need to use dangerous chemicals actually somewhat relatable my mom at home [but] I left a message that mighty wave should definitely be an angry Mama Practical forget about scrubbing for hours and [Ramon] cut [hardware] cleaning [runs] in just [7] minutes like [you’ve] got to be a complete [loved] it clean your microwave take longer than seven minutes Just your elbow grease you [know] [it’s] and durable made with heat-resistant materials toprak this wretched state [that] sure Said that [a] [crash] in their tracks I’m tired Does not even work waste of my money [a] cup of water works better than this thing because it works this device is a fraud I can’t believe how well this thing works, okay, [mar] microwave was pretty nasty to say to leave It looks like Brand-new now with no scrubbing Literally use paper towels to clean the growth of the gunk out if you have to scrub to get junk out of your microwave That means you may imagine the microwave at one point and left it.

We can’t be friends if you do that We just can’t be friends.

You inspect the microwave after everything.

He guess what I only heat drinks and popcorn [that’s] all I make popcorn to make a mess for Positively it could not enter these butter residue everywhere if you are a pop for new [which] [I’m] not yet you got no, I don’t need to check because I’m not a popcorn.

noob, okay.

Sir [add] the card Wow, [does] it purposely look like a lego character [plus] the heck is a beach towel.

No longer trying to break free Ok put this back on it Admits some type of [paper] that then makes everything in your microwave more malleable And then you can just wipe it off We have a clean microwave the office so Brian has intentionally went in there and made a mess about an hour ago [so] hopefully it’s hardened by then so we’re going to see if this works we could test it out I [love] the mass ride has made [no] it takes to do it really think [so] you literally Made catch up around in there and then we’re going to brand the Microwave [ok] what I’m supposed to do here is put a little bit of vinegar and do you remember how much? Oh there you go to check it out vinegar this much thought about a right there, and then the rest water Lot about my moss time to be microwave Hundred cleaning 47 minutes 7 minutes for the third this place better, not smell like vinegar.

[I] hate the smell of vinegar [2013] [flash] [this] place smells like vinegar Literally don’t see any difference.

[I] just angry mama looking real angry [about] [modeling] [okay], look at that do ya, don’t get angry Mama ’cause angry Mama clearly not angry enough Complete real human finger just when I think you found the weirdest thing did you [straight-up] find a real human fingers? Oh, but it’s not eligible brain from prime [I] wonder why schools unlimited offers an extensive selection of real and replica human skulls and skeletons Real human skulls and Skeletons are only obtained from legal and ethical sources however These specimens are becoming more difficult to find [I] wonder why maybe because we’re becoming more involved in the species So we don’t play with each others body parts were dead [the] pervs.

Can you specify that you want a middle finger only? We can definitely try no guarantee.

It’s a finger.

It’s real.

It’s human [I] think [I’ve] got the point [across] when I give the finger as a gift It does the job [butt] blaster.

What are you? What what oh no, I’m specifying [the] use of the fingers besides but blasters no path past Play Visions Super sit enthroned novelty.

[oh] gosh, that kid It’s like glasses that the fluid goes through [Philip] lenses make sitting his favorite drink fun coming up with new things everyday aren’t they would not? Recommend this product [about] two of these for my kids for a stocking stuffer [and] was disappointed one of them brought Before one of my kids could use it and the second one broke After the first use they tend to break where the straw in the glasses meet [I] was talked into buying this for my six-year-old daughter She had to have them however upon [unwrapping] we notice that they were broken in half nothing an hour of crying and disappointment And some super glue won’t cure [know] right seven square black eyes similar to the control eyeglasses they tend to fall apart early on [but] please be careful with the use this is the [system’s] world.

What wasn’t even talking about? Thanks a lot of sucking power to get the liquid from start to finish, but [it] is a fun challenge for kids Yes, it takes a lot of sucking power.

You know the power you have to suck suck power All right look [at] that card Super Citizens were a liquid swirl and filled the lens with every step wow totally whole areas connect the drinking Tube to the glasses as shown people keep calling it drinking [to] Straw that kid looks creepy Doesn’t look broken, but it does look slightly Worn and used they are cracked along this line here.

[I] am not confident [Brian] that these are not used [I] wonder why there’s this wear and tear on them.

There’s just like an Extraordinary amount of wear and tear you feel that all [discuss] [marks] like over here and stuff how [to] [split] this rather [landed] There are you guys? [oh], I’m breathing in plastic fumes until the water gets to me [o] que Hora, [whole] oh [oh] That made my water which I’ve been drinking [tastes] completely different tastes like plastic that is disgusting [sipping] twirl just nobody nobody please don’t don’t do it Just weird by the way before we move on to the next couple products if you’re new here make sure you click that subscribe button Underneath this video big red Subscribe button click it because we upload Tuesday Thursday and Saturday so don’t miss out Rem dreamer lucid dreaming induction device do they mean just a slight mask 209 Dollar Sleep mask come on start controlling your dreams today text rem sleep know when you’re in a dream Have you ever have you guys ever tried to lucid dream? Trippy [a] f because [what] ends up happening is you can you can train yourself to become conscious? When when your body falls asleep so you can you can essentially build your own reality in your own mind like inception the rem Dreamer uses infrared Sensors to detect when you’re in rem sleep at the point the rendering gives you a sound and light up [cues] beef and flashes like To remind you that you’re dreaming Unlike the Old Nova Dreamers us external world stimuli are transferred to the world of the dream and it becomes easy to achieve the city Whoa, okay okay? Okay? This is beginning to be maybe serious? I thought it was just like a little sewing that but it looks like there’s like as you’re entering rem sleep You can still be in that you transfer from this loose state into [rem] right so if you can stay in that lucid state [distribute] stuff to stop with this fire everywhere.

You [can] return this product I’m experimenting with it, but after two weeks No results.

So far.

These are junk.

[I] think they were created and put together by a grade-schooler Absolute junk damn boy it just works part of me Thinks this is like the creator of the seller who else would spend that much time.

I’m gonna have to pass though That’s a hard path to nine Dollars.

[can’t] afford to take that risk Lhg keyboard cleaner Remove dust hair and crumbs from Keypad Air vent Rid your electronics with dirt.

Just like a sponge or something What it’s like a seeping [dupe] let’s say It’s this [group] right this really really sticky goop that can get in the cracks of all these Keyboard nooks and crannies right and then it picks it up and stick to it.

How do you clean this thing? How do you make it? So it doesn’t fold in on itself and then? Absorb the [craft] that you’re trying to clean is this a one-time you think the other questions.

I have comes You know airtight zipper bag for convenience non-toxic biodegradable? That’s impressive.

[I] saw what a great product really helped me clean my computer keyboard But cannot be used many times because it’s quite dirty after the first time [does] then you can either take your keyboard apart using compressed Air Or this blue goo And you will spend an hour to either way as the google stick to your board you probably have to take the keyboard part anyways I say met wasn’t worth it.

So it’s going to ruin your keyboard Oh this sounds like a product that needs to be tested by [Matthias] add to cart Super clean [oh] is this how you open it? No? Oh, no? It’s just the branding coming off Nobody’ll [ok] can’t really read the instructions too well, so I’m just going to assume you plop it down on then you take it right off Oh looks like [mucus].

Why you get the mucus color [one]? Ok here’s the issue that I have you put this on keyboard, right? And then you actually do this And capture all the junk look now to join How [you’d] never be able to clean this is like a one-time-use thing.

[I’m] going to do it dude Slowly getting down in there.

I’m just going to force it a little bit.

It’s going to pat it down.

You’re worried Yeah, this is [Brian’s] keyboard It is it breaks to keep forgetting anyone one made out of gold Ok here.

We go guys You’ve seen a group for Duncan know What? I mean, it’s not dusty anymore [okay], he’s patting down the corner crevice of my window in my office here.

No it did get some stuff [it’s] [goofy] just going out your course it could be like Corners [claims] [court] Grace for cleaning my corner Yes, you know those sucky like moves it around and now it’s just like perpetually stuck in in the glob [it’s] got like one used.

Maybe guys make sure you click this video right there that is 10 tech gadgets that could potentially? Waste your money as you see it as a giant tarantula right there It was actually, psst, remote controlled try to scare some people in the office.

It’s pretty funny , so go check that out We’ll see over there high five.

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