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by srakute
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Are you guys rolling? Hello, this is Jatin aka Jhaatu, welcoming all of you to a very specialprogram of Khaana Khujana.

To learn how to cook, I stayedin Lucknow for six straight months and got myself treated for typhoid.

First I got stones in my kidney and later I learnedhow to cook delicious food.

In the hostel, If you don’t eat till your stomach is full then you can’t poop in the morning.

And if you can’t poop, you won’t be able to focus on studies and if you can’t focus on studies, then you’ll definitely fail.

And a better option compared toflunking your exams and wandering jobless is that you learn how to cook.

So let’s begin.



Khaana Khujana.

To be a professional chef What matters more than your skillsis your apron So tie your apron around your neck.

Jhaatu, have you seen my vest? I will punch you in the face.

Can’t you see we’re shooting? – Hi.



Take me too.

– Get out.

We’re not shooting porn here.

Get out.

Sorry for the interruption.

Let’s begin.

As moms have always said since childhood always wash the utensilsproperly before using them.

But in hostels watercomes only from 6-7 which I missed.

So to save water andthe environment collectively we will use plastic wrap.

Use both your hands toopen the plastic wrap properly.

And put the unclean plate inside it.

Be careful that you don’t getthe fungus on the plate on your hands.

Or else you’ll have to wash your hands.

And there’s no water.

Well, the hostel’s food is slightlydifferent from any restaurant food.

Normally there are no starters.

But today.



our four-coursemeal will consist of.



Crunchy noodles aka dry noodles.

Because we don’t have water.

So to make Crunchynoodles aka dry noodles first steal a packet of noodlesfrom your roommate’s cupboard.

Now crush these purchased noodleslike your placement dreams Fuck it.

Now take the spices andscatter them like your syllabus.

And yes in order to make to tastier don’t forget to add lemon and chilly.

Which you can find at your nearest Auto rickshaw .

Jhaatu, where are you running away with my lemon and chilly? Slice the chilly withthe help of your drafter.

And squeeze all your stress on the lemons And your Crunchy noodles are ready.

Aka Dry Noodles.

Because there’s no water.

Now let’s head towards the main course.

For this, we need two eggs and two slices of bread.

Because for the main coursewe’re making French Toast.

Aka Scrambled eggs.

To toast your slices of bread place it on the bulkiestlaptop in your wing.

Pentium 2.

If you want your bread to be crunchy, then start GTA 5 on your laptop.

And if you want to turn up the heat, then you can crank up the graphics.

Let the bread cook, like this video.

And to time it to 2.

30 minutes, you can light your cigarette.

When you notice the smokecoming from the laptop along with your mouth then your bread is ready.

For the French Toast, we’re goingto make Sunny-side up egg for that you take a utensil and place the ironupside down and turn it on.

Next, you can use aluminium wrap fromlast night’s leftover food as a wok.

Break the eggs very delicately.

Scrambled again.

But believe me, French toasttastes better with scrambled eggs.

Mom Swear on it.

When it starts to get slightlyreddish and there’s smoke that means the wire’s short-circuited, so turn off the iron.

Now carefully hold this aluminiumplate and place it on the plate.

So your French Toastaka Scrambled eggs is ready.

Whether it’s promotingRajasthan or its cuisine it all looks incompletewithout dessert.

So we’re going to make caramelizedbanana with sugar juice.

Aka Sweet banana.

The most essentialingredient is banana which you can stealfrom any sport’s quota wing.

Idiot, who said you can take my banana? I am making a video here andyou’re worried about your banana.

– Is it TikTok?- Get lost.

It’s a Youtube Video, and it will soon become viral.

Make it yourself.

For this dish, I will seekthe help of my sous chef Jaat.

Hold this.


Now use this banana with the help ofthis lighter and your friend’s deodorant.

But remember.



This stunt should always be done under the observationof a professional student.

Only for Hostlers, not for home.

Because if your mom catches you, she will break your bones.

Time for roasting.

So as you can see thebanana’s been caramelized.

And with that, I would like to thank my friend Jaat.

So leave.

Keep watching Jaatu videos.

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Now for the next step.

Next, take the roasted banana and serve it with the leftover sugarsyrup from yesterday’s dessert.

Dip it.

Trip it.

But to know the sweetness, you’ve to wait for the ants.

When brown ants start flockingto the syrup, you should know that your caramelizedbanana with sugar.



aka sweet banana is ready.

So for the fourth dish, we’re going to make a Cocktail.

But as you all know there’s no water, so let’s leave it.

So these were someof the hostel recipes.

I am sure that afterwatching these recipes you must be proud of yourmeal and your privileges, asshole.

So we’ll meet againat the next semester.

On Khaana Khujana.

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So don’t think, just press it.

Top class bulltshit guaranteed.


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