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by srakute
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(paper slapping) (gasp laughing) – Hey guys, this is Austin.

Wow I’ve never been interrupted that badly by construction before.

And today we’re were herewith Mystery Tech Under $40.

This is gonna be fun.

Time for kids, Cell Phone Pros and Cons.

Okay, hold on a second, what year is this from? This is from 2018? This is from 2018, thislooks like a 1997 thing.

Some people spend toomuch time on their phones.

They talk, text, and play games all day long with few breaks.

These people have what’sknown as cell phone addiction.

I bet you’re watching this video on a cell phone rightnow, aren’t you, Jimmy? I will not post photosand video of other people without asking them first.

I will ask my parentsbefore I download a new app.

Man, what practical andlegitimate advice for, what I’m sure are eight year olds.

(chuckling) I don’treally know what to say.

Ah, okay.

Connect-a-desk, the deskthat connects to you? Oh, what? (laughing loudly) Wait a minute, wait aminute, wait a minute.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.


74, $54? That’s not $40.

To be fair, before shippingand handling it was $44.

I’ll give you a tentative pass there.

I get my shoulders inhere, and then put it over.

Ready like, oh yeah, yeah, there we go.

There we go, that’s much more like it.

I feel ready to use a laptop already.

So let’s say I want to use my laptop here, hands free of course.

I’m just gonna open it up.

Actually it’s only really bigenough for an 11 inch MacBook.

This doesn’t seem like thedumbest thing I’ve ever used.

What’s that? What is this? A trackball mouse, wait? There’s no, whoa, whoa, (laughing) So it comes with a USB receiver.

So I plug it into my MacBook here.

What? Hold on, hold on, this is a game changer.

So I’ve got, if you cansee here, the trackball.

So basically the trackball as well as an inside little click.

It feels like the worldscheapest HTC Vive controller.

Look at that, this is really dumb.

I don’t know what I’m doingwith my life at all right now.

Wait headphones? Wait, this actually looks okay.

So these are the Samson SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones.

And at what, less than 40 bucks I hope? – [Ken] 40.

– Oh exactly 40, okay.

It’s very plastickey, but they feel like they should cost alot more than 40 bucks.

Okay, okay immediately whenI hear $40 on headphones my instinct is that they’regoing to be garbage town.

But these actually sound pretty good, and especially for open-design headphones, they actually have asurprising amount of bass.

– [Ken] They’re actually $32.

– $32! What a relative bargain.

Alright you know what, 32 bucks? Dude, I mean this is a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for adecent pair of headphones, especially if you’re on a budget, these are, that’s legitimately surprising.

And I know that it might behard taking advice from a guy with a MacBook attached to his back, but trust me when I say, for 32 bucks you’re not gonnaget much better than this.

Can I actually take this off now, or are there more things? Oh no, wait, digital microscope? Oh hey we’ve got a signal.

Wow, that is a ton of detail.

Huh! Now we’ve got the flux capacitor.

Yo, this is actually pretty cool.

I mean it’s kind of useless, and I don’t know why anyoneactually really needs this? But whatever.

The cool thing though was this app actually will allow youto take photos and video.

So if you want to like snap a cool shot of the inside of your DeLorean, it actually does kind of work.

At first I was like, awe, this is gonna be weird and like crappy, but no it totally works.

And you can get really, really close.

Like I’m just gonna, literally just put, like right on top of this.

You can see like theindividual pockets of rust.

You also can not hold it steady at all.

Alright for 40 bucks, it’sa little bit of a novelty.

It’s a little bit weird, but especially if you do anythingwith super detail things, like models or whatever, thisactually is kind of a cool way of being able to take pictures, video, sort of whatever the case is, with something that’s gonnabe really, really small.

What is this? Sphero Mini, oh, I’ve actuallyplayed with Spheros before.

We did the Cars thing.

Rotate the white dot until the blue light on the robot is pointing at you.

Alright, touch and drag to move.

Whoa, okay that’s fast.

No, this way.

Yeah there we go, yeah! Woo-hoo.

Face drive, yeah I’dlike to do face drive.

How do you do this? Okay hold it near your face and use your facialexpressions to drive, okay.

Oh it does it, it does it.

Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.

(chiming music) Wait, neutral, neutral, okay.

(laughing) I guess this is a thing.

I don’t know, I mean, I’m sure some people are gonna think that this is really fun.

I think with enough practice you could probably get better at it.

(box thumping) Oh no, no! Didn’t you, we alreadydid this with the robot.

The robot dinosaur? I don’t, Pet me, I react to your touch.

Let’s go for a walk.

(electronic barking) What? (laughing) Okay, no don’t do that, don’t do that.

(robotic barking) Wait can you come forward? (electronic barking) Okay hold on, hold on, wait.

Alright, oh.

Chippy’s mean, this is like angry chippy.

(low barking) Terrible guard dog.

So anyway, hopefully you guys enjoyed this wonderful look at toys, that you totally were expecting to find when you clicked on this video.

If you want to find linksto any of this stuff that actually is prettygood in this video, including those headphones, the link will be in the description.

Anyway guys, thank youso much for watching, and I will catch you in the next one.

Chippy will not catch you in the next one.


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