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as soon as you get your Echo Show 5out of the box out of the wrapper and plugged in you’re going to want to setit up let’s go hello Automators thanks for tuning inagain you can see my Amazon Echo Show 5 is plugged in and it is booting up nowwhat’s amazing about this setup process is almost all of it is on the deviceuntil you want to get into music and video and things later in the processnow the first thing you’re going to do is select your language and then you’regoing to be given the opportunity to select your Wi-Fi network so you’regoing to need your credentials for that but an Echo Show 5 will connect toeither 2.

4 or 5 gigahertz networks now once it’s done that you’ll need toput in your credentials for an Amazon account and this is really the biggestthing you need for the whole setup process because after that it knows whoyou are and it knows a lot of information about you that you’vealready put into Amazon system if you have groups already set up then theywill show up here and you can add your device to a group and rename it now ifyou don’t have that that’s something for later for you to kind of change settingson in Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant application on your phone but for nowjust put it in there and you will get to a point where it’s asking you todownload and install a new update or a new firmware update it’ll go through acouple of reboots and then it will come back up and your device will be set upand ready to go now you get a nice little introduction video here fromAmazon they teach you a number of things about the device but I’m about to showyou all of those things and a little bit more hi we’re glad you’re here it’s timeto get you and your Echo Show 5 off and running Now the device is ready so finally you’re done and up on the top is actually a camera shutter closure switch so you canactually pull that closed and it will stop the camera from being able to seeentirely that’s a physical thing there’s also a mute microphone and you can seehow it turns off the camera as well now there’s volume control buttons on thetop that you will have seen when you unbox this thing and there is an auxport in the back you can use bluetooth as well to go to other speakers if youdon’t like this speaker but it is very good now you’re seeing me play withbrightness and the Do Not Disturb modes that are also on the menu as you swipedown but here’s the overall settings page there’s a lot more here that you’regoing to want to go through and I’m going to show you a couple of thingsfirst off Bluetooth is very simple you can tap on there and now you will findthat device in your phone or your tablet or whatever other Bluetooth devicesimply tap on it and it will pair the two devices now I can play music from myphone you saw me connect my iPhone and it is now playing on that now todisconnect you can actually use your voice or you can use on screen there youcould change your Wi-Fi network if you wanted to switch between different onesfor any reason or you take this on the road the homeland clock section allowsyou to customize what the whole device looks like on the screen here nowthere’s different backgrounds that you can choose you can also choose to showthe date or the weather but the background section is really interestingbecause you can use set apps or you can use Amazon photos and when you tap onthose Amazon photos those are photos you’ve put into amazon photos themselvesand there’s the ability to take a photo and actually have that go into youramazon photos you can see me doing that right here that now shows up as part ofmy rotation now in the display you saw me playing with the brightness beforebut it has an adaptive brightness setting on it and when you turn that offyou can now see that I’m able to adjust the brightnesson the device sounds allows you to change everything from alarms to thesimple sounds that are on the device but here’s one of the most powerful thingsthat you’ll find on the Echo Show now if you swipe from the right to the left youwill see a new menu and the first thing in there is the ability to communicatewith people the second thing is the ability to control your smart home nowkeep in mind I have all of these things already set up in Amazon’s voiceassistant account but you can see how I can manage by device by type of deviceby groups that I’ve set up in the application there’s a ton of optionshere I can also tap on the different cameras that I have in my home that arealready connected you’re seeing music now on-screen which is another choice inthat menu and you can go ahead and play your favorites from there very quicklythere’s of course the prime videos offering here as well and you have to bea subscriber an amazon prime subscriber to get that working but that is there aswell now routines is really your ultimate in smart home control and ifyou already have a number set up they will show up here if you don’t you’regoing to want to start creating some of those in Amazon’s voice assistantapplication which we do have videos about here they also have some featuredones that they will show you here on the device the alarm section you could setalarms by voice if you’d like but you can also add an alarm physically therenow of course you can ask for news weather you can play audio books thatyou have on Amazon’s device there is a ton of things to do with the webbrowsers on board both silk and Firefox are on board including watching YouTubeand I use it for something called action tiles now otherwise guys you’re going toneed the rest of the setup tutorials here with your Amazon Echo Show 5 so on screen is a playlist for you to go and learn all of the other details here forsetting up this great device.

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